Is the Tina Strain as Big of a Hit as the Idol It Was Named After?

The Tina Strain

The name comes from Tina Turner, the singer famous for her hit song “What’s Love Got to Do with It?”. The title not only fits because of Tina’s long and beautiful hair but also because of the buzz this strain gives you.

Tina is one of those rare but beloved strains that give you the best of both worlds. It is classified as a hybrid, meaning it has both Sativa and Indica qualities that are well-balanced and harmonious.

In this blog, we will find out more about the Tina Strain and its uses and effects.


Tina StrainWhat is the Tina Strain?

Tina’s genetics are a little mysterious, but it’s believed to be a cross between heavy-hitting Indica strains. This strain has more potency than most, with THC levels for indoor flowers reaching 20% and 25%. Tina may not be the best choice for novice users or those with low tolerance.

The high is clear-headed with a hard-hitting cerebral effect. This is one of those rare strains that leave you feeling happy and euphoric without knocking you out for the day.

Tina is an Indica strain that comes from a cross between a potent Afghani Indica and a hybrid bred in the Netherlands, which has been passed down to breeders worldwide.

The plant is known for its high resin production and frosty appearance and is usually grown indoors. It can treat stress, depression, insomnia, and chronic pain.

THC levels vary widely depending on growing conditions and plant genetics, but this strain tends to be mild to moderately potent. It usually has THC levels of around 17%, but testing has found samples that range from 7% up to 25%. This strain can cause anxiety and paranoia if consumed in high doses.

Tina comes from the San Fernando Valley in California, but it has spread throughout the state and beyond, despite being a relatively uncommon strain.

Tina has been around since the late 1990s but has gained popularity in recent years due to its potency, yield, and ease of growth.

Tina was popular among the growing Latino population at the time because of its relaxing effects that were preferred over smoking crack cocaine or drinking alcohol.

Tina is appropriate for indoor or outdoor cultivation. Indoors, plants tend to flower within nine weeks and reveal dense flowers streaked with purple hues. The strain has a stretchy growth pattern and may grow over 6 feet tall outdoors; it’s ready for harvest in mid-October in the northern hemisphere.

Tina produces generous yields; outdoor growers can expect up to 600 grams (20 ounces) per plant, while indoors, each square meter (11 square feet) typically yields over 500 grams (18 ounces).


Aromas, Tastes, and Appearance

The scent of Tina has a lemon, pine, and orange aroma with a bit of diesel. The taste is similar to its scent but with an added hint of skunkiness and woody spiciness. Because the flowers are so sticky, they can be hard to grind or break up without a grinder.

Leaves on Tina may also stick together if not adequately broken up before rolling into a joint for smoking. This strain produces dense buds with dark olive green leaves and deep purple undertones. The buds are covered with dark orange hairs and frosty trichomes.

Tina buds have light forest green spade-shaped nugs with long thin minty green hairs and a thick frosty coating of tiny milky white crystal trichomes.

The nugs on Tina are usually long and skinny and often have a lime-green coloration. The trichome coverage on this strain is typically minimal compared to others but still produces an excellent coating around the nugs when adequately cured.

Flowers have an attractive appearance, looking like clusters of tightly wound nugs that are dark green and slightly orange on the tips. The leaves are covered in frosty white trichomes, which give them a bright appearance.

There may be some reddish pistils visible as well. The buds emit a strong smell that combines sweet fruitiness with an earthy hint of pine–similar to kush varieties–and some diesel notes.
This combination of genetics imparts an earthy, lemony aroma and a long-lasting high that is calming and relaxing. The Indica genes dominate the effects of Tina, pulling them toward the body with a euphoric edge.

Effects, Medical Uses, And Usage

High CBD combined with its moderately high 20-25% THC level make Tina perfect for treating chronic fatigue, depression, chronic pain, and mood swings.

Tina has been used to treat various mental conditions such as depression, stress, PTSD, and bipolar disorder. It also helps with physical conditions such as chronic pain, nausea, and loss of appetite. Tina can help patients who have insomnia or anxiety-related sleep conditions as well.

Tina contains high amounts of CBD, which makes it beneficial for those who have epilepsy or multiple sclerosis, or even cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Because of these potent effects, Tina is an ideal strain for treating patients suffering from conditions such as chronic pain due to injury or illness, mild to moderate cases of depression, and sleep disorders, including insomnia and night terrors.

