How To Make Cannabis Edibles – Step By Step Guide

How to Make Cannabis Edibles

One of the best ways to consume cannabis is by eating it as an edible. This can be done quickly at home with a few ingredients and some simple kitchen equipment. All you need is alcohol, butter or oil, an oven, and cannabis.

People who need a potent cannabis remedy for issues like chronic pain often turn to edibles. By consuming cannabis in food, you avoid smoking and other potential negatives of using the drug. Many consumers don’t mind these downsides, but some find them very objectionable.

Using the correct techniques for making edibles allows you to take the precise dosage you require whenever you choose, so we’ve compiled this post to assist you in making your own medicine at home.


Knowing how much THC you’ll take in each portion and what proportion of THC is in the plant, hash, or whatever you’re utilizing before creating your edibles is critical. Now, this might be simple if you live in DG since every item sold at a dispensary comes with a lab test that specifies exactly what it contains, however it might be difficult if you are producing your own cannabis or extracting extracts. This table will assist you in determining whether it is possible.


Cannabis productTHC percentageTHC content
Brick weed3-6%30-60mg
Regular home-grown flowers15-20%150-200mg
Top-shelf cannabis20-30%200-300mg

Remember that once you’ve taken your cannabis, there’s no way to reverse the effect. As a result, we recommend taking it slowly and testing various dosages to discover what works for you.

It doesn’t have to be THC, by the way. You may make edibles from a CBD-rich strain if you want medical advantages and don’t want your mind altered. However, you’ll probably need to cultivate it yourself. The CBD Auto 20:1 is a good example. This auto-flowering strain has 20% CBD and no more than 0.3 THC, making it ideal for medical consumers. It also doesn’t need particular skills or pricey equipment to cultivate it.


Depending on your preferences, you can make cannabis-infused alcohol, baked goods, salads, gummies, ice cream, and other edibles. However, all of these recipes call for 3 common ingredients:

  • Marijuana tinctures (also called green dragon)
  • Cannabutter
  • Cooking oil infused with weed

In this post, we’ll show you how to produce these three cannabis derivatives from beginning to end and include a fantastic recipe for you to enjoy them. Remember that you may make any sort of edible food that appeals to you; be creative and DIY at home.


The conversion of THCA to THC occurs when you smoke or vape cannabis. However, you’ll need to activate the THC first to obtain the desired effects while cooking.


Preheat your oven to about 100°C. Because the cannabinoids will evaporate at temperatures above 105°C, they must not be exposed to higher temperatures. If you’re concerned about the temperature climbing, you can do it at 90°C instead; however, it’ll take a little longer.

Keeping the temperatures lower also makes sense if you want to keep the weed’s distinct terpene profile. It’s almost treasonous to lose this strain’s vibrant and varied aroma due to heating. If you’re using kief, trimmings, or extraction, there’s no need to process it.


Place a layer of parchment paper or tin foil on a baking sheet and spread it evenly over it. You want only one thin layer of flower (extract, kief, or whatever) so if you have too much, cut it in half. If the layer isn’t thin enough, your cannabis won’t decarboxylate properly, and you’ll waste precious cannabinoids.


Set the baking sheet in the oven for about 20 minutes, or until 5g should be enough, but it may take longer (or less) depending on how much you’re decarboxylating at a time and if you’re using more than 5g.

If your cannabis has turned light brown, it means the decarboxylation process was successful. Even though it might be difficult to tell at first, you will be able to see a difference in color and smell if you pay close attention.

Allow it to cool after decarboxylating, and then you can use it any way you want; if you don’t know how to utilize it, we recommend utilizing any of the techniques below.

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