Bermuda Triangle Strain Review

Bermuda Triangle Strain

The Bermuda Triangle as a location is one shrouded in mystery. The devastating watery region strikes fear into conversations and tell countless stories of missing boats, sailors, and even planes. While disappearances litter the profile of the infamous section of water, the cannabis plant presents a new mystery: just which kind of Bermuda Triangle do you want to smoke tonight? There are all sorts of variations to the name and formula. This article talks about the Bermuda Triangle strain, its profile, and its many possible parents and versions.

Bermuda Triangle Strain Background

Bermuda Triangle is not to be confused with Bermuda Triangle OG, a cross between Ghost OG and Triangle Kush. The first and most popular Bermuda Triangle strain is a cross between Chemdog D and Sour Diesel which leads to it being highly potent and strong. This version by Tiger Trees will get you lost in its pine flavors, softly drifting off to its gently rocking high. Another popular cross is between Triangle and Alien Life Form cultivated by Mogwai Genetics. This one is beloved by medical patients as an indica-leaning strain and favored by indoor growers.

Lastly comes the Brothers In Farms’ Bermuda Triangle strain which is a cross between Alien vs Triangle and Double Grape. It comes in different forms: ruderalis, indica, or sativa and was developed by Breeder Baz. There are many different crosses and lots of developers looking to make their version of Bermuda Triangle. This article mainly dives into the Tiger Trees version of Bermuda Triangle and dips into a little bit on the other breeders when it comes to growing the cannabis plant.

Bermuda Triangle Strain

How Does the Bermuda Triangle Strain Look?

Bermuda Triangle comes in an explosion of orange hairs all over its medium green body and frosty trichomes topping off the entire plant, with flowers that are just as fluffy as they are vibrant. The nugs are compact and ready for you to easily break down for your next cannabis session.

How Does Bermuda Triangle Smell?

Bermuda Triangle has rich undertones of deep earthiness. It has some heavy diesel in its veins, especially in the case of the Tiger Trees version, making for a pungent aroma seeping through just as you open your weed stash. The nugs themselves emit a little bit of sweetness when you burn them.

How Does the Bermuda Triangle Strain Taste?

You will be immediately transported into the sensation of hiking in the woods. Each bud contains a sugary kind of pine taste with some added diesel packing a punch at every inhale. The hints of lemony and vanilla flavors mix well, making Bermuda Triangle somewhat of a unique dessert treat.

How Does Bermuda Triangle Make You Feel?

Bermuda Triangle is the strain you will want to dive into for a euphoric high. Its uplifting nature will give you the focus and inspiration to make creative pieces and imagine insightful artistic visions. Your body is lulled into relaxation by how deeply tranquil and peaceful the high feels, leading to one being almost couch-locked in the sedative indica flow that is Bermuda Triangle. Lost? You probably will be after this one knocks you out with its usually high THC levels.

What are the Medicinal Effects of the Bermuda Triangle Strain?

The lengthy experience you might have when taking some Bermuda Triangle translates well into treating patients who require pain relief. It can especially work against migraines and headaches. Its sedative effects also make it no mystery that every insomniac is picking it up before another night.

Bermuda Triangle Strain How Can You Grow the Bermuda Triangle Strain?

The Bermuda Triangle strain, in its Tiger Trees version, can be a great option for both indoor and outdoor growing setups. This THC dominant strain will flower in around 63 days indoors and outdoors; however, there is a problem. It is not available as feminized seeds which means you will have to find a trusted friend to look for a clipping if you do want to start your own Bermuda Triangle garden.

Secondly, Mogwai Genetics and its version of Bermuda Triangle is more of an indoor fella with a flowering time averaging around 77 days. You can plant it outside or in a greenhouse too. This strain variety is also not available in feminized seed form.

Last but not least, the Brothers in Farms kind of Bermuda Triangle can be grown indoors, outdoors, and in a greenhouse, usually auto-flowering at 64 days from the seedling. You can then expect to harvest its beautifully vivid colors. In contrast to the other forms, this one is only available as feminized seeds and its yield is abundant.

Where to Get Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle has many different origins and the mystery of which one you will choose is all up to you. This indica-dominant hybrid is a go-to for medical marijuana patients as well as for those into the creative high ending in a relaxed sleep. Want to get your hands on some other mystery strains like the Bermuda Triangle? Look no further than 420VL. Check out our wide selection of buds on the explore page and make sure not to get lost. Get a discount upon ordering when you give 420VL a shoutout.

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