Weed Gift Basket Ideas for Your Weed Lover

Weed Gift Basket Ideas for Your Weed Lover

Do you have a special someone who has a passion for pot? Your dad, mom, brother, sister, or friend might appreciate some thoughtful hemp presents during an upcoming occasion. With the many items on the market, your head might be spinning with decision fatigue. This article has some creative and useful ideas for you to place in your gift basket that will help you with your next purchase for your cannabis sweetheart.


Weed Gift Basket Ideas for Your Weed LoverThe Essentials

These are some items all weed lovers need for a good toke. No matter what you pick from this list your recipient will most likely appreciate the utility of the following:

  • Weed Container – Your loved ones will appreciate having more storage for their nugs. Try looking for smell-proof options so they can keep their cannabis without worrying about disturbing others with the fragrance. If they have lots of stock but no place to put them all separately, these would be very useful.
  • Weed Stash Bag – For those days they need to be on the go, a weed stash bag can help them transport their herb to wherever they need to be. Smell-proof versions are recommended for these as well to provide privacy while the user is traveling.
  • Lighter – An integral part of every smoke, you will always need a lighter. It can help heat the weed or light the hemp wick they use to heat the weed. And everyone will lose their lighter at some point. Or they could also try having a lighter in different rooms of the house and car for maximum convenience. Whatever the reason, a standard or specialized lighter will always be a welcome addition to their stocks.
  • Grinder – These tools help cannabis enthusiasts break apart the plant to smoke it. It helps shorten the process of preparing the weed before smoking, making this a great gift for the laid-back toker.
  • Bong or Pipe – These classic instruments are what your weed lover uses to get their hit. It might be good to ask them what bong or pipe they have their hearts set on buying. Make sure they haven’t already ordered the item to avoid double trouble. Sure enough, another bong or pipe of higher quality than their current go-to would be a precious gift for them.
  • Mini Bong – Tiny bongs bring an energetic vibe to parties with friends. They are also light and easy to bring to and from different places. These are usually under 6 inches and can be the best gift for those looking for more cannabis convenience while on the move.
  • Weed – Yes, buying them their favorite strain might be the best essential to go with. Make sure to ask your weed lover what their favorite strain is. If you know what kind of experience or fragrance they prefer, you could also try checking out some strains through our Weed Reviews.

Another route to go for if you decide to add nugs to your gift basket would be to theme the type of strains you will buy. For example, you can have all sleep-inducing strains to help the dear insomniac or you could have all pain-relieving ones to help with chronic pain.


Weed Gift Basket Ideas for Your Weed LoverNice Additions & Treats

  • Edibles or snacks – You can purchase edibles with cannabis content to give your recipient an extra ride for the day. If they primarily smoke their supply, this can be a new avenue for them. Needless to say, edibles for weed lovers will always be very welcome. Since homemade goods are most preferred, you could get a hold of your loved one’s favorites and bake them with a supply.
  • Marijuana-themed apparel – Gone are the days of hiding weed appreciation in your room. Help your recipients find their new 7-leaf style with shirts, hats, rings, and socks with the familiar weed plant design. This can be their form of expression about their identity.
  • Activities and Games Cannabis users will love any board or video game to go with their afternoon puff. Some nugs can make them creative and focused. Adult coloring books are hits on the market and might be a hit in your hands.
  • Dope Candles – Candles with CBD or other marijuana content are novel gifts for those who love the smell of cannabis and stay for the relaxing properties it brings. Candles can give your whole room or house that atmosphere of tranquility.
  • Books and Collectives – For the cerebral types out there books might be a great way to stimulate the brain while on a high. On the other hand, buying your fave’s collectibles could also show that you know them very well.

Where Can I Find Accessories to Put in My Gift Basket?

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