White Gushers Strain: The Ultimate Happy High [Weed Review]

White Gushers Strain

The White Gushers strain is known for its euphoric high and destressing capabilities. These exclusive buds have a delicious fruity flavor and earthy scent that sets them apart from the rest. So why not try the Gusher strain?

A berry-flavored indica strain, White Gushers promises users a relaxing body high coupled with a euphoric mental rush. It is ideal for reducing anxiety, stress, and depression, and can help treat chronic pain, inflammation, nausea, and appetite loss. Now you can enjoy a calming high without feeling sleepy.

Read on to find out how White Gushers can benefit you when you should smoke it, and how potent the strain really is. Learn ways to grow the strain at home or even pick it out at a store.

What Is The White Gushers Strain?

Tropical berries and cinnamon are the distinctive flavors in this sweet and fruity strain. A hint of tangy citrus and spice helps balance out the taste. The aroma also comes with a distinctive wet earth scent with undertones of spice and sweetness that vary based on how the buds were cut.

Despite being a hybrid strain, White Gushers is Indica-dominant and has the characteristic relaxing effects. It is best smoked in the evenings or before you go to sleep, despite having minimal sedative effects.

Often touted as a cure-all for common ailments, White Gushers is mostly used as a remedy for anxiety, stress, and depression. Its primary effect is a euphoric buzz that takes over your mind, pushes away negative thoughts, and activates the pleasure centers in your brain. That is why this strain is often synonymous with a happy high and feelings of arousal.

The physical effects of this strain can help loosen muscles, relieve tension, reduce nausea, lessen pain, and improve appetite. What makes White Gushers unique is that it is available in a THC range of 15 to 25 percent. That means you can choose a level of potency that suits your needs the best and work your way up to a higher level, without compromising on taste.

Beginner smokers should monitor their intake, but White Gushers is suitable for cannabis users of all categories. These buds are difficult to find, but if you can get your hands on these seeds you’ll find them easy to grow. On average, you can get this strain for around $12 to $16 per gram depending on the potency of the buds.

Flavors: fruity, berries, citrus, or cinnamon

Aromas: sweet, wet earth, herbs, or spices

Appearance: olive green buds, amber hairs, and crystal white trichomes

Positive Effects: energetic, relaxed, uplifted, aroused, euphoric, and calm

Negative Effects: dry mouth, dry eyes, lightheaded, and paranoid

Medical Uses: depression, anxiety, stress, inflammation, chronic pain, migraines, appetite loss, and PMS

Flavor, Aroma, and Appearance

90s babies will remember the joy of Fruity Gushers candy. The brightly colored jellies had a soft center and came in a range of chewy fruit flavors. Much like its namesake what makes this strain so distinctive is its explosive fruity sweetness. Users can expect a tropical berry taste with accents of spicy herbs and cinnamon to give it an extra kick.

The fresh aroma of sweet berries will fill the room as soon as you break open these buds. As the strain burns, a sharp scent of tangy citrus cuts through the tropical sweetness. The perfect balance of sugar and spice, White Gushers is a delight to the senses. You’ll also notice a distinctive wet earth smell.

Of course, the specific flavor and aroma will depend on how the plant was cultivated, along with how the flower was cut. Users have the option to choose between a spicier, earthy bud and a sweeter, creamier flavor. You can ask your retailer for specific information on their stock. The bold fruity flavors and complex aromas set this strain apart from the rest.

As far as appearance is concerned, White Gushers buds have an olive green base covered in amber hairs and crystal white trichomes. The oversized trichomes hint at the strain’s high THC values. Overall, the buds are tiny and shade-shaped with a frosty look.

Medical Benefits

The physical effects often hit first with this strain. Users may feel a tingling in their toes or numbness in their face. Often these feelings of intense relaxation are accompanied by arousal and euphoria.

