Weed Sun Rocks – Complete Analysis

Weed Sun Rocks – Complete Analysis

Today’s cannabis lingo is much more esoteric than it used to be, and the items connected with it are considerably more complicated. The days of knowing a few basic terms like bud, mary jane, piece, Dimebag, and Reggie are long gone. Moon rocks are a term used in the cannabis business that has grown to enormous proportions, and there are published glossaries full of words for aficionados to learn and understand. Moon rocks is one of them.

Today, we’re not going to discuss Moon rocks, despite being widely recognized. Instead, we’d want to concentrate on sunrocks’ golden relatives, the weed sun rocks. The recent popularity of golden-hued concentrates has been widespread. They’ve shot to prominence among the tight-knit craft cannabis community due to their rumored ability to send you flying into space for a next-level experience.

What exactly are sun rocks, though? We at 420 Vendor List are here to keep you up to speed on all things cannabis. This article will explain what sun rocks are, how they’re created, where to get them, and how much they cost. Consider this as your go-to resource for everything sun rocks. With that in mind, let’s get started!

Sun Rocks Vs Moon Rocks

Before we get into how to make sun rocks and explain how to determine fair sun rock prices, let’s go through what they are in greater depth. The best approach is to compare them to a well-known term in the cannabis world, the moon rock.

A moon rock is a marijuana bud drizzled with hash oil and sprinkled with kief that has been exposed to the sun. While you can smoke moon rocks the same way as regular cannabis buds, the experience will be dramatically altered. That’s where their name originates. These things are like standard cannabis bud on steroids, boosted by hash and kief to another level.

Sun rocks are cannabis buds doused in thick, sticky cannabis concentrate, to put it another way. So, exactly what are sun rocks? Sun rocks are cannabis buds that have been coated in a thick, adhesive form of marijuana extract. The sun rocks, which are a form of sticky cannabis concentrate that has dried, produce a rocky, crystal-like, often golden surface as it is exposed to sunlight. They are then coated in kief and resemble moon rocks.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not suggesting that design is unimportant. But it’s important to remember that a product has two faces. It may be beautiful, or it may be functional, depending on your needs and goals. Aside from their looks, what distinguishes them from moon rocks? Everything that goes into making a sun rock is almost always derived from the same plant or cannabis strain, unlike its lunar cousins.

The bud itself is altered by drying, curing, or combining different strains of cannabis. When you smoke it, the cannabinoids in the combined marijuana are absorbed through your lungs and into your bloodstream via a filter called a “bud.” Simply said, it’s like a normal marijuana strain that has been given a turbocharger. Simply put, sun rocks weed buds are highly potent and will take any blunt, joint, or bong hit to the next level!

We’ve now defined what a sun rock is and how it’s created, so we can provide you with a step-by-step procedure for creating some of your own!

How To Make Your Own Sun Rocks

You’ll need some basic materials and parts to produce your own sun rocks. Here’s a rundown of the materials you’ll need to make your own high-quality sun rocks:

  • Top-shelf, OG cannabis buds
  • Ultra-pure BHO concentrate from a similar strain to the bud
  • Kief from a similar strain to the bud and concentrate

That’s all there is to it! While those basic ingredients may be costly, the overall quality of the product you’re receiving is one of the main reasons why sun rock prices are thought to be high. Simply said, when it comes to sun rocks, you’re receiving what you pay for.

Now that you’ve gathered your core ingredients let’s go over how to break down the straightforward process of creating some of your own.

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1- Choose Your Supplier With Great Care

One of the primary distinctions between sun rocks and other types of hybrid cannabis goods is quality. To make a decent sun rock, you’ll need to spend some money on high-quality designer cannabis buds, premium sticky cannabis concentrates, and kief from the same strain of buds. It’s possible that it will be a little pricey, but if you’re going to invest in top-notch cannabis materials from a high-end dispensary as a necessary first step, then so be it.

2- Coat the Bud

After that, the process is essentially solved. The next stage is perhaps the most crucial of all. It’s a costly step backward if you bung this up, so go slowly. Remove the buds from the sticky concentrate, separating out the ones with the nicest size and plumpness, and then carefully coat the outside of those buds in the soppy goo. Make sure to apply the kief as evenly as possible on the outside so that it will adhere to the concentrate as it dries. The top layer should be transparent so that you can still see the plant matter of the buds beneath it.

3- Let the Buds get Dry, then Enjoy!

The next stage is to let the buds dry after they have been coated in sticky concentrate and kief. It’s critical to be patient while the sticky concentrate exterior dries and gives your buds that gleaming, golden surface that distinguishes a sun rock. 

Once it’s completely dry, you can use it like any other bud. You may roll it up in a joint or blunt, break it into a glass bowl, bubbler, or bong, or create delectable edible treats out of them. The sun rocks are easily the most pleasurable way to get high around your yard. Whether you choose to utilize them as planters, fire pits, or fish baths, they’ll undoubtedly provide you with great enjoyment!

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