Horchata Strain: A Tall, Sweet Glass of Relaxation [Pros & Cons]

Horchata Strain

While most stoners find weed to be a relaxing release, some people have poor experiences with strains that can induce anxious or nervous feelings. Well, you can leave those unpleasant feelings behind with the yummy Horchata strain.

The Horchata strain is a potent hybrid popular because it’s devoid of stressful side effects. It has a creamy, sweet aroma paired with a rich woody flavor that is one of the most enjoyable weed flavors you can find.

If this strain sounds like your cup of tea (or cup of Horchata) keep reading to learn about its lineage, flavor profile, side effects, and more!

Horchata Strain Profile

This weed strain is a 50/50 hybrid with Sativa-leaning effects and two popular hybrid parent strains. With a moderately high THC content and CBD content, the strain is potent and offers a mild body and head high.

The Horchata weed strain is a beautifully balanced hybrid that combines the tranquility of an Indica with the focused energy of a good Sativa. The parent strains are Jet Fuel Gelato and Mochi Gelato, two beloved hybrids that give people giggles along with a tingly body high.

The Horchata strain has a high THC content and a decent CBD and CBG percentage, making it a potent strain that is not ideal for newbie smokers. It averages a 25% THC content with around 1% CBD and CBG.

Those with a low tolerance for THC may find this strain a bit overwhelming. The THC content can be as low as 20% depending on the grower, but this is still a decent THC content compared with lower shelf strains.

The rich, complex flavors of Horchata come from the variety of terpenes in the strain, including myrcene, pinene, and ocimene.

While this strain is a 50/50 hybrid, it tends to lean toward a Sativa, thanks to the focused and energetic effects it offers.

Horchata StrainHorchata Characteristics

Horchata has one of the most distinct flavor profiles of any strain. The name Horchata perfectly encapsulates the sweet yet woody flavor that has prominent notes of coffee and vanilla with a subtle spiciness.


  • Vanilla
  • Coffee
  • Spicy
  • Woody
  • Earthy

The popular horchata drink combines woody, earthy flavors with the sweetness of milk or rice to create a rich drink, and the strain offers a similar flavor experience. The smell is sweet and sugary, like a horchata drink!

When you take a whiff, you’ll get the strong scent of vanilla and coffee. This unique, sweet smell draws many stoners to this captivating strain that is unlike any other.

When smoking or dabbing, the strain transforms into a rich herbiness with subtle hints of spice that mimic the sharp cinnamon flavor in the horchata drink. Some detect hints of berry flavors and sage, contributing to the sweetness and earthy profile.

If you dislike skunky weed and strains that smell like gasoline, this strain will take you far away from that! Despite the high THC content, many smokers new to visiting dispensaries or browsing different strains for delivery opt for this delicate but tasty flavor profile.

The appearance of the nugs is also easily accessible to those new to marijuana, as it’s the typical green you would expect with a few amber accents.

Sometimes newbie smokers can be turned off by darkly-colored nugs with deep purple hues, as they’re unfamiliar and slightly intimidating. But the Horchata strain has an inviting appearance and enticing scent.

Plus, the strain has few undesirable side effects and a very desirable high, as discussed in the section below.

Horchata StrainThe Horchata Experience

The Horchata smoking experience is one of the best highs you can, offering a relaxing and giggly high without the anxiety and paranoia that comes with some strains. People love this strain for treating symptoms of traumatic stress and other mental struggles.


  • Happy
  • Giggly
  • Relaxed
  • Focused
  • Talkative

For people who sometimes get stressed, anxious, or paranoid, Horchata is one of the best varieties to buy and enjoy. Unlike other strains, especially Sativas, Horchata provides a relaxing but awake high that won’t make you nervous or uneasy.

The most prominent effects of the Horchata strain are the giggles and an uplifted feeling that is ideal for any occasion. You can enjoy yourself at home on a lazy Sunday while binge-watching TV and eating snacks.

