Italian Ice Strain Review: Premium Relaxation

Italian Ice Strain Review: Premium Relaxation

Italian Ice Strain

Nothing says premium like the name Italian Ice and this strain’s heavenly effects combined with luscious flavors back it up. While the big talk surrounding this flower can be both encouraging and a little suspicious, the rumors have surely gotten many stoners to try it out of curiosity. But how good is the Italian Ice strain? Depending on your taste, read below to learn the facts about the hype and suspicions surrounding the Italian Ice strain.

What is the Italian Ice Strain?

A near balance of 60-40, the indica-leaning strain, Italian Ice, is nearly leveled on both sides making it a perfect strain for any time of the day and for plenty of situations that you’re going to need some extra zen for. A harmonious combination of Forbidden Fruit and Gelato 45 brings the fruity and sweet flavors on a euphoric ride. This is mostly due to its strong THC content, since this strain is potent, averaging roughly 28%. Cali Connection was the first breeder of Italian Ice and is the second-longest supplier of marijuana seeds in the USA. The Backpackboyz is another well-known distributor of this strain.


Italian Ice Strain Profile


The plant itself usually grows to a medium size and sprouts far-reaching side branches. The buds are tiny but are abundantly packed. Italian Ice’s colors herald its high status with royal hues in purple, orange, and deep green. The amber hairs make the nug appear beautifully lush in the looks department. Like the shiniest of jewels, Italian Ice’s rich shades glisten with trichomes and drip in sticky resin.

Aroma and Flavor

As you pick up one nug, you will instantly smell its sugary berry aroma with an emphasis on grape and pine to follow as it drowns you in its flavorful depths. Once you inhale and truly feel it on your palate the blackberry hints are unmistakable. Banana and a dash of diesel offer some interesting notes, alluring you further with every toke. As a Gelato descendant, you will be happy with its citrus side. Meanwhile, strawberry, banana, earthy, and sour candy flavors also come into the mix, making your mouth water and bringing comfort to your body. Some funky inhales keep your whole session from being too boring. There’s no question about it: this strain is top-shelf stuff.

The terpenes you most often see in Italian Ice strains are B-caryophyllene, B-myrcene, and terpinolene. The first terpene provides the spiciness, hops, and pepper taste that makes the strain unique and edgy. Alongside this, the other two terpenes reveal the strain’s fruity, citrusy, sugary masterpiece of an aromatic profile.


Many popular cannabis enthusiasts online vehemently express that the Italian Ice strain is one of the best, raving about its smooth taste and a sweet ride. However, some also talk about it being just so-so. But if you haven’t fully been convinced of its quality just from your tastebud reaction alone the high is something else altogether.

If you want to just be truly relaxed Italian Ice strain is the one flower you should bring to a deserted island. Your whole body will be rocked with relaxation, uplifted just a few puffs in. Some go giggly but whether you laugh or not this nug can make you smile in pure joy, content, and clear in your mind. The high shows its potency and the relaxation is nothing but bliss.

Side effects that come with Italian Ice could be a dry mouth and dry eyes. Taking too much can also result in dizziness. Keep some water nearby and observe your intake to stay on the easy road.

Medicinal Effects

Italian Ice can be incredibly calming to medical marijuana patients looking for respite from anxiety and stress. With a tranquil escape from these, you can finally get some much-needed rest. This bud is also one that can help ease the pain if you have any chronic pain issues you want to alleviate.


Italian Ice Strain Growing the Italian Ice Strain

Seeds are rare but are available in a few dispensaries, so if you get your hands on some, you can easily clone Italian Ice. They are even harder to find online. Many growers recommend growing it indoors because you can easily control the temperature and environment compared to outside but both are capable of making this cannabis plant grow. It will soon flower in 7 to 9 weeks.

No special experiences are needed for you to cultivate your Italian Ice so it can be a beginner-friendly strain to try to grow.

Final Thoughts

There’s a reason everybody knows about Italian Ice. Its bloodline is divine and its potency is up there. There is nothing about it that shows mediocrity. It is a truly victorious strain on all fronts with a luxurious taste and intense effects. It is even easy to grow for newbies!. What’s not to love? Embrace the bliss right at your doorstep by having it delivered.

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