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Alien Cookies Strain: Rare, But Is It Worth the Quest?

Alien Cookies Strain

The intergalactic adventure to find this scarce strain might be a long one, however, it’s a quest that leads to an out-of-this-world high. Alien Cookies is a perfect 50-50 hybrid cannabis strain, cultivated from crossing the famous Alien Dawg and the Cannabis Cup award-winning Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). Its genetic roots certainly influence its current prestigious status, seeing as Alien Cookies inherited the calming and creative-inducing traits from Alien Dawg and the pain-relieving qualities of GSC.

Cultivated by Jaws Gear, Alien Cookies exhibits a THC concentration of roughly 21% and a CBD concentration of less than 1%, showcasing both its potency and ability to function as a viable medical marijuana strain as well. Its gentle ascent from relaxation to euphoria coupled with an earthy vanilla flavor will have you craving this strain for multiple sessions. This article discusses everything there is to know about the Alien Cookies strain including its look and feel, more insight into the high, and how to grow it.



Alien Cookies produces buds that showcase a vibrant array of hues ranging from a bright green to a solid darker green color. The buds are small and compact, roughly the size of popcorn. Its dazzling and starry appearance is due to the abundance of frosty trichomes and luminous orange pistils imparting a truly ethereal and otherworldly sight.

Fragrance and Flavor

Those who catch a whiff of this strain will marvel at its clear vanilla smell and flavor. The dominant terpenes present in the Alien Cookies strain are limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene which influences the comforting, familiar, and homey smell revealed by the buds. Its earthiness and hints of citrus mixed in with the vanilla make for a tasteful flavor to relish. For some, Alien Cookies’ unique taste and smell can be off-putting, but it only takes one time before cannabis connoisseurs come back for more.

Experience and Effects

Many stoners describe their experience with Alien Cookies as a slow build turned into a wild feast for the senses. The high is a gradual transition from a tranquil yet content state to a cerebral and otherworldly high. The comforting fragrance reminds you of home while the high THC level lifts you up and into a giggly, happy mood.

Alien Cookies often leave you feeling strapped to your seatbelt with an exhilarated feeling, however, the next step makes you feel ready to fall into a deep, peaceful snooze or devour your entire refrigerator supply.

The Alien Cookies strain is also known for its medicinal properties and its viability at aiding those stuffing from loss of appetite, chronic stress, and anxiety. Individuals suffering from chronic pain will notice pain relief from constant muscle spasms and tightness as well as isolated regions of pain. Some even recommended this strain for people with autoimmune diseases looking for an extra burst of energy to get them through the day. Alien Cookies’ effects on one’s appetite may provide relief for those struggling with GI disorders as well.

Be warned, even long-time veterans may need to slow down when trying Alien Cookies. Its THC concentration can be very overwhelming to newcomers or more powerful than expected for veterans in the cannabis community. For newbies and veterans alike, taking too much could trigger a serious case of the munchies, so make sure to have tasty snacks and drinks at the ready to curb any potential cravings.

How To Grow the Alien Cookies Strain


The original breeder of this strain is the only one who has access to seeds for Alien Cookies; otherwise obtaining the seeds is a rather scarce and serious challenge. Most novice growers should steer clear of planting this strain because it tends to run into problems with its root systems. The lanky frame of the plants may also require additional support which can repel some breeders from choosing this strain.

If you happen to get your hands on the Alien Cookies strain, there are differences in your yield depending on whether you grow them indoors or outdoors; however, both ways are viable. First off, you would be able to collect roughly a ½ ounce to a full ounce for each square foot yielded, if you plant this strain in a controlled indoor environment.

Meanwhile larger yields are common for those who cultivate their Alien Cookies outside. It can generate roughly 2 ounces for each square foot from each plant. That’s double the result compared to the plant being grown inside. Many growers would find this amount to be quite small but with its rarity loyal space travelers will take the extra steps to cultivate this unique strain. Alien Cookies flower at around 8-10 weeks.

Where Can You Buy Alien Cookies?

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