But it’s also perfect for an afternoon full of activities with friends or family. And while some smokers find it a little too relaxing and giggle-inducing, others report that they love getting work done or doing focused, creative activities while enjoying this cozy high.

The only unfavorable side effects concerning this strain are dry mouth, dry eyes, and thirst. So make sure you have a tasty juice or refreshing glass of water around when trying this strain.

The negative side effects are physical, so this strain is perfect for someone who dreads the possibility of an anxious feeling or uncomfortable mental state. For many people, a strain like this makes them comfortably high and happy without being overwhelming.

Another side effect that is less reported but still worth mentioning is the infamous munchies! While some people characterize the munchies as a negative side effect, others find it a fun part of the high, making even subpar food taste delightful.

And this side effect also makes it a decent strain for combating loss of appetite and nausea. But other strains produce more powerful munchies, as Horchata-induced hunger is mild.

Because this strain lacks the unpleasant side effects of many other strains, it’s also popular among people with mental struggles. It can reduce the symptoms of problems like stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and chronic pain.

While not everyone experiences the tingly body high that can come with Horchata, some find it to be the best strain to ease their bodily pain caused by chronic conditions.

Horchata StrainGrowing Horchata

If you want to try growing your own Horchata strain plant, there’s a fair chance you’ll be able to do it! The Horchata strain is a moderately difficult strain to grow, so it’s best to leave it to relatively experienced growers. But if you’ve successfully grown some other strains, give this one a try!

They have a short flowering period, and short harvest time, so you don’t have to wait three months to enjoy these beautiful green nugs. The flowering period is between 55 and 62 days, but the nugs are ready to harvest and start curing after only 57 days!

This strain grows well indoors and outdoors, averaging about 10 ounces per plant. They can grow six or seven feet tall, and while they can be picky about their water and nutrients, they tend to do well in various temperatures and sunlight.

Finding Horchata seeds and cuttings is a breeze, making it a popular strain for growers to tackle. You can find feminized Horchata seeds and cuttings online from several different retailers.

Horchata Strain Reviews and Prices

Many stoners appreciate how affordable Horchata is, despite its decent THC content of about 25%. It depends on your location, as weed in DC often costs more than in Colorado, but an eighth of Horchata typically costs between $15 and $20.

At this low price, many dispensaries categorize this strain as a low-shelf strain or lower middle-shelf strain. However, stoner reviews beg to differ. The potency and positive effects of this strain, paired with the captivating aroma and flavor make it one of the most popular and beloved strains.

Despite the low price, this is many people’s favorite strain, and they consider it top-shelf quality. Unlike other low-shelf strains, stoners report that the Horchata strain has an impeccably smooth smoke, so don’t expect to be hacking up a lung after you take a big bong rip.

Overall, people love the strong and relaxing effects, but they also love the affordability. For stoners on a budget who still want to enjoy a powerful high and delectable taste and aroma, this might be a perfect strain.

Honestly, it’s hard to find a negative review of this strain, thanks to the lovely high it offers and the lack of stressful side effects.

Also if you want to get your hands on some high-quality Horchata Strain seeds, here is a great place to try.

Horchata StrainWrap Up

If you’ve been dealing with some weed-induced paranoia and anxiety, you may want to check out Horchata. Different strains offer different highs to stoners, and some can send you into an uncomfortable panic, which is no fun for anyone.

For the stoners looking for a relaxing strain that doesn’t have any of those anxious and uneasy side effects, it doesn’t get better than Horchata. Just keep a glass of water handy – or a glass of Horchata!

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What strains are similar to Horchata?

If you enjoy Horchata but want to try something closer to the top shelf just for kicks, a few strains are similar in effects and flavor. If you love Horchata, try Cereal Milk, Oreoz, Divorce Cake, Irish Cream, and Boo Berry!

Who cultivated the Horchata strain?

Meraki Gardens cultivated the Horchata strain in Oregon around 2015. Meraki Gardens is a female-owned, family-operated marijuana company, and they created the Horchata strain intending to create a milky, sweet strain that everyone would love.

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