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Lemonhead Strain

The Lemonhead strain, or Lemonhead OG as it is otherwise known, is an uplifting and terpene-rich cannabis strain that promotes an overabundance of flavor matched by its bright and elevating high. With just the right amount of uplifting and energizing effects, this sativa-dominant hybrid represents true quality and has skyrocketed in popularity since its inception. Originally cultivated to showcase how a cannabis strain could be grown to its optimal potential with the highest level of quality maintained without the use of harsh pesticides, the Lemonhead strain illustrates what can happen to the success of a cannabis strain when quality is put above all else. 

For individuals interested in learning more about this unique and sensational cannabis strain, stay tuned. This article dives in and explores everything there is to know about the Lemonhead strain including some background information, growing tips, and a review of its tantalizing and euphoric high. 

Lemonhead Strain Background

First cultivated in the United States by the illustrious, Arizona-based growers known as Royal Choice Farms, the Lemonhead strain was a unique addition to the constantly evolving cannabis industry raising the bar and paving the way for a new standard when it comes to growing techniques. As mentioned previously, the goal of Royal Choice Farms was to concoct a cannabis strain that demonstrated the highest form of quality possible without the use of harsh pesticides during the growing process. The result was more than the growers could hope for as the Lemonhead strain is notorious for its tantalizing aroma and palatable high that nearly anyone could enjoy. 

Implementing the unique genetics associated with C4 and OG Kush, Lemonhead OG inherited the best traits from both parents strains which accounts for all its wonderful features emphasized in the high, aroma, and appearance. Due to its average THC content of around 25%, the Lemonhead strain is a great cannabis strain for both recreational and medicinal use. 

Lemonhead Strain Appearance and Aroma

One of the most prominent features attributed to the Lemonhead strain is not only its addictive and pleasant aroma but also its striking and regal appearance. The small rounded buds produced from this strain closely resemble that of candy as each nug is a complex blend of mint and dark, olive green foliage absolutely saturated by tiny, crystal-like trichomes that blanket the surface of the buds and are complemented by fiery bright orange hairs that add depth and dimension. 

The buds themselves emit an addictive and intoxicating aroma that blends notes of refreshing citrus, earth, and sharp notes of pine. When lit, the buds give off a stronger lemon and pine blend that reveals notes of tangy citrus. The smoke from this strain is pleasant and smooth, almost too smooth, and can have users smoking more than initially intended. With a high that sets in almost immediately, at least this strain does not creep up and blindside users, so even when smoked too much the effects are straightforward and noticeable, allowing users to gauge their tolerance. 

How To Grow The Lemonhead Strain

There is not a significant amount of information out there regarding how well or poorly this strain cultivates. It was originally bred by Royal Choice Farms to showcase how cannabis strains can still retain their high-quality status without the traditional use of harsh pesticides. The strain succeeded with flying colors, however, it does not appear that this strain is made readily available by the original growers. 

Due to the overall mission and agenda associated with this strain, it can be a little more high maintenance to grow as it will require more time, energy, and monitoring due to the growing regulations placed upon it. The Lemonhead strain does have a similar average flowering period as compared to other cannabis strains, taking roughly around 8-9 weeks before it is ready for harvest. It is essential, however, to cultivate this strain without the use of pesticides if an individual can get their hands on it, otherwise, it delineates from its original purpose and true expression.

How Does The Lemonhead Strain Make You Feel?


With a sativa-dominant high, the Lemonhead strain produces an energizing and euphoric high that is great for daytime use. With a mood boosted to unfathomable heights, users typically experience a boost to creativity, focus, and even motivation which can be an essential piece of help when trying to get things done. Although most sativa-dominant strains can sometimes elicit feelings of panic or paranoia in some individuals, overall the Lemonhead strain is known for easing stress and anxiety as well as other mood disorders someone might be dealing with. The positive and euphoric outlook that embraces users during the high tends to make problems seem a lot smaller and more manageable. 

Where Can You Get Your Hands On The Lemonhead Strain?

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