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Pink Candy Strain

Pink Candy, sometimes known as Pink Candy Kush, has been on our radar heavily this week. Several gifting companies here in DC have it on the menu, and our experience with this exciting exotic strain made it a top priority to write about and spread the word. This bud packs a powerful punch of THC and promotes some mouth wateringly sour tropical flavors. Best of all, it’s sativa-dominant effects make it a great choice for long-lasting effects at any time of day. Here’s our strain profile and brief review of the Pink Candy strain, covering everything you need to know from lineage to phenotypes, smell, taste, effects, medical uses, and cultivation best practices.

Pink Candy: Background 

Pink Candy (AKA Pink Candy Kush) is an 80/20 sativa-dominant cross between Stinky Pinky and Cotton Candy. It was first propagated by New420Guy Seeds in an attempt to create a super potent and uplifting strain with the unique flavor profiles of the two parent strains. They were successful, as the Pink Candy strain embodies the best traits of both sativas and its two parent strains, including a unique sweet and sour flavor profile, vibrant and colorful flowers, and a great mix of long lasting, uplifting effects that are sure to delight at any time of day. Checking in at a whopping 19-24% THC, Pink Candy and its vibrant pink flowers are a fantastic choice for medical patients and recreational users alike.

Pink Candy Cultivation 

Pink Candy is a pretty rare strain, making it a little difficult to track down. It’s rated as moderately difficult to grow due to its wild sativa-dominant growth that can be difficult for novice growers to keep under control. The strain requires a great deal of care early on to keep it manageable, including a lot of topping, trimming, and regular training with trellis netting as early as possible. Since it’s also a high yielder, humidity levels also need to be monitored closely to avoid mold and powdery mildew. The biggest hurdle to overcome is her space requirements though, so if you can keep her under control you’ll have a much easier time getting the best yields.

Pink Candy Appearance 

Pink Candy is easily one of the most beautiful and exotic looking strains we’ve covered so far. We’ve all seen those super-edited pictures of weed that is completely purple or pink, and while I’ve personally reviewed dozens, if not hundreds of strains, I’ve never come across pink flowers until today. They’re not totally pink, mind you. But they do display a ton of pink undertones within the trichomes and within the hues of the flowers themselves. These spade-shaped buds are a light minty green color with dark, sandy orange pistils. The flowers range, throwing a variety of colorful hues including purple and pink, though they’re all surrounded by a thick layer of trichomes that have pink undertones, giving the buds a shiny, pinkish sheen.

Pink Candy Scent, Flavor, and Effects 

Pink Candy’s scent is just as impressive as the appearance. Looking at the pink-tinged flowers, you almost subconsciously expect it to smell the way it smells. On the plant, Pink Candy has an earthier, more natural aroma of pine with a sourness behind it. It’s sour and pungent in a sense, but it changes entirely as the flowers dry. Dried buds smell sweet and fruity, and an awful lot like bubblegum. When they’re agitated via grinding or chopping, those fruity bubblegum notes shy behind a dank sour aroma that amplifies the sweeter notes. Overall, it smells exactly like you think it does. Pink, candy-like and delicious.

The flavor profile isn’t all that different, just more amplified than the scent alone. An inhale brings forth a notable lemon citrus and tropical fruit flavor along with a rich, creamy smoke with a good amount of sour earthiness to it, nearly guaranteeing you’ll cough a fair piece. The exhale brings forth many of those delectably sweet fruit notes as well as some sour flavors of lemon citrus, though the aftertaste is where the magic happens. After the exhale, the lasting impression on the tongue is quite literally a sweet bubblegum flavor. It matches the strains scent and appearance to a T.

Pink Candy’s effects are equally exciting as the appearance, scent, and flavor of the strain. Something bubblegum scented sounds like it would be uplifting and sweet, and the effects are just that. The first inhale brings on a rush of immediate cerebral effects, leaving you feeling extremely uplifted, gently energized, and completely euphoric. These effects leave you feeling boosted mentally and spiritually, encouraging mental energy that leads to focus, motivation and creativity. As these effects settle in, Pink Candy also takes hold in the body. It promotes a relaxing body high that can sooth a variety of physical ailments without making you feel sluggish or sedated. All in all, it’s a perfect sativa-dominant strain with enough physical relief to make it a great choice for medical patients.

Medical Uses of Pink Candy 

The uniquely uplifting and soothing effects of Pink Candy paired with its above-average levels of THC (ranging between 19-24% on average) make the strain an excellent choice for daytime medicine in any patient who needs relief without sacrificing energy levels. It even contains some CBD, making it a great choice for combating pain and inflammation in addition to mental ailments like stress, fatigue, depression, and even anxiety. Other patients love the Pink Candy strain for its ability to provide relief from nausea, appetite loss, chronic pain, headaches, and muscle spasms.

Pink Candy Strain Review 

Now that you know the basics, we can cover a more personal review of the Pink Candy strain. When we ground our sample nugs up, we were impressed to say the least with the amount of kief that came off the buds. It also released a ton of different fruit notes, though the biggest impression was of bubblegum. Smoking the sample was a similar story. You could really feel the potency of the buds quickly in the onset of the uplifting and energizing mental effects, though it was never overwhelming. It faded into a soothing sensation that soothed the body and didn’t cause any sativa anxiety or jitters. The flavors were notably creamy and sour with distinct bubblegum-tinged notes of tropical fruit. All in all, if we had to rate the Pink Candy strain, we’d have to give it a 4.6. There are no complaints with the effects, scents, flavors, or potency levels, though we had to knock a few points off for rarity in difficulty in cultivation. Regardless, it’s still 100% worth a try, so the next time you see it at your favorite smoke shop or for delivery, try some! We think you’ll love it, Also if you want to get your hands on some high quality Pink Candy Strain Seeds here is a great place to try.

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