Brick Weed: Why You Don’t See It at Your Favorite Dispensary

Brick Weed

What Is Brick Weed?

Brick weed, also referred to as compressed weed, is pressed marijuana that gets stacked to appear like a brick. The cultivation of brick weed is similar to any other cannabis plant, however, the primary difference is the harvesting and drying process.

This type of weed was popular in the ’70s and ’80s when home cultivation was illegal in the U.S. Brick weed would, more often than not, come in from Mexico. And since this product wasn’t coming in through proper climate-controlled carriers, smugglers would compress this weed, making it easier to conceal, and transport. Upon arrival, dealers would break the weed into smaller bricks so that some users wouldn’t even realize that they were smoking brick weed.

Is Brick Weed High-Quality Cannabis?

The short answer is no! Sadly, after harvesting brick weed, the growers do not cure or trim it. They also don’t separate the buds from the leaves. Instead, they leave the branches intact and sun-dry them in large piles. The plants often end up trapping moisture and causing mold to grow. Eventually, the brick weed develops a pungent ammonia-like smell.

That’s not all! These plants go into a hydraulic press which compresses them into brick weed. This process makes brick weed inferior to other marijuana strains, as the compression damages most trichomes. And, if you’re a seasoned smoker, you know that trichomes store most of the THC and terpenes that are responsible for weed’s therapeutic and aromatic properties.

Once packaged, brick weed ends up with less than 5% potency, which is staggeringly low compared to the standard 20% THC concentration present in today’s weed strains.

Rise and Fall of Brick Weed

Despite its popularity in the ’70s and ’80s, brick weed began losing its popularity in the ’90s. Today, it’s almost impossible to find it in your favorite online dispensary. Why is it so rare? There are two explanations behind this rapid decline:

  • Since the ’90s, users began learning how to grow indoor weed using proper equipment in a more conducive environment. Furthermore, the sprouting up of seed banks meant that users could now grow cannabis using top-quality seeds.
  • Cannabis is legal in an increasing number of U.S. states as well as other countries across the world. For this reason, there are very few people that pass up potent strains for the low-quality, ammonia-like weed.

Do People Still Make Brick Weed? 

Oddly enough, yes! Some consider it to be very nostalgic to dry some brick weed once in a while. Aside from that, it is still used in South America, particularly in Paraguay where it is called “presendo” or “paraguayo” by the locals. Bricks continue to be exported from Paraguay to nearby countries like Brazil and Argentina.

How to Smoke Brick Weed Today

Even though it’s no longer popular, some users still purchase it from time to time. And if you’re thinking of trying it for the first time because you are desperate enough or just curious, here are a few tips to help revive your brick weed:

  • Add in some citrus fruit peels to improve the aroma. This will give it a fresh and fruity smell and flavor. First, you’ll need to break up the brick weed into smaller bricks then place them in a glass jar. Using aluminum foil, cover the tin and punch several holes. Place a few lemon/orange peels on top, then seal the jar. Perform a daily check, leaving the container open for about ten minutes. You should expect the brick weed to have a better fragrance after a week.
  • Steam the brick weed. This hack is best for low quantities like a ¼. You’ll need a kettle and a cloth filter. Then, put the brick weed inside the filter and place it above boiling water to steam for up to 45 seconds. From here, leave it to dry for four to six hours before rolling up a joint.
  • Store the weed correctly. First, we recommend washing the brick weed to eliminate potential impurities. Once it’s dry, ensure you store it in a dry and dark container. It would be best to use a stainless steel container because of its unique properties.

Final Notes

Brick weed was once a popular option for cannabis lovers as, oftentimes, it was their only option. Thankfully, due to technological advancements and legalization, users today have multiple options at their disposal, leaving brick weed to collect dust in the history books.

If it’s on your bucket list, you should consider following our tips to improve the flavor and fragrance of brick weed. Finally, if you’re one of those who appreciates potent strains, there are hundreds available to you at 420VL. So, feel free to check us out to view our list of high-grade weed strains! Once you’ve chosen your next treat to smoke, tell them you got wind of them through 420VL to receive a special discount upon placing an order.

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