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OG Cookies strain

We’ve picked up another new exotic strain on our weed radar this week, so we’re back today with one of the most exciting strains to hit the DC weed scene, known as OG Cookies. OG Cookies is a super balanced 50/50 hybrid that promotes a great mix of physical and cerebral effects. This heavy handed hybrid offers a moderate level of THC that makes it a great choice for novice cannabis users and seasoned veterans alike. Its lemon flavors and pungent earthy aromas make for a pleasant body buzz that keeps the pain away all day, so you won’t want to miss this one. Below, we’ll answer all of your burning questions about the OG Cookies strain, including its lineage, phenotypes, smell, taste, effects, medical uses and how to get your hands on it.

OG Cookies Strain: Background 

OG Cookies, also known as Cookie OG, is not to be confused with the original Girl Scout Cookies though it does come from the same family. OG Cookies is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush best known for its moderate THC levels around 17-21% and it’s longer than average lasting effects. It boasts a uniquely earthy yet lemony scent as well as a pungent skunky aroma that leads to a good mix between indica and sativa effects. This balanced 50/50 hybrid is a great choice for medical patients and recreational users who enjoy a powerful body buzz and gentle cerebral effect at any time of day.

OG Cookies Cultivation 

Growing the OG Cookies strain is rated as moderately difficult. The strain grows exceptionally well, though it is slightly more susceptible to pests and mold like powdery mildew than others due to its dense flower structure. Always take care to monitor your humidity levels closely and ensure that the colas aren’t leaning against anything during the flower cycle. OG Cookies isn’t considered a high-yielder either. It produces a small yield at the end of the season, though more efficient growth can be achieved with regular trimming and topping the plants early in the beg cycle to create more room for the flowers to grow.


OG Cookies Appearance 

OG Cookies plants are smaller than most and tend to be considered delicate. She isn’t a huge yielder, so her foliage doesn’t grow to envelop an entire room. However, she does grow pretty tall. She produces a lot of dark green water leaves on thin light-green stalks. Her flowers are lovely though. They tend to be lighter in color, from sagey green to a yellow-green with golden highlights. She has a light coating of THC-rich trichomes  When you first look at it, it might remind you of it’s distant cousin zookies.

OG Cookies Scent, Flavor, and Effects 

OG Cookies is an impressive strain in all categories, though its most impressive aspect remains to be its unique mix of effects. The first puff leaves you with a very bright cerebral effect that leaves you feeling uplifted, euphoric, and overall happy and at peace. However, the effects tend to be more centralized in the body. It chases away sour moods and leaves you feeling your best, but also offers powerful relief to the whole body, including limbs and extremities. The gentle body buzz fights pain and makes it easy to cope with inflammation and pain while also soothing and relaxing your physical body.

Before the effects take hold though you’ll notice how incredibly delicious the strain is. The flavor profile is very strong and rich, offering unique notes of an earthy mint flavor alongside more natural notes of earth and spice. The smoke itself is neither smooth nor harsh, falling somewhere in between. It won’t make you choke, but it definitely helps you find your feel good with an earthy, skunky kick. The final impression is one of lemon citrus and a sour tang that leaves a unique aftertaste on the tongue.

The scent is very similar to the flavor, though many users describe it as a bit peculiar. It has a very rich and earthy aroma while it grows, though that scent mellows and offers more unique notes as the flowers dry. When the nugs are agitated via chopping or grinding, they release a ton of lemon and skunk aromas that delight the senses. OG Cookies is one of those strains where it smells really weird but also very good. It has a great mix of those strange kush terps as well as those sweet and fruity Cookies family terps and creamy smoke.

Medical Uses of OG Cookies 

OG Cookies is one of the most powerful strains out there for mental ailments thanks to its extremely cerebral high. It’s a great choice for managing everyday ailments like stress and the occasional bout of anxiety, but it also soothes the mind, making it easy to let go of hardship, trouble and worry. It’s at the top of the list of strains that help with the symptoms of depression, social anxiety, and mood swings. However, the strain also has a very soothing effect on the physical body that can help combat backaches, headaches, and joint pain. It’s a great choice for just about any ailment that can be treated with THC since most people respond to it very well and only report common side effects like dry eyes and cottonmouth.

OG Cookies Strain Review 

OG Cookies is one of the best strain options to hit our weed scene in the recent weeks. Between its moderate levels of THC,  great mix of euphoric, happiness-amplifying cerebral effects and its deep-seated physical relief and gentle body buzz, OG Cookies is one of the most exciting strains we’ve reviewed so far. If we had to give it a star rating, it would get a 4.9, only losing points in the lack of imagination used to name the strain. Whether you call it OG Cookies or Cookie OG, we think you’ll love this strain for its flavors and effects. The next time you come across it at your favorite smoke shop or through any of the wonderful I-71 compliant gift companies in DC, treat yourself to a pre-roll or 1/8th! There’s no better time to meet your new favorite strain than today, Also if you want to get your hands on some high quality OG Cookies Seeds here is a great place to try.

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