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Lemon G strain

The Lemon G strain is famous for its intense lemon aromatics that lend to a bright, mellow high. This strain has become popular as it has become more widely available, with many people enjoying the head high this strain has rather than the body high that other strains may offer.

Lemon G is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that many describe as a light, airy, and euphoric. The limonene terpene content aids with the stress-reduction and mood-lifting qualities of Lemon G.

This hybrid has many notable factors that help make it so popular with people struggling with chronic pain and those hoping to focus on their daily tasks with a boost of energy. Learn more about this uplifting strain in our complete guide below.

Lemon OG Strain

What is the Lemon G Strain?

With origins in the midwest state of Ohio, Lemon G is a weed strain popular with infrequent or new smokers and more experienced smokers due to its mellow high, moderate THC levels (around 21%), and energetic effect. Lemon G has a low CBD content, ranging from 0% to 1.3%.

The strain is a hybrid but leans heavily towards the Sativa lineage with a 70% Sativa and 30% Indica split.

Since the strain is Sativa-dominant, many consider it a more energetic high, often recommended for those hoping to focus. This detail is in contrast to Indica-dominant hybrids, which are often recommended for relaxation and help with sleep.

Lemon G is derived from the potent G-13 Indica strain. G-13 (also called Government Indica Strain 1) is a strain that is rumored to have been created by the FBI in the 1960s. The rumor stems from the United States government’s experiments with the “Afghani” strain in the 1960s and 1970s. G-13 is known to have very high levels of THC, ranging from 24% to 27%.

The terpene content of Lemon G is the primary reason for its popularity, as the terpene lmonene, which is dominant in Lemon G, helps with the uplifting, energetic effect the strain is known for.

  • Hybrid: Sativa-dominant hybrid
  • Lineage: Derived from G-13
  • Sativa/Indica: 70% Sativa, 30% Indica
  • THC content: Normal, around 21%
  • CBD level: low, 0% to 1.3%

Lemon G Strain

Flavor, Aroma, and Appearance

As the name might suggest, Lemon G has a strong lemon aroma.

Surprisingly though, the lemon flavor is subtle. The aroma is far more robust than the taste, one of the reasons people consider this strain an easy, smooth high with no overwhelming taste.

The flavor has a slight lemony taste but is primarily an earthy, spicy blend.

For those looking for an intense lemon flavor, you may be disappointed with the subtle citrus experience that Lemon G offers.

However, the flavor of the lemon meshes well with the earthy, spicy flavors that come through when a bud is smoked. You may be surprised at how well these flavors blend as the brightness of the lemon brings the earthiness up a notch.

Lemon G buds are fluffy in appearance and have a slight yellowish-green color, marked with orange trichomes. Lemon G is a slightly lighter green color than similar strains such as Lemon OG or Lemon Lava.

  • Flavors: lemon, spice, earth
  • Aroma: lemon, citrus
  • Appearance: fluffy, white or orange trichomes, light green
  • Taste: smooth, subtle lemon flavor with hints of earth and spice

Medical Benefits, Effects, and Usage

Many people report using Lemon G effectively for chronic pain and stress relief. Those with chronic pain often struggle with fatigue throughout the day, so the energy boost that Lemon G provides for many can be a positive effect.

Lemon G is considered a fast-acting strain, with many reporting that the effects can hit you quickly and strongly after smoking. The Indica typically hits first, with slight body-high sensations such as buzzing.

The body high is generally short-lived, with the mind high moving in and creating a more mellow experience.

Some people warn against reacting to the initial high of Lemon G since it comes on stronger than it lasts.

For inexperienced smokers, it may seem like the strain is much stronger than it actually is at first, but this sensation often leaves quite quickly.

The remaining energy and uplifting mood that floods in after the initial buzzing sensation is what will make up the vast majority of your high.

Keep calm while smoking this strain, as it might deceive you with its strength.

