Apples and Bananas Strain: A Surprising Combination

Apples and Bananas Strain

The old saying goes on about apples and oranges… but what about apples and bananas? It turns out both make quite a pair while not so similar in terms of comparison. With such an odd duo you might find yourself intrigued by the name of this strain. Let’s climb right to it in this strain review on Apples and Bananas strain.

What is the Apples and Bananas Strain?

In a match made in heaven, the legendary Compound Genetics and equally renowned Cookies came together to develop Apples and Bananas. This strain was created through a bit of a longer process than most. Here Platinum Cookies and Granddaddy Purple hybrid were bred with a Blue Power male. It does not stop there. The team then crossed the resulting hybrid with Gelatti to come up with Apples and Bananas. Viola! The indica dominant hybrid can now be explored and experimented with potent THC levels coming up to around 21-30%.

Apples and Banana Strain Profile


Its dense nugs are nothing compared to the tree-like structure with which Apples and Bananas strain come in. Like a pine, it grows gorgeous forest green leaves punctuated by deep purple hues, mounted by olive greens on the flower. Its nugs themselves carry on the medium green hues, white trichomes, and hairs frosting the entire bud like a Christmas nugget. Bluish undertones give it that cool feel to it.

Smell & Flavor

When Apples and Bananas reach your hands you will automatically know just how sugary it is. The cherry and banana will overwhelm your nostrils with a creamy and zaney scent, being the top reported aromas. Its terpenes are truly divine. The sour apple hints combined with all the enjoyable hints of vanilla are sure to warm your heart to the thought of your first toke. Gas and spice also come into the mix, making for a savory concoction.

Your first inhale will be filled with a fruity taste. Apples? Bananas? Cherry? Lemon? Each or all of the above will charm your mouth into the couch lock you will be experiencing at the end of the journey. Some sprinkles of pepper and spiciness throughout the exhale, complete with confectionary notes, will fill you up just right.


Just like when you were a kid and apples and bananas were the most delicious healthy food to hit your plate, it will make your mind and body excited at each smoke. Your cheeriness will make you giggle, tingle, and smile from ear to ear. Grab a pen or paintbrush because it can also send you into a creative trance should you need it. While you are at it don’t forget to bring some actual fruits to the table because this strain will make you eat to your heart’s content. You can munch in complete relaxation. Then, your euphoria will come in a rush and leave you dazed and sleepy from tranquility.

What are the Medicinal Effects of the Apples and Bananas Strain?

Its indica learning strain can be a pain-relieving measure for those with mild pains. Additionally, Apples and Bananas and their lively, spirited happiness can be of help to those stressed out from life’s challenges or long work hours. Lastly, it can be especially easing to the mind of stoners looking for refuge from anxiety.

What Activities Go Well the Apples and Bananas Strain?

Due to their enjoyable qualities, Apples and Bananas is a flexible strain you can take at small doses to liven up your day or you can take at full force at the end of it for some relaxation and full-on release. The creativity boost it comes with can be used for your new artistic venture or some much-needed brainstorming on a burned-out afternoon. The high is a solid one, leaving those who take in a lot of Apples and Bananas drowsy so remember this in case you opt to try it on an early morning pick-me-up attempt.

How Can You Grow Apples and Bananas?

The Compound Genetics and Cookies collab has feminized seeds available on the market. You can easily purchase some on the internet and cultivate your patch indoors or outdoors. Not much else is known about how to grow it but as long as you can get your hands on some seeds you can experiment and try out different methods. Most cannabis plants can be harvested in October for outdoor plants while indoor harvests can be expected at around the 8-to-10-week mark.

Final Thoughts

Into all the collabs from the biggest names in marijuana? None of them disappoint. Apples and Bananas is an added notch on the belt of sweet combinations meant for sweet tooths. If you want that sugary high you might want to check the explore page on 420VL. Our vast selection of top-quality weed has got your back on your delicious search.

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