Is the Purple Ice Strain as Effective as it is Illusive?

Purple Ice Strain

Have you ever heard of the Purple Ice strain? It’s a relatively new strain touted to relieve anxiety and pain, causing increased focus. Purple Ice is a rarer strain than many Sativa-dominant breeds. Purple Ice is supposed to have great effects without many side effects. However, is it really that effective, or just hard to come by?

Purple Ice is a strain of marijuana commonly used for pain and stress relief. It’s excellent for migraine and anxiety sufferers, those with issues focusing, and anyone who would like to relax. Purple Ice is a Sativa dominant hybrid and usually contains around 18% THC, with very little CBD.

If you are looking for a strain that works well for anxiety and chronic pain without too many side effects, Purple Ice might be a great strain to try. It’s also great for beginners because of its mild, fruity taste. Here are some further benefits and details about the elusive yet effective Purple Ice.

Purple Ice Strain

The Hidden Genetics of Purple Ice

The breeders of Purple Ice have opted to stay hidden, keeping the exact breeding a secret. While we know several things about Purple Ice’s makeup, we don’t know precisely how or where it was bred.

The mystery of Purple Ice’s origins makes it challenging to classify, but we can decipher its percentages and similarities to other weed strains. There isn’t agreement on who originally bred the strain or its lineage, but most experts agree that it is effective as a therapeutic and enjoyable strain of marijuana.

Purple Ice is similar to Purple Ice Water but less creamy and more fruity. However, Purple Ice Water (as well as Purple Ice Cream) is a variant of Purple Ice, so it doesn’t tell us anything about its mysterious origins or makeup. The current primary breeder of Purple Ice Water is Bloom Seed Co.

Here is what we do know: Purple Ice is 55% Sativa and 45% Indica. This hybrid strain is exceptionally effective at both head and body highs because of this almost even mix. However, it does focus on a head high.

Because of the almost equal mix of Sativa and Indica in the Purple Ice blend, the strain works well to decrease pain and anxiety, increase focus, and inspire creativity. It’s often used by creatives who want to relax and get productive simultaneously and is a popular strain for chronic pain sufferers.

There is very little (less than 1%) of CBD in Purple Ice, making it less effective for those who suffer from insomnia. However, the higher levels of Indica mean that the body will relax. Many users report sleepiness after a while.

The THC levels of Purple Ice average between the high teens to the low twenties. Usually, Purple Ice has about 18% THC and is effective for getting high quickly without too many side effects. It’s an excellent strain for medical usage and pain relief.


Purple Ice Strain

Purple Ice: A Fruity Delight

Purple Ice’s history and origins might be a mystery, but its taste, smells, and look are not. Let’s look at the information that we can give you! We can look at the strain itself, reviewing how it tastes, feels, and smells.

Purple Ice has the name for a reason: the buds are tinged bright violet with white trichomes. It’s named purple ice for the purple and white appearance, as well as the cool and fruity flavor. It’s as lovely to look at as it is to experience and hard to miss in any dispensary.

As if the purple color wasn’t enticing enough, Purple Ice has a fruity, flowery taste and smell. The fruit and flower flavors are prominent in this particular strain. Users have reported blueberry, grape, raspberry, and lavender flavors on top of an earthy undertone.

The flavors and coolness of the Purple Ice strain are similar to Italian Ice, but with a lighter, fruitier feel. If you like the prime relaxation of the Italian Ice marijuana strain, you will probably enjoy smoking Purple Ice.

Beginners enjoy Purple Ice as an introduction to marijuana, whether recreational or medical. These flavors are most apparent in the smell of the weed as it smokes, but the taste reflects these as well. This mild flavor is preferable to some of the more robust weed tastes for new smokers.


Purple Ice Strain

The Effects and Benefits of Purple Ice

Of course, we don’t smoke weed just for the taste, no matter how fruity and delicious it is. It’s essential to know the exact benefits of marijuana and who should use it. Marijuana has many medical benefits, but different strains are better suited for diverse maladies.

Purple Ice is a pretty versatile strain because of its almost equal capacities of Sativa and Indica. Indica affects the body while Sativa affects the head, so this weed provides a heady, focused high and a tingly, relaxed body.

This strain is the perfect mix to relax your pain sensors without putting you to sleep. You will be able to stay focused and accomplish creative or relaxed tasks while letting your body relax. It’s especially beneficial for headache relief or nausea.

Purple Ice generally gets used for relaxation, creativity, pain relief, and focus. The most commonly reported adverse effects are cottonmouth and dehydration, so ensure you have water nearby. Dry eyes are also a side effect, reported by about 61% of users. However, other side effects are less common.

Growing Purple Ice

Purple Ice is a complicated marijuana strain to grow because of its temperature needs. The main reason is that it is very sensitive to temperature, so it should grow outdoors instead of indoors. It works best when warm and dry, so it is most often grown in desert climates. It’s found in the Southwest states.

Besides the sensitivity to humidity and heat, Purple Ice is a relatively hardy strain of marijuana. It resists molds and mildews pretty well and can thrive in ideal conditions. The plants are easy to care for, just like other marijuana strains. They shouldn’t be overwatered and should avoid frosts or freezing temperatures.

Purple Ice flowers in about 65-75 days and yields up to 20 ounces of bud per plant. This is an excellent yield, especially when considering how rare the plant is. It’s currently nearly impossible to get seeds, clones, or plants of Purple Ice, so you have to be a manufacturer to grow it.

The yield is large, and sales are good for Purple Ice because it’s challenging to get on the market. If you somehow manage to find seeds or clones of the plant, you’ve got an easy money-maker on your hands. Great for beginners and experienced growers alike, keep Purple Ice warm and dry, and you’ll get a great harvest.


Purple Ice Strain

Purple Ice: Difficult to Find, Easy to Use

Although it’s relatively easy to grow by yourself, finding the seeds, buds, or sales is difficult. This is because of the growing temperature issues Purple Ice struggles with and the genetic secrets behind the plant.

Unless you live in the Southwestern states in America, you probably will struggle to find Purple Ice at local dispensaries. You might be able to order Purple Ice online from the manufacturer if you live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal and available for delivery.

You can also put in a request at your local dispensary and see if they’re able to order Purple Ice. Because Purple Ice is so difficult to find anywhere outside of Arizona or California, it’s often one of the more expensive strains at a dispensary. However, once you get a hold of it, you’ll find that it’s easy to smoke and relax.

Related Questions

Is Purple Ice Strain Good for Beginners?

Purple Ice is an excellent option for beginning smokers because of its mild flavors and not super intense high. It’s great for any time of day and doesn’t incapacitate the user. Instead, it starts as a tingling sensation in your head and limbs and makes you feel euphoric, focused, and full of creative energy.

With Purple Ice, your body will relax, and your mind will be alert. This makes it great for beginners who want to try weed while playing video games, doing art, or focusing on a creative project.

Can I Use Purple Ice for Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain of any type is an exhausting and painful way to live. Many people use medical marijuana to cope with the discomfort by relaxing their pain sensors. Purple Ice is an excellent strain for chronic pain because it relaxes the body while keeping the mind alert.

You don’t have to worry about taking Purple Ice and losing an entire day to lethargy. Instead, you can relax, release some stress and pain, and be productive and focused.

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