Lemon G is considered a daytime or afternoon strain since its uplifting effect lends itself to completing daily tasks and afternoon relaxation rather than as a sleep aid for nighttime.

For those suffering from chronic pain, arthritis, or accompanying joint pain, this can be a great strain to try.

Many people who smoke for chronic pain relief do not enjoy the intense body high you get from other strains recommended for pain.

With the Sativa-heavy impact of Lemon G, you can experience relief from chronic pain while avoiding the body high that Indica-heavy strains are known for.

  • Positive Effects: energy boost, uplifting, euphoric, creative
  • Negative Effects: strong initial high may disorient, paranoia, dry mouth, dry eyes
  • Medical Benefits: chronic pain, depression, joint pain
  • Usage: Daytime/Afternoon

Lemon G Strain

Growing and Selling

Lemon G is a relatively hardy strain, able to grow in most climates, though it grows best outside in warm weather.

Lemon G was created and grown in the midwest, one of the reasons it can so seamlessly adapt to different climates.

If growing the plants inside, you can expect buds to develop within 9 to 11 weeks. If growing outside, you need to adhere to seasonal growth patterns (ideally plant in Spring or Summer) and can expect buds around mid-October.

Lemon G as a plant tends to grow high rather than wide. This issue can be easily countered by either cutting it down or tethering it to surrounding plants, helping the buds grow in denser patterns.

Lemon G has a moderate to moderate-high harvest, depending on the success of growth, around 12 ounces or more per plant.

The main difficulty growing the Lemon G strain is that seeds are rare and hard to come by. Many growers will find a friend or peer who already has growing Lemon G buds and ask for a graft to grow their own plants.

It is also hard to breed Lemon G because only one of its parent strains is known, G-13. Many think the co-parent of the strain may be something like Lemon Skunk or another Sativa-heavy strain, but until pro growers figure it out, seeds will likely remain a rarity on the market.

Because it is so difficult to find seeds for Lemon G, the primary way of growing is through cloning.

Reviews and Prices

Lemon G is a well-loved strain by those who like Sativa-dominant highs and social weed. It is popular with those who love to get their daily tasks and routine done while being able to mellow out a bit.

Lemon G is an excellent strain for those who enjoy a calm, peaceful mind with a focused mind high and a very moderate body high.

Lemon G ranges in price from $13 to $16 per gram, depending on the THC levels. You can typically get an eighth of Lemon G for around $40, a quarter ounce for about $60, and an ounce for $220-$280. You will often get a discounted price for buying in bulk.

Lemon G is ideal for getting things done throughout the day or for use in a social setting.

It is important to remember the initial effect of Lemon G, as it can be intense, especially for those new to smoking. Since this is a high THC and little-to-no CBD strain, it lends itself to a strong head high that can be lovely as long as you know the effects.

Many recommend the strain for those struggling with chronic pain and anxiety, as it avoids the intense body high that some other types are known for.

Lemon G StrainLemon G Strain Wrap Up

Lemon G is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that provides an energetic, uplifting high with a bright, lemon aroma and a subtle lemon, earthy taste.

You can have Lemon G delivered right to your door in Washington, DC with some of our recommended delivery services.

Related Questions

Here are some common questions related to the Lemon G strain.

Is the Lemon G strain good for anxiety?

Limonene is the dominant terpene in the Lemon G strain, and this terpene is closely associated with stress and anxiety relief.

Many people report they use Lemon G to help with stress and anxiety and have success. Lemon G helps provide a calm mind, so if you hope to reduce stress, this might be the perfect strain for you.

What is the difference between Lemon G and Lemon OG strains?

Although the names are similar, these are two separate weed strains. While Lemon G is derived from G-13, Lemon OG comes from OG #18 and Las Vegas Lemon Skunk.

The two strains share some similarities, such as their distinct, lemony aroma and the dominant terpene of limonene. However, these two strain’s origins are different.

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