White Gushers is most popular for its happy buzz that pushes away worries and anxieties, leaving only a blissful calmness. This is why these buds are touted as a cure-all for a variety of ailments. Whether you want to relieve tension, treat depression, or reduce anxiety White Gushers is an excellent strain for your needs.

These buds cause an intense case of munchies, which makes them incredibly beneficial for people who struggle with nausea or a lack of appetiteCancer patients undergoing chemotherapy can especially benefit from this strain. It can also act as a mild analgesic and can help treat chronic pain and inflammation.

White Gushers primarily offers a cerebral high with minimal physical effects. While beginner users may feel a heaviness in their limbs, these buds do not result in couch lock or intense lethargy. That’s why it’s suitable for afternoon and evening use depending on the user’s tolerance.

Overall, this strain has an uplifting effect that will have you on cloud 9 the entire time. So it is perfect for days when you’re feeling under the weather and need a little extra push to get you through the day. This strain promises stress relief without lethargy and can help both your mind and body recover after a long day.

While this strain is suitable for beginner and intermediate smokers, the intensity of its physical effects will depend on the user’s THC tolerance. Other regular side effects include dizziness, cottonmouth, dry eyes, and headaches. If you’re looking for a relaxing treat and still want to explore your options check out the Pink Cookies Strain.

Growing and Selling

White Gushers is a cross between the popular Gelato #41 and Triangle Kush. It’s easy to cultivate and a recommended option for novice or intermediate growers. You can grow it indoors, or outdoors. The plant is quite to flourish if it’s getting enough sunlight and water.

You will have to protect the strain from issues like mildew and pests because White Gushers is susceptible to these factors. While the plant is moderately easy to cultivate it is not extremely resilient. It takes around 10 to 11 weeks for an adult plant to reach the harvesting stage. Since the plant grows up to 5 to 6 feet tall you will need to make sure you have enough space.

Indoor plants yield around 1 to 2 ounces per square foot (400 grams per square meter) while outdoor plants yield around 15 to 20 ounces (550 grams) per plant.

Overall, White Gushers seeds are difficult to find because of the rarity of the strain. However, if you can get your hands on these exclusive plants the strain qualities definitely make it all worth it.

Reviews and Prices

Users love how White Gushers helps them calm their anxious thoughts, reduce stress, and boost their mood. It’s relatively affordable, which makes it a top choice as a daily indica option. Plus you can easily choose your preferred potency or upgrade to a higher level.

The average cost for Gelato Cookies is around $12 to $16 per gram. You can also get an eighth for $52 to $65, one-quarter oz for $98 to $110, and half an oz for $200 to $218. The variation in price depends on the strain’s potency since you can get these buds at anywhere from 15 to 25 percent THC content.

Customers rave about this strain’s delicious flavor profile and the tart blueberry flavors. It burns evenly and pushes you into a mellow and relaxed frame of mind. With each hit, you’ll feel your muscles relax and your mind begins to drift off. But it won’t make you sleepy so you’ll be mentally present to enjoy your calm. It’s definitely a refreshing strain!

That said, novice users should monitor their THC intake since an extremely potent bud can quickly overwhelm the mind and body, ruining the experience. Ideally, you should smoke White Gushers at home or in a private social setting where you’re calm and relaxed. Buds with exceptionally high THC values can cause paranoia in unsafe situations.

Related Questions

Is Gusher Sativa Or Indica?

White Gusher is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with a potent mind and body high. It has high THC values between 15 to 25 percent. Typical of indica strains it increases appetite, reduces nausea, and lessens pain. However, these buds also provide an uplifted and euphoric mental state that can help improve your mood or deal with situations of anxiety, stress, and depression.

How Strong Is Gushers Strain?

The Gushers strain is a potent indica bud with extremely high THC values and intense effects. You’ll notice a body-numbing sensation with this strain, coupled with a blissful mental state. Since the strain comes in a variety of THC options from 15 to 25 percent you can choose how strong of a strain you want, while still retaining that amazing fruity flavor.

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