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Banana Bread Strain Review

Banana Bread Strain

Getting baked is given a new meaning when while toking the fresh Banana Bread strain. This bud is delicious but it is just as powerful as it is pleasing to the tastebuds. With flashes of sweetly made banana bread, just at the mention of these nugs, you will want to know how it fares in all the other aspects of the smoking experience. Does it make for a good smoke? Continue reading for all the need-to-know info about this strain.

Banana Bread Strain Background

Just like you want evenly baked pastries, Banana Bread is an evenly-balanced hybrid: a 50-50 ratio between indica and sativa. Its origins tell the story behind its perfect combination: a rare cross between two pure strains: the sativa strain being Vietnamese Black and the indica being Purple Kush. Both carry foreign roots, making Banana Bread sit pretty with some exotic background to add to its already growing positives. Tourists will surely want to add this to their arsenal of must-try weed strains much like the strains in this guide for travelers in DC.

Its parentage is not the only thing going for it. Holy Smoke Seeds, its cultivator, has made knowing its THC levels a mystery for the most part but estimates range from 19% to 23% on average. Holy Smokes itself holds a good reputation for producing high-quality weed with exotic strains from Asia and Europe. This consistency in terms of competent cultivation lends well to the strain’s visual aspect especially.

What Does the Banana Bread Strain Look Like?

banana bread strain

Banana Bread sounds like a brown, soft kind of strain; however, purple leaves capture and adorn the flowers in this particular strain, perhaps somewhat different from the earthy browns you might expect. Additionally, the nugs themselves have a very unique look to them. The vibrant greens can appear almost neon, taking over the entire body of the strain and drawing in all the senses. A bright amber revealed in its hairs runs the undercurrent of the nugs, sparkling white crystal trichomes to top everything off. None of this compares of course to the sweet aroma that emanates from this bud.

How Does It Smell?

Imagine the scent of banana bread, freshly taken out of the oven. Add some spice and earthiness and that is the fragrance that this strain reveals. The Caryophyllene terpene is the dominant smell, a peppery, pungent scent carrying the whole batch. The next terpene that you might notice upon a whiff is that of limonene, a citrusy, fruity smell. Pinene also comes along with the herbal, earthy notes and the pain relief needed for medical marijuana patients. All of these do not include the zany, fruity banana, berry, and nut fragrance that envelopes the entire package.

How Does It Taste?

Acclaimed for both its aroma and flavor, Banana Bread is just as delicious as it smells. The nuttiness of the banana bread treat brings out a cozy taste to the bud. It’s vanilla and butter in your mouth make you want to break some more nugs for a longer smoke but be careful; Banana Bread is very potent and its effects can take you to a whole new high.

How Does It Make You Feel?

Banana Bread eases you into its high. With each new luscious toke, you will start to get tingles. A few more and you will get giggles. Your body can start to feel warm, like when you snuggle up in bed with your favorite dessert. This is complemented by a blissful joy as you calmly continue to consume your weed. All negative thoughts fade away in the happiness of this sweet moment. Once you reach euphoria you will be overwhelmed with positive thoughts and some extra tingles. As you come down to a calmer state you will be lulled into a soft sleepy mood.

What are the Medicinal Effects of Banana Bread Strain?

With its rumored high THC levels, the Banana Bread strain can be very effective in its medical treatment for uplifting one’s mood. This is used by those who want some relief from anxiety, depression, and stress. It can also offer pain management for chronic pain, inflammation, and chronic fatigue. All of these possible uses can entice you to get some Banana Bread cannabis plants to grow for yourself.

How Can You Grow the Banana Bread Strain?

Banana Bread StrainHoly Smoke Seeds has made seeds for Banana Bread accessible online, making it easier for growers to cultivate their own. You can choose to grow it indoors or outdoors. It takes roughly 8-9 weeks to become fully mature plants, much like other hybrids available on the market.

Final Thoughts

Let’s go back to our question: does it make for a good smoke? If you’re into the fruity and nutty with a great mix of spice you will enjoy the flavors of this strain. As for the high, you will get a strong and tingly one. It’s all up to preference but medical marijuana patients looking for uplifting and pain-relieving effects will surely flock to this bud.

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