The A-Z of Purple Weed Strains

Purple Weed Strains

Purple weed strains are the new cool, hyped to have premium quality THC and CBD concentrations. Genes and the environments are the biggest influencers of the strain’s peculiar color.

Purple weed is a colorful cannabis strain that attracts much attention across the world. There’s a lot more to purple-colored weed, and this blog post will explore what you need to know about this unique strain of weed.

Why Is Weed Purple?

It is believed that the strain’s peculiar coloring is due to the heavy production of pigments.

Anthocyanins play an especially important role in giving purple weed its color. Anthocyanin-containing pigments enable the plant to take on different shades of purple, depending on its surroundings (acidic or basic).

How To Grow Weed Purple?

Start with the right seeds, that is seeds with high levels of anthocyanins. Then adjust your plant’s temperature during the flowering stage. Drop the night temperature as the low temperature will stimulate chlorophyll to break down into anthocyanin. Keep a difference in temperatures of 10-15 °C between day and night temperatures.

Is Purple Weed Good?

Due to complex interactions between the genetics of strains and everyone’s chemistry, purple bud may be the best fit for some cannabis users. Purple strains are mostly a visual rather than an experiential selling point.

Best Practices For Growing Purple Weed

With its ability to handle cooler temperatures, Purple Kush thrives both indoors and outdoors. Observe the bud growth and moisture carefully if grown outside to prevent rotting in the buds. For the best outcome, feed your plant heavily during its vegetative stage and blooming and maintain carbon dioxide levels between 1,200 and 2,000 ppm.

What Does Purple Weed Do?

Typical of Kush varieties, the aroma is earthy and sweet with hints of earthiness. The mind is flooded with blissful, long-lasting euphoria while the body is infused with physical relaxation, relieving pain, insomnia, and stress.

What Does It Mean If Weed Is Purple?

Purple plants have a combination of genetics, chemistry, and environmental factors. A neutral pH level or slightly acidic soil is optimal, as alkaline soil leaves plant anthocyanins inactive. Purple coloration in a plant can only be created by a genetic predisposition.

What Makes Purple Weed Purple?

Cannabis leaves, buds, and stems will turn purple if exposed to cold temperatures, which stimulates anthocyanin production. Today, Plants can be grown in controlled environments without being stressed out by purple cannabis strains. Additionally, LED grow lights can maximize the purple colors of your cannabis plants.

How To Grow Purple Weed Indoors?

Try lowering the nighttime temperatures of your plants once they reach the flowering stage. Plants can produce more anthocyanins under colder conditions due to breaking down the chlorophyll.

What Lawn Weed Has Purple Flowers?

The most notorious plants with purple flowers in the garden include purple deadnettle, henbit wild violet, and ground ivy. These lawn weeds produce thick patches of cover and tend to grow quite close to the ground.

What Strain Of Weed Is Purple?

You can grow any strain of purple weed in cold weather. Purple cannabis strains include purple haze, purple kush, and others.

Does Purple Kush Get You High?

Purple Kush is often described as one of the top 10 most powerful strains in the world. Purple marijuana can get you just as high as green-colored weeds. In reality, there isn’t much that is particularly special or superior about purple CBD flowers, nor is the CBD concentration any higher.

Purple weed strains include the following:

  • Purple Haze
  • Grand Daddy Purple or “GDP”
  • Purple Power
  • Purple Widow
  • Purple Urkle
  • Purple Afghani
  • Ayahuasca Purple
  • Purple Haze x Malawi
  • Purple Pineberry
  • Purple Trainwreck
  • Purple #1
  • Alaskan Purple
  • Purple Bud
  • Purple Queen
  • Purple Afghan Kush
  • Critical Purple Kush
  • Purple Mazar
  • Purple Mexican

Questions On Reddit: Is Purple Weed Good?

There are plenty of questions on Reddit about the legitimacy and quality of purple weed. That said, most responses emphasize that the color has no bearing on the quality of the weed.

Black Purple Weed

In warm climates, cannabis plants tend to be green. However, in cold climates, some of these same strains of cannabis plants will begin to grow darker. It has been shown that if two dark plants are crossbred together and then kept in a cold environment, the offspring will be even darker.

Fake Purple Weed

In the market today, many buyers come across weed buds that purported to be purple. It has since become clear that there is dyed fake purple weed – this fake kind feels damp to the touch. Dyed weed is not safe for smoking.

Purple weed is certainly something of an enigma, and growers and sellers have capitalized on the hype to get more bounce for each ounce of it. Start here if you would like to learn more about purple-flowered cannabis plants.

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