West Coast Kush: The Sherblato Strain [Ultimate Strain Review]

West Coast Kush The Sherblato Strain

Originating from the unknown dark evergreen mountains, the Sherblato strain is a nomadic Sativa dominant hybrid. It makes its way from cannabis country on the West Coast to the front step of the East Coast with an unmistakable taste and renowned buzz that kush fans love. If you have a sweet tooth, Sherblato is the strain for you.

What Is the Sherblato Strain?

The Sherbalto strain is the hybrid between its parent plants, Sherbet and Gelato. Sherblato strains are a sativa-dominant hybrid. That means that the head-high presence of sativa is evident, yet the body buzz is subtle and often pleasant.

If you like sweet marijuana strains, you can’t go wrong with Sherblato. With the sweetness of Girl Scout Cookies and the fruitiness of Pink Panties, Sherblato is becoming a fan favorite among West Coast smokers.

What Is Sherblato’s THC Content?

Sherbalto has a mild, yet potent, THC content, usually sitting between 20-22%. Medical and recreational regular consumers usually enjoy this level of potency. However, new consumers should microdose Sherblato to avoid inducing adverse reactions.

Since Sherbalto is a Sativa-dominate hybrid, the CBD level is relatively low and less than 1% sitting between 0.40-80%. The CBD accompanying Sherbalto enhances the THC characteristics that relieve pain and reduce stress without interrupting the Sativa-high.

For this reason, Sherbalto is becoming popular for daytime use since it does not induce heavy drowsiness, sleepiness, or sedation. This is a cannabis strain that will make you want to have conversations and build meaningful relationships over delicious food.

What Does Sherblato Taste Like?

Sheraton is the indigo child of parent strains Sherbert and Gelato. You can see its parentage in the strain’s color, experience, and taste. Inside the beautiful evergreen nuggets are brilliant crystals that create creative flavors that remind the taste buds of nutty chestnuts, tropical mangos, and tart apricots.

The buds that grow from Sherblato carry a signature pristine glass jar-worthy deep green hue topped with iridescent lilac snow crystals and mandarin whiskers. In addition, it carries a distinct Sativa-sweet scent of vanilla bean gelato, fresh baked cookies, and hints of your favorite bakery.

However, the indica side of Sherbalto is quite stinky. Underneath the smell of fresh-out-the-oven confections are gaseous diesel undertones that devotees often describe as the legendary diesel that can trace back to its Durban Poison and OG Kush grandparent roots.

Needless to say, don’t expect the hypnotizing aromatics of Sherbalto to go unnoticed. If you intend to consume discreetly, you may want to find an edible version of the strain. Though Sherbalto strains have a sweet fragrance, it is not subtle.

What Should You Eat with Sherblato?

Similarly to its parent plant, Gelato, Sherblato enhances the taste of nutty gelato ice creams such as hazelnut, chocolate hazelnut cream, bacio, coconut, and pistachio.

Before you go straight for the gelato, you should opt for tropical smoothie bowls, fruit salads, or sherberts that bring its Sherbet qualities to full bloom. Passion fruit, mangosteen, guava, and papaya are perfect bright go-to’s for Sherbalto-tastings.

However, Sherbalto-tasters should not steer away from savory flavors. For example, carne asada tacos topped with a spritz of lime can help the taste buds recognize Sherbalto’s hybrid mild citrus notes. In addition to orange chicken, lemon salmon, and citrus tomato red sauce.

If you’re looking for the perfect choice drink to pair with the tastings, choose a tropical cocktail, sweet fruity sparkling wines, or your favorite lemonade.

A Tranquil Experience with Sherblato

Despite its status as a sativa-dominant hybrid, Sherblato awakens the cerebral mind with a relaxing euphoric journey that may lead to a more profound sense of creativity and enhance sociability.

Sherblato can transform wall flowers into Chatty Kathy’s seeking conversation. However, its indica personality presents as a creeper. Once you’ve reached your social limits, you can find a lovely space to unwind.

And like most cannabis, you’ll want easy access to healthy party snacks or a nice meal to enhance the munchies, a common side effect of marijuana use. If you’re at an event or party, it’s the perfect time to break out the Sherblato to allow for calm during social situations.

On the contrary, people new to cannabis may experience dizziness, dry eyes and mouth, and paranoia with Sherbalto. Although these remain common adverse reactions with new users, it is best to consult your physician before consuming if you have underlying health conditions.

Sherbalto has many healthy medical benefits. People living with chronic pain, such as migraines, anxiety, and depression, can reap its therapeutic benefits.

The cerebral effects of Sherblato offer the perfect antidote for chronic migraines that have built up pressure around the mind as it eases and untwines tension with ease without the couch-lock or drowsiness.

Similarly, anxiety and depression turn into a weight slowly lifting off your shoulders before entering into the state of deep relaxation, happy thoughts, and that signature enjoyable high that cannabis offers.

What You Need To Know To Grow Sherblato

The Sherblato cannabis strain is more difficult to grow than its parent plants, Sherbet and Gelato. Sherblato is not a sativa nor indica; as a hybrid, it has the best of both worlds, though that may make it harder to cultivate.

Indoor Sherblatos enjoy vertical growth, and outdoor growers can let them grow wild vertically and laterally with the expectation of up to four ounces of Sherblato bud.

You can expect Sherblato to yield medium-height plants with large buds and snowy-colored trichomes in seven to nine weeks after germination in indoor and outdoor spaces.

However, after nine weeks, Sherbalto trichomes shift from their milky-white potent sativa roots into amber and purple colors. The length of growth time, in addition to its rarity outside the west coast, means that this strain can yield slow-growing profits.

Cannabis Devotees Love Sherblato

Since Sherblato showed up on the West Coast, it has been a favorite for its intense tropical aroma, delicious flavor, and heavenly-made potency. It is a match made in heaven for sativa fans that love to cook and transform mundane culinary dishes with cannabis.

However, chronic cannabis consumers with superior THC tolerance and who prefer heavy-hitting indicas may find Sherbalto lackluster and brief. For a deeper high, chronic users can opt for its grandparent strain or the Cannabis Cup Award-winning Girl Scout Cookies.

Where To Buy Sherblato

Now that you’re hip to the latest and rare cannabis craze on the west coast, you’re probably wondering where you can find Sherblato in your area. Cannabis fans in the Washington DC area can find Sherblato, its parent and grandparent plants, at choice dispensaries.

Of course, you can also have Sherblato come to you with a marijuana delivery service. With these excellent services, you don’t even have to leave your home to find the perfect bud; simply order it online and have it delivered to your door.

Also if you want to get your hands on some high-quality Sherblato Strain seeds, here is a great place to try.

Save the Sherblato Strain for A Lazy Day

Sherbalto is the choice cannabis for a lazy day without much productivity. If you’re feeling adventurous, pair Sherbalto with tranquil spa music, alternative instrumental tunes, or chill-hop to set the ultimate carefree mood for a stay-at-home getaway.

Related Questions About the Sherblato Strain

Are you still wondering if you should ask about Sherblato the next time you enter your favorite dispensary? Here are some frequently asked questions to gauge if Sherblato is right for you.

Is Sherblato an indica or sativa?

The original yet unknown origins of the Sherbalto genetics is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. The cultivator determines the Sativa and Indica hybrid balance. That means the potency of Sherbalto is heavily dependent on the grower than can breed Sativa-dominant cannabis into indica-dominant cannabis and vise-versa.

Is Sherblato exotic?

Since Sherblato is a cross-bred strain, it is a little harder to come by than either of its parent plants. However, you can easily find Sherblato from a reputable marijuana dispensary.

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