Berry Pie Strain: A Cookies and Seed Junkie Genetics Collab

berry pie strain

Berry Pie strain has received all the hype it can get with gigantic names backing it up. Cookies strains themselves have spawned a family tree that is constantly growing and with a love child of the equally renowned Seed Junky Genetics has Berner’s Cookies in a sweet spot in terms of taste and experience. Continue reading to find out all about Berry Pie and if it is the next weed stash addition you need.

What is the Berry Pie Strain?

Berry Pie as a strain has a lot of the high you might continue having. With a 50-50, evenly bred hybrid profile, Berry Pie is a relaxing and happy high. It is a Cookies x Seed Junky Genetics from Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Blueberry, beloved strains for their delicious smoke. The creators themselves are responsible for some dank weed, Cookies made the sensational GSC while Seed Junky created Kush Mints and Wedding Cake. This background is not one to scoff at. Berner himself is the one who has a hand in Cookies and as a rapper and entrepreneur, he pays special attention to Cookies and their quality.


Berry Pie Strain

Berry Pie Strain Profile


The Berry Pie cannabis plant is a memorable burst of brightly arranged colors with forest green leaves all along the sides of the pale green plant; its intensely bright orange hairs sprinkling a dash of fire in the mix. Its nugs have all of these luscious qualities mixed, sweet greens topped with vivid oranges.

Smell & Flavor

With a name like Berry Pie, you would expect this strain to carry a sweet smell, similar to a delicate pastry. When you open your package you can think of that and multiply it by a hundred. Berry Pie is charming on the nose, a combination of dessert with some added spice. Some compare it to a blueberry waffle with some flowers on top.

Its dominant terpene is Caryophyllene, a peppery overtone that complements the saccharine quality of the strain. This terpene brings out a strong smell, diesel, and cinnamon adding depth to the aroma. Berry Pie’s other terpenes consist of Limonene and Linalool. Limonene might be on the citrus side while Linalool is on the floral part of the spectrum. Both lusciously grace the nose to create some fresh notes.

Each toke of Berry Pie is as smooth as silk, a superior sugary treat, bringing its selection of waffles and cream tarts to your nose and mouth. Stoners liken the smoke to eating a vanilla-filled blueberry tart or some cookie crust.


You might want to sit in the corner with the introspection Berry Pie will send you to. Its tranquil breeze is one for a sweetly calm morning pick-me-up or a strong midday energy booster. It promotes a prominent head high while keeping you energized and focused enough to do whatever the world throws at you.

When you least expect it the high washes over you, energizing your mind while keeping your concentration in check. Some side effects do include dizziness and a possible headache but make sure to keep your amounts in moderation and this might not be a worry. There’s a lot to consider when buying weed. If you’re a tourist in DC, this guide might help you.

What are the Medicinal Effects of Berry Pie?

Berry Pie with its delicious goodness and uplifting effects can be a godsend for those with fatigue. The strain’s potent ability to boost your mood can help with that. This can also aid those with depression looking for a calming outlet with just the right amount of liveliness. Many medical marijuana patients also use it to combat chronic stress and anxiety.

Lastly, while you could get a headache with Berry Pie, keeping it at a minimum would be a great idea for when you need some relief from a migraine. Lastly, its happy-go-lucky attitude and joyfulness can cater to those with anxiety.

Berry Pie Strain

What Activities Go Well With the Berry Pie Strain?

The balanced nature of Berry Pie makes it an ideal daytime or midday time ritual to increase your energy. You can do several things with this type of effect. If you’re into becoming more fit you can exercise after some sweet tokes. Another option would be to start ticking off your to-do list. Chores and other hands-on work can be especially easy after just a few inhales.

How to Grow the Berry Pie Strain

Berry Pie is here for some average difficulty growing indoors and outdoors. Its flowering days are around 53 to 60 days while its harvest time is at 61 days.

Final Thoughts

Should you get a slice of Berry Pie? If you are into a sweet and energetic high with luscious flavors and famous backgrounds it is the choice for you. Berry Pie serves with some flowery scents and vanilla-like flavors, all in all, a solid bud.

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