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Wedding Cake, also called Pink Cookies, is a cannabis strain made through specific genetic processes that create a consistently high and intense flavour. Please do not confuse it with Wedding crasher; this strain emerged after crossbreeding the well-known Girl Scout Cookies weed with the sour hybrid Cherry Pie. The flavour, on the other hand, can vary depending on a pet’s genotype. However, it does not resemble any typical wedding cake you’ve had before. In reality, it has a mostly piquant and sour taste with only a little creamy aftertaste. The Wedding Cake strain is becoming increasingly popular for its versatile effects. It works well for medical and recreational purposes alike.

THC Content

Then there’s the THC content, which has been evaluated by laboratory testing and has revealed that the flowers of this cannabis cultivar have between 16 and 25 percent tetrahydrocannabinol. As a result, it has significant advantages and is more suited for experienced users than novice marijuana smokers. The Wedding Cake strain is sometimes compared to ‘dabbing’ a concentrate when it comes to CBD content. There are no substantial quantities of CBD present in this combination of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie because of its low CBD rate.

Wedding Cake Strain  Effects  

It’s a strong cannabis strain with a powerful impact that you can feel almost immediately after consuming it. Its initial effects may be felt in mind, causing the consumer’s thoughts to become quick-paced and their perception of the environment to be sharpened. Users may also feel giddiness and joy when the situation is correct. At first, it may appear to be quite powerful, but after a short time, it makes someone calmer, similar to other indica-dominant strains. Some Wedding Cake consumers report feeling a pleasant wave of warmth and weight across their limbs and torso when this relaxation comes.

Even though there is a sedative effect, it’s still easy to notice mental stimulation. So it might help with certain activities that aren’t too demanding, like mild exercise or writing/drawing. But we don’t recommend doing anything that requires extreme focus and motor function (like driving or cooking). You may experience some negative side effects after using Pink Cookies, such as dryness in your eyes and mouth.

The Medical Use of Wedding Cake

Interestingly, the Wedding Cake strain is not only used for recreational purposes; it also has medical benefits. Thanks to its properties of improving perceptiveness, it can be helpful in dealing with moderate or mild feelings of anxiety, stress or even depression. It’s because it allows a person to concentrate more on the present. Furthermore, such characteristics can benefit those who have attention deficit disorders, since they may still be sensible and easy to understand while concentrating on specific activities.

In addition to its physical relaxation benefits, the Wedding Cake strain is also good for people with chronic pain, aches or arthritis. Moreover, its sedative properties can help ease insomnia. Additionally, Wedding Cake stimulates hunger and helps people who have lost their appetite due to medications or diseases. However, there are some limitations you should be aware of before consuming Wedding Cake. It is very high in THC, which could result in feelings of anxiety or panic attacks, but this is rare. This is not the kind of cannabis that should be used by anybody who might be predisposed to such situations. If you are prone to such circumstances, it is not a good idea to utilize this sort of cannabis – in this case, seek a different strain with less THC content.

The Flowering Time

Wedding Cake typically blooms in the latter half of October, though some growers have found flowers as early as the end of September. At harvest, you can get up to 21 ounces of buds per plant.

When cultivated indoors, this strain usually matures around the ninth week of flowering. It may blossom as soon as the seventh or eighth week when cultivated in unusual environments. A grower may collect between 18 to 21 ounces of buds from every square meter when it is ready to harvest.


To summarize, because of higher amounts of THC, the Wedding Cake strain is frequently appreciated for its beautiful, powerful high. It may assist you to relax both mentally and physically, allowing you to escape from all your problems and pains. While it is sometimes used for medicinal purposes, including curing insomnia or reducing anxiety and depression symptoms, you should not drive or perform other activities that require high focus due to the potent effects of Wedding Cake. Home is typically thought of as a place to relax, and for a good reason. It’s usually where we feel the safest and have the fewest responsibilities. If you’re looking to take advantage of this by using CBD oil, then know that many reputable businesses sell it. Also, if you’re looking for some high-quality Wedding Cake Strain seeds, I recommend checking out this site.

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