Afternoon Delight Strain Review

Afternoon Delight Strain

Just like what the Starland Vocal Band might croon on about, this bud is one you might want to wait for the sun to go down before you pick it up, a smooth smoke on a lazy Sunday afternoon. But what is this strain all about? Below are some facts about the Afternoon Delight strain to help you decide whether you should grab some for your next siesta.

Afternoon Delight Background

Developed by Colorado Seed Inc., Afternoon Delight is a sativa-leaning hybrid also called “Afternoon Delite”. Its cultivators are some of the best, gearing it up for high standards on its THC levels and terpene profile. This one is a cross between the Banana, Schrom, and Tangie strains, sometimes being an indica-dominant strain as well. Its 70-30 ratio is not consistent and you will have to read into the dispensary’s information about the strain.

The mix does make for some euphoric and stimulating effects alongside some sprinkled sleeping powder. Other than its energetic effects its potency has gone around the rumor mill even if the stats for it remain a mystery. Furthermore, another version of this strain is also made by Crockett Family Farms, although not too much is known about it.

How Does the Afternoon Delight Strain Look?


These tiny, solid buds might not be the best for a grinder but its vibrant cotton-ball-like appearance is a cute little image to behold. Holding it in the palm of your hand will get you pretty stuck though.

How Does Afternoon Delight Smell?

Afternoon Delight might sound like a dessert strain but it is far from that. If there is a word to describe this aroma it would be “strong”. Its combination of myrcene, limonene, bisabolol, geraniol, terpineol, and carene balance out well into a zesty, rich, herbal slice of a free afternoon. With scents of gasoline, earthiness, and skunk, it appeals to the very specific set of people who indulge in those pungent diesel family nugs.

While these do not sound particularly scrumptious these smells do add a rounded-out fragrance, completing the aroma profile. Some hints of pine add a woodsy feel to every whiff, punctuated by citrus.

How Does the Afternoon Delight Strain Taste?

Adding depth to Afternoon Delights flavors are the exhales reminiscent of the tropics as well as apples in your backyard tree. A combination of nuttiness, berry, and pine come up with each smoke of this bud. Its pungent taste is consistent in your throat throughout this dance of flavors.

How Does Afternoon Delight Make You Feel?

Beginners, do not be fooled by the warm feels coming from Afternoon Delight’s monikers. It is by no means a strain for newcomers. Your very first inhale will set you off on that euphoric high, reaching new levels through the strain’s famous potency. Calmness crawls into your skin while your brain and body get into a buzz so cloudy you cannot help but relax. Make sure you have nothing else to do for the rest of the day because it is a guarantee that these nugs will have you stuck on the couch, uplifted but hazy.

Although Afternoon Delight is an ache-relieving bud it can cause headaches especially when taken in large doses. Consult your doctor for repeated side effects such as this continue to occur.

What are the Medicinal Effects of Afternoon Delight?

Medical marijuana patients consider this to be a go-to for stress relief and mood disorders, the ultimate tranquility for some peace of mind. Its average to high THC levels makes this strain capable of neuroprotective effects such as preventing Alzheimer’s. It can also help with pain from cramps, fatigue, nausea, and chronic pain. The clarity instills in your mind along with its energetic boost can help with anxiety, depression, and chronic stress. Furthermore, any insomniacs looking for some rest.

How Can You Grow Afternoon Delight?


Unfortunately, this strain is not friendly for new growers, not only new cannabis users. There are no seeds on the Internet and specific considerations have to be made before growing this cannabis plant. Expert growers can control temperatures precisely and manage weather conditions well. In 56-70 days you will start to see flowers popping out. Best to keep Afternoon Delight indoors since it does not take too well when subjected to an array of different types of weather. After lots of hard work, you will be able to harvest your flowers in roughly 8 to 10 weeks.

Where to Get Your Hands On the Afternoon Delight Strain

Afternoon Delight is all in on the euphoria, energy boosts, and tropical flavors. This strain has a hit for you and it will knock you out of the park. Advanced users and growers alike will appreciate the complexity of each inhale and the intensity of this high. Looking for your supply of Afternoon Delight? Check out 420VL for your next pack of nugs. Our explore page has a wide selection for your next late afternoon smoke.

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