How To Get Rid Of Weed Smell With Ozium

Rid Of Weed Smell With Ozium

Cannabis cultivation places its central emphasis on producing quality, odiferous terpenes. Flower naturally produces these terpenes and is the central function of the flower. Those smells can be pungent like gas or skunk, citrus or lemon-scented, fruity, and earthy. These pungent and intoxicating terpenes release smells that can be the absolute best and absolute worst parts of enjoying cannabis.

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to get rid of that weed smell quickly? Does it seem to linger in enclosed spaces like your car or room? Normal air fresheners mask the smell and end up creating an unpleasant cocktail of smells with a mixture of a tropical getaway and stagnant cannabis smoke.

If you need the smell gone quickly, Ozium is the air sanitizer you need to get the job done. This product will ensure the weed smell is 100% gone in a short amount of time. So, if you’re in a pinch, try Ozium. It’s affordable and offered in different scents depending on your preferences.

So, What Is Ozium?


Ozium is an odor eliminator and it has the skills to back that claim. It has two main active ingredients that have been proven to combat bacteria and smoke-induced odors. Those two ingredients are Triethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol.

Be mindful, these chemicals are toxic to humans. Ensure you are not in a tight, contained space while you are spraying the air sanitizer (like a car), but have airflow and access to fresh air while sanitizing. So please, do not breathe in Ozium directly.

Ozium’s properties are similar to that of hand sanitizer which is where it donned its name as an “air sanitizer”. Just like hand sanitizers you would purchase from the store, Ozium’s active ingredients are designed to kill and destroy bacteria and actually sanitize the air, unlike most air fresheners which are used to cover up the smell like a bandaid. This product is affordable and simple to use.

There are a few different scents available and there are certain types of Ozium with a scent designed to mimic the outdoors. Some of the different scents include vanilla, lemon, and new car smell for those of you who can’t get enough of that scent.

There are different size options available when purchasing a can of Ozium. There are travel sizes which are great for cars or if you are on the go. You can toss it in your bag or purse for the next time you need it. Or, there is always the large can that works great for larger spaces like homes or apartments.

Ozium is traditionally sold as an aerosol can, however, you can also purchase it in a gel container form that can slowly rid the area of smoke over time. This form works great for cars and can be left in there to be used whenever needed.

How Do You Use It Properly?

So, now that you know about Ozium and it’s smoke de-odorizing properties, it’s time to discuss how to properly use it for the best results. There are a few different steps for this process, however, it is quite simple and effective.

Step 1

The first step is to make sure the can prepped and ready to be used and any locking mechanisms or safety features have been turned off. The next step is to hold the can with one hand and make sure that the spray nozzle is not facing you, your pets, or anyone else in the room where you are spraying it.

Step 2

Make sure to shake the can thoroughly. This will activate the de-odorizing ingredients and ensure maximum effectiveness. Once this step is completed, the Ozium aerosol can is ready for use.

Step 3

Since Ozuim is one of the most powerful odor eliminators, it is important that you handle it with care. There are toxic chemicals contained that are used to eliminate the odor, so do not breathe it in or spray it in the direction of another person or your pets.

Press the nozzle with your finger and release the solution into the air. Rule of thumb: hold the nozzle for approximately 1-2 seconds to ensure you are not overusing or wasting any of the product.

Only a few seconds is more than enough product to get the job done. Too much of the product could be harmful to you and others in the vicinity, so be mindful of your surroundings.

Step 4

Repeat the process if the first attempt did not complete the job thoroughly enough. You can repeat the first three steps every five to six hours until the odor has completely disappeared (due to Ozium’s potency, it is recommended to wait several hours in between application sessions).

Ozium, Your Trusted Smoke De-odorizer

Getting rid of that lingering weed smell can be a pain. While you are smoking and enjoying your cannabis the smells from the terpenes are a dream and add to the overall experience. But, when you are done it takes quite some time for that smell to dissipate.

The weed smell can linger and become stale and unpleasant over time. You also might find yourself in a pinch and need to eliminate the odor quickly. Ozium is jam-packed with the right ingredients to eliminate and sanitize odors from a room or car. It will take the smoke from the air and send it to another dimension.

You can purchase this product at many different locations like Amazon, Target, smoke shops like Smoke Cartel, and Walmart for an affordable price.

It is more effective than air fresheners and even comes in assorted scents for your enjoyment. Think Ozium the next time you are in need of an air freshener or sanitizer that can combat the pungent odors of cannabis.

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