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Slurricane Strain

Do you like fruit punch? Of course you do. Most people love sweet things, from candy to weed. Sweet, fruity flavors are some of the most popular traits in modern marijuana, for good reason. If you’re a fan of this fashion for flavor, Slurricane should be at the top of your list of new strains to try this year. This powerful purple strain has made a place for itself in the cannabis industry for good. While you won’t go anywhere fast while enjoying this potent, indica-dominant strain, you’ll be in for a long night with friends or your favorite movie.

If you want to learn more before trying the Slurricane cannabis strain, or if you’re interested in growing it yourself, then read on. This article covers all the important aspects of the Slurricane strain so you can decide whether it’s the right strain for you. This marijuana strain review goes through all the known info about the strain, along with its smell, taste, appearance, and effects. Whether you’re a long-time Slurricane lover or completely new to the strain, there’s always more to learn.

The Slurricane Strain Background

This impressively powerful strain is the delicious result of crossing Purple Punch with Do-Si-Doh plants. The inspired cross was first performed by In House Genetics, a breeder dedicated to producing micro-breeds to fit every preference. Slurricane has been one of their biggest run-away successes. The Slurricane

that’s unmistakable when it comes to the feeling of the high.

The strain is incredibly powerful, with batches testing as having THC levels as high as 28%. That makes it hard to match when it comes to sheer intensity. In fact, Slurricane can hold its own against some of the heaviest-hitting strains on the planet.

The name is unique, since it isn’t derived from either parent strain’s name unlike most other hybrids. Instead, it’s based on the strain’s impressive effects. It hits like a hurricane, after all. Slurricane is also known for being intensely relaxing, leaving every muscle in the body loose and unwound. As a result, some people notice that they tend to mumble or slur their words a little more often. Hence: Slurricane.

The Slurricane Strain Appearance, Taste, And Smell

Slurricane is no slouch when it comes to its buds, either. The strain is known for producing medium-size, dark green buds that can lean towards purple if the strain was grown somewhere cool. The trichomes are crystal white with a touch of violet. It’s a gorgeous plant to grow, and just as excellent to smoke.

When it comes to scent and flavor, the Slurricane cannabis strain delivers. From Purple Punch, it takes fruity, berry notes, while Doh-Si-Dohs gives it hints of cream and spice. The result is a perfect dessert bud for anyone who’s ready to stay on the couch all night.

How To Grow The Slurricane Strain

If you’re new to growing, don’t stress. The Slurricane strain is almost as easy to grow as it is to smoke. The biggest problem is getting your hands on the seeds in the first place; while In House Genetics has a number of online retailers, they’re often sold out of these in-demand seeds. If you can get your hands on the seeds, though, you’re in for a treat.

The Slurricane plant stays relatively small, reaching five feet tall outside or three to four indoors. They respond well to hydroponic setups and any type of low-stress training that gives them lots of light. The biggest downside to these plants is that they take a while to be ready for harvest: nine to ten weeks. However, as long as you give them the light they need, Slurricane plants can provide 14-16 ounces of high-quality, intense bud.

The biggest factor for a successful Slurricane harvest is patience. Avoid high-stress training techniques, since this can delay when plants are ready. Low-stress techniques like trellising and Sea of Green growing can help you make the most of your plants while keeping your wait to a minimum.

Don’t forget to do your research! Growing different strains of cannabis can take a little effort, but doing the work in advance can help you make the most of your plants. Learning the right techniques to grow marijuana indoors and out can make a big difference in the long run.

How Does Slurricane Make You Feel?

Now, with that out of the way: how does Slurricane actually feel? Every strain has its own vibe, and that feeling can be the deciding factor for many people. When it comes to the Slurricane strain, the vibe is very, very chill. The strain is a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid, so it’s relaxing but won’t completely knock you out. The THC content makes this strain a long-lasting one, so be ready to spend the rest of your night unwound on your favorite couch.

Most people report that the head high comes on in minutes, leaving you loose, easy, and worry-free. The body buzz follows shortly afterward, relaxing your muscle from head to toe in a tingly wash of sensation. You’ll notice a sense of euphoria paired with a desire to make easy conversation or enjoy an activity you can do without getting up.

This relaxation makes it a great choice for people who have issues with anxiety and insomnia. While the strain won’t make you too sleepy if you’re normally well-rested, people who have trouble sleeping turn to the Slurricane strain to help them drift off to dreamland without their normal worries and distractions. Of course, if you decide to try this yourself, it’s always important to consult with your physician for any type of health concerns.

If you’re looking for a hard-hitting strain that’s also delightfully delicious, it’s hard to go wrong with the Slurricane strain. This intense bud will rock you like a hurricane in no time at all, while tasting like your favorite dessert. Coveted by growers and smokers alike, Slurricane is sometimes hard to find, but always worth the effort. Also if you want to get your hands on some high quality Slurricane Strain seeds here is a great place to try.

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