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What Makes the Miami Haze Strain So Special?

Miami Haze Strain

The Miami Haze strain is the perfect Sativa for a focused and euphoric high.

Also known as Miami Heat as a reference to the basketball team, Miami Haze is a unique strain with a relaxing and uplifting high. Hailing from original haze strains of the 1960s, it has become a cult favorite and is readily available in plenty of DC-area dispensaries.

You can enjoy Miami Haze recreationally for its cerebral and focused high. It also has plenty of medicinal benefits for both physical and mental ailments. Known for being an energetic strain, it makes for a great daytime smoke and helps you unwind at the end of the day.

What’s the Deal With Miami Haze?

The Miami Haze strain is ideal for both medical and recreational cannabis consumers. Its high myrcene levels help with pain relief and muscle relaxation and produce feelings of happiness and peace.

Miami Haze Strain

Perhaps the most commonly noted effect of Miami Haze is its cerebral and creative qualities that induce deep and sometimes introspective thinking. Due to the widespread popularity of haze strains, you can find Miami Haze at many dispensaries.

With a rich family history, Miami Haze is a descendant of many popular strains and has traces of growth worldwide. Its bright green buds are dense with lots of trichomes and usually have splashes of orange and purple along the leaves.

Scratching the Surface

Miami Haze has an incredibly unique lineage that created a highly potent strain with a wide range of effects. With so many wonderful features, Miami Haze is a highly sought-after strain with so much to offer.

Genetics, Lineage, and Classification

Miami Haze is a hybrid strain measured at 70% Sativa and 30% Indica. It’s a Sativa-dominant strain, producing an energetic and focused high. It has high THC levels measured between 28% and 30%, and its CBD content is measured at 0.1%. The terpenes are recorded at 0.801% Limonene, 0.294% Myrcene, and 0.246% Caryophyllene.

Miami Haze is grown and cultivated by Exotic Genetix. Generally a result of breeding with Triple OG, there are traces of many strains found in Miami Haze. Its parent strain, Triple OG, is a descendent of fellow hybrids Master Yoda and OG Kush, as well as Master Kush, a potent Indica. The varying pieces of the Miami Haze strain’s lineage contribute to its diverse and well-rounded effects. It has geographic origins worldwide, including Mexico, Colombia, Thailand, and India, all of which are known for producing Sativas in their hot, dry climates.

This strain came about after a bit of experimentation by a duo of cannabis breeders named the Haze Brothers. They began growing Sativa plants and eventually cross-bred a landrace Mexican Sativa with a landrace Colombian Sativa. This byproduct was bred with a landrace strain from southern India, producing a hybrid. This hybrid byproduct was then bred with a Thai landrace male plant, thus creating the Haze strains that we know and love.

Flavors, Aroma, Appearance, Taste

Miami Haze tends to have a fruity flavor to those who smoke it. Users have noted hints of blueberry, lemon, and grape, making it a good option for those who prefer sweeter flavors with a bit of citrus infusion. Because it is a hybrid with a rich family history, consumers have also noticed an earthy, herbal flavor and sometimes even a bit of menthol. It is considered to be a smooth strain with a pleasant taste.

Miami Haze Strain

Miami Haze buds are dense with a rich, bright green appearance. The flower is covered with lots of trichomes and resins due to its high potency. According to this article from 420 VL on marijuana and pain relief, the resin helps relieve pain. Often, the leaves will become covered with orange and purple pistils. The plant itself sports long, thin leaves and turns an amber color when mature and ready to be harvested.

Generally, Sativa plants have a long, thin, and airy appearance. Indica plants are usually shorter and denser. This difference in appearance relates to the climates in which they grow. Sativa plants typically grow better in environments with higher temperatures and humidity levels, and increased rainfall. Indica plants are better suited for cooler temperatures with less heat, humidity, and precipitation. Since Miami Haze is a hybrid, it takes on properties from both Indica and Sativa plants.

Medical Benefits and Usage

Miami Haze is an excellent strain for medical and recreational consumers alike. It gives users a happy, relaxed, and uplifting high with feelings of euphoria. Since it’s a Sativa, it is also quite energetic and often used as a focus-booster. This strain also induces a cerebral high with a lot of creativity, making it perfect for artists or creatives. Some reviews say it pairs nicely with activities like arts and crafts or reading.

According to 420 VL’s article about marijuana as a stimulant, weed can be viewed as either a depressant, stimulant, or hallucinogen. Miami Haze can be classified as a stimulant because of its energy-inducing properties.

Miami Haze provides a multitude of benefits, both physically and mentally. It is said to help tremendously with fatigue, likely due to its Sativa-dominant genetics. Its focus-enhancing properties can help tremendously with concentration. Miami Haze helps those with ADD or ADHD by increasing focus through the release of dopamine in the brain. This Cannabis for ADHD article states that THC causes a dopamine release, and a dopamine shortage may link to ADHD.

This strain is also great for reducing stress and anxiety and gives off a mellow feeling to users. It also helps with treating chronic pain. The high from Miami Haze is said to be very cerebral while producing a comforting body high and buzz, so it’s easy to see why it is enjoyed by so many people and for many different reasons.

Growing and Yield

In terms of harvesting, Miami Haze is categorized as a heavy producer and is a huge plant. It is easier to maintain when grown indoors but can still be very large. Miami Haze plants, when grown indoors,

Miami Haze Strain

generally produce up to 450 grams per square meter of plant growth, which is a high amount. Outdoor growth is less specific and recorded as typically yielding up to 650 grams per entire plant.

Miami Haze is usually grown inside in a controlled environment but can do well outdoors. According to Strainly, they grow as a multi-topped bush. These plants prefer a temperate or continental climate. Haze strains, in general, require a decent amount of humidity in the air, as they retain some of the moisture, which helps form their dense buds. These plants typically flower in 63-70 days.

When harvesting Miami Haze, most growers use the SCROG, or “Screen of Green” method. This method trains plants to produce higher yields. Using the SCROG method, or “scrogging,” is done by simply stretching the marijuana leaves of the plant over onto a screen to create a canopy-like appearance.

Reviews, Prices, and Where to Buy

Cannabis consumers love Miami Haze! Reviews of this strain say that even seasoned smokers love this hard-hitting and happy smoke. It can potentially alleviate stress, increase focus, and enhance mood. One reported downside is its susceptibility to cause paranoia. If you struggle with paranoia, especially when using marijuana, it is suggested to avoid this strain.

Aside from possible paranoia, there is so much to love about Miami Haze. It’s the ideal daytime smoke because it won’t leave you couch-locked; it can even help you cross out items on your to-do list. It’s even on Botany Farms’ list of the top 75 Haze strains!

 Miami Haze Strain

Miami Haze is available in many Washington D.C dispensaries. It can be found as flower for as cheap as $35 for 3.5 grams. It is also available in pre-packaged, disposable oil pens with a 1-gram cartridge. These vapes sell for $30 per cartridge.

Related Questions

Does Haze get you high?

Haze strains absolutely get you high! Haze strains are one of the best-known strains and date back in America to the 1960s. They have been around for a while and are highly potent.

What are Haze strains like?

Haze strains are usually Sativas, so they are likely to produce an energetic and focused high. They also are known to provide feelings of euphoria and relaxation.

Is Miami Haze good for anxiety?

Miami Haze is good for anxiety in terms of mood-boosting and inducing uplifting feelings of happiness. However, it may cause paranoia which does not bode well with anxiety. If you have a history of paranoia, you might want to find a different strain, but for solely anxiety, this strain is sure to help.

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