The High Stakes Of The Face-Off Strain – What You Need To Know

Face-Off Strain

What do Nicolas Cage, John Travolta, and OG Kush have in common? The popular 90s film Face Off shares a name with this intense cannabis strain that promises to give you a memorable and mind-altering experience!

With a 70:30 Indica-Sativa ratio, Face Off is a hybrid strain with potent psychoactive effects that can treat migraines, anxiety, and chronic pain issues. Perfect for experienced smokers, this product has a sedative-like effect that will cloud your mind with an intense euphoric feeling.

Is this the perfect cannabis product for you? Read on to learn more about the flavor, aroma, and medical benefits of this cannabis strain. We’ll help you figure out where to buy Face Off and how much it will cost you.

Face-Off StrainWhat Is Face Off Strain?

Face Off first came into circulation during the late-90s. It was introduced by California-based Archive Seeds. While the lineage of the Face Off strain is often debated, there is no doubt that it is an Indica heavy strain. Some growers attribute it to the OG Kush phenotype.

Of course, the irony is that, despite its classification, Face Off’s initial effect is more typical of Sativa-dominant strains. If you’re expecting the typical mild buzz, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Users will experience an extremely euphoric high that comes on quickly and may even become overwhelming to all but the most experienced smokers.

The THC content in Face Off ranks at a high 20 percent, which accounts for its intense psychoactive effect. The CBD quantities are extremely low, at less than 0.1 percent.

Replicating the natural effects of cannabinoid chemicals, THC alters the brain’s thinking pattern. It affects the receptors dealing with your memory, movement, coordination, sensory experience, concentration, and time perception. With such a high value, you can expect these influences to be magnified.

As far as its effects are concerned, Face Off will influence you in two stages.

  • Stage 1: An initial energetic high that improves your mood and fills you with the urge to quickly check tasks off your list.
  • Stage 2: An intense full-body effect that leaves you dazed and couch-bound. You’ll feel your body becoming heavier as your worries drift away, and will soon become lethargic and sleepy.

The strain is generally available as a dense bud that you can smoke. Since its effects are so intense, it is only recommended for experienced smokers. The best time to smoke Face Off OG is at night when you are ready to unwind for the day and don’t have any pressing tasks to complete.


Citrus Spicy Sweet Earthy


Pine cones Earthy Pungent Sweet


Dense buds Lime green buds Red pistils

Positive Effects

Full Body High Happy Feelings Stress Relief
Sleepiness Relaxation Loose Muscles

Negative Effects

Dry mouth Dry eyes Paranoia Lethargy

Medical Uses

Chronic pain Insomnia Depression Arthritis
Headaches Inflammation Muscle spasms Anxiety
Stress PTSD Muscle Tremors Fibromyalgia


Flavor, Aroma and Appearance

If you’re considering purchasing the Face Off strain, you’ll want to know more about how it tastes, smells, and looks. Learning more about these three factors should help you decide whether or not this strain is for you. If you do decide to purchase Face Off, you’ll need to know how to identify the buds.

Face Off OG is instantly recognizable. The buds are quite dense, with a distinct lime green color. Tiny red hair-like pistils cover the surface, setting it apart from other cannabis strains. When put together, the contrast between the red and green makes this strain extremely identifiable. Learn more about how to buy real weed online.

The aroma of the buds is quite pleasant, although it is not particularly strong. You’ll notice a mild sweet and spicy smell, that grows pungent once the buds are lit. There is also an earthy undertone most noticeable when you’ve ground it up. Smokers have compared it to the scent of pine and damp soil.

In terms of flavor, Face Off OG has a sweet yet spicy taste, with a citrusy taste that often takes users by surprise. You’ll notice undercurrents of the pine and earthiness that made themselves apparent in its aroma. All in all, not a bad taste for a strain that’s so intense.

Medical Benefits

Face Off OG is extremely potent and only suitable for experienced cannabis users with a high tolerance. Under the right circumstances, the strain has numerous medical benefits and can help treat several conditions.

The primary effect of the strain is the intense full-body high that inspires lethargy and calms down an overactive mind. This makes it perfect for people struggling with insomnia, anxiety, and depression. A few puffs of this euphoric strain will put your mind at ease and ease you into a deep and relaxing sleep.

With the calming effect comes a feeling most cannabis users recognize as couch lock. This is when your muscles become loose and sink into the soft mattress. You’ll find it difficult to move or complete tasks, which can be extremely helpful for patients who suffer from muscle spasms, tremors, and fibromyalgia.

The effects of this strain are not gradual. It goes from zero to 100 within seconds, which can be disorienting for even the most experienced cannabis user. However, there is no need for alarm. It is quite normal to feel like you are quite literally losing your face with Face Off OG.

Overall, the best time to use this strain is at night and indoors where you are exposed to minimal stimuli. Try to use it on days when you have very little to do and can thoroughly enjoy the weightless feeling that accompanies such an all-consuming high. Users will usually end up watching TV or drifting off into sleep.


Growing and Selling

Face Off is an incredibly rare strain of cannabis. Finding seeds for this plant is near impossible. Most growers will start with the cuttings from a mature plant and use those to replicate identical clones. That means if you intend on growing Face Off OG you’ll skip the germination process and go straight to the cultivation.

This has its benefits. For one, you’re guaranteed a crop with only feminized plants. Hence, there is zero risk of cross-pollination influencing your yield. The plant has a flowering time of around two months and you can obtain 12 ounces of Face Off per square meter of crop.

Trying to grow this strain outdoors will pose a challenge since it is not a very tough plant. The plant requires moderate and stable levels of humidity and temperature. Experienced growers will have the skills to navigate the challenges of cultivating such a temperamental strain, while beginners will struggle. It is extremely susceptible to damage from pests and mold and you’ll have to keep a close eye on your crop.

However, if all goes well your harvest should be ready around fall. October is the peak month for harvesting Face Off OG. A single plant will yield almost 12 ounces of fresh buds. As far as growing methods are concerned we would recommend a hydroponic system of the Screen of Green Method for yield maximization.

Reviews and Retailers

Face Off Strain is available at a number of retailers in DC. Place your orders and enjoy a strong Indica body high. The reviews for this product speak highly of its potency and effects. Whether you want to chill out, have some fun with your friends, or treat your restlessness, Face Off will definitely get you there.

Face-Off StrainRelated Questions

Is There Really A Big Difference Between Sativa And Indica?

A popular yet misleading narrative promotes Sativa as a stimulant that pumps you up for the day and Indica as a sedative best for nighttime use. However, researchers do not agree with these classifications. The effects of different strains are dependent on their THC, CBN, and CBD quantities.

Does Indica Make You Sleepy Or Hyper?

Not necessarily. Indica or Sativa strains high in THC quantities, like Face Off will make you sleepy. THC is a psychoactive compound used to treat chronic pain, insomnia, and depression. It causes a euphoric high that users enjoy. Strains high in CBD have calming effects that work on anxiety and do not impair judgment, making them suitable for daytime use.

The Face Off Strain may or may not be the perfect strain for you. Luckily, there are a lot of options for cannabis users. Get started with this Tourist’s Guide To Finding Weed in DC.

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