Tina is often used by people looking to boost their creativity levels or simply relax after a long day at work. It can also be used to treat symptoms of ADHD and ADD due to its energizing properties.

You’ll feel a euphoric uplifting effect immediately after smoking, followed by a tingly body buzz that is incredibly soothing but won’t knock you out.

The buzz starts in the head and slowly works its way down to the rest of your body. The high is stimulative and euphoric, leaving no room for anxiety or stress. It’s perfect for treating patients who need help coping with depression and mood disorders and those who suffer from chronic pain and inflammation.

Tina’s full effects come on very slowly, so users should be careful not to overdo it. After smoking this strain, you will feel lightheaded and giggly. This is followed by a mild sense of sedation and drowsiness that makes it difficult to do anything strenuous.

Users describe the Tina high as starting with an almost immediate cerebral head rush that leaves you feeling energized and euphoric with introspective tendencies. As your mind soars, your body will begin to relax into a lazy state that is slightly sedative and highly calming.


How To Grow and What Is The Yield?

The yield of Tina is also very high and can get up to 500g to 600g per square meter. The THC level of this cannabis strain is also very high, which is around 18 to 23 percent.

It has a brief flowering period and will grow buds in just 8 to 9 weeks. It can thrive indoors and outdoors and is resistant to molds and other diseases.

The reason why this strain is so popular is that it is easy to grow and maintain. It doesn’t require too much attention from its growers. You will have a great harvest as long as you give it enough water, sunlight, and nutrients.

Tina is also very resistant to mold, making it an excellent choice for those who live in more humid climates. However, due to its short flowering phase – usually between 8-10 weeks – it’s best not to try and cultivate this strain outdoors.

Tina loves an indoor environment but likes a lot of space and prefers to be left alone for the most part. The only time she requires extra attention is during the first three weeks of growth. You should check that there are no problems with her leaves or stems during this time. This will help her thrive and maintain her gorgeous coloration throughout the flowering process.

It takes between 7 and 8 weeks for Tina to be ready to harvest, producing a generous yield of up to 500 to 600 grams per square meter.

While many cannabis strains can thrive in various environments, Tina is somewhat specific about where it will grow. This strain is best suited for indoor growing and should not be grown outdoors. It simply does not grow as well outdoors as it does indoors.

Tina is also very resistant to mold, making it an excellent choice for those who live in more humid climates.

Tina is a pretty tough plant, but she does have some specific needs. She doesn’t much like growing in coco coir and prefers organic soil to grow with plenty of nutrients in it. She also needs to be topped early and often to get the best yield.

Tina likes a warm Mediterranean climate and will finish flowering by mid-October when grown outdoors.

Where To Buy?

On the off chance that you are thinking about where to purchase the Tina strain, you can discover it at a dispensary close to you. Numerous cannabis dispensaries offer Tina strain for sale.

You can peruse the web for online dispensaries and check their choice of strains. A few strains might be accessible for worldwide delivery; others may not. It is dependent upon you to pick which ones work best.

The high from Tina is euphoric and relaxing, making it ideal for those who want to ease into the day or evening without feeling disoriented or incapacitated. The mental buzz from Tina builds slowly until you feel a deep sense of relaxation in your body, leading to couchlock and sleepiness when consumed in higher doses.

Tina has a powerful aroma of skunk and earthiness, which may be off-putting for some users. The strain tastes like a mixture of skunk, pine, and herbs and produces thick smoke, which may make users cough after smoking it. Tina offers medicinal benefits such as relief from insomnia, stress, and chronic pain symptoms.



Tina is an Indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the potent Triangle Kush and ChemDawg 91 strains. The Tina high settles in a few minutes after your first exhale, immediately boosting your mood with its euphoric effects.

The high will intensify as it progresses, leaving you relaxed in mind and body while remaining fully functional.

In combination with its high 20-25% average THC level, these effects give Tina an edge in treating conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, depression, and chronic stress or anxiety. This bud has a classic sour, earthy flavor with a lightly sweet, nutty exhale. The aroma follows the same profile, although with a heavy chemical overtone released as the nugs are burned.

Tina buds have large dense spade-shaped dark olive green nugs with rich purple undertones, amber hairs, and a coating of frosty thick white crystal trichomes.


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