How Many Grams Are in a Quad of Weed?

How Many Grams Are in a Quad of Weed

Whether someone is a veteran or beginner to the cannabis industry, there are some aspects or terminology that can get seriously confusing and jumbled. There are tons of code names, nicknames, and shorthand references within the community that for someone on the outside, or even those on the inside, has a hard time keeping up. One of the most important things to be educated on when it comes to cannabis is the varying amounts or weed measurements that are available for purchase; one of the most popular being a quad of weed.

But what is a quad of weed and how much does a quad of weed cost? For individuals interested in answering that question and more, stay tuned. This article explores everything there is to know about what exactly a quad of weed is as well as information regarding average pricing as well as some of the other more common weed amounts. 

What Is a Quad of Weed?


Quard of weedMost, if not all people, are familiar with a gram of weed. It’s a word that is tossed around even outside of the cannabis community and most people understand what that refers to, even conjuring up a picture of it in their minds. But, that is not the only weed measurement out there, nor the most popular. The most common weed amounts go as follows:

  • Gram
  • Eighth
  • Quarters (Quad)
  • Half Ounce
  • Ounce
  • Pound

Each of these amounts is sold at varying price points with the smaller amounts being cheaper than the larger amounts, however, that is only the case when taking into account each individual’s tolerance and habits. 

So to answer the question, what is a quad of weed, simply put, a quad of weed is roughly 7 grams of cannabis. A quad of weed represents a solid amount of cannabis for individuals who tend to fall into that mid-to-low tier when it comes to tolerance and habit. A quad of weed would be recommended to cannabis lovers who tend to smoke a few times a week but in smaller amounts like smoking bongs, pipes, or small joints. A quad of weed is not recommended for individuals who smoke daily as it will not be as cost-effective in the long run; instead, the half-ounce, ounce, or pound would be a more efficient option.

How Much Does a Quad of Weed Cost?

The cost of a quad of weed can vary depending on the quality of the strain, type of strain, and where the cannabis was purchased. On average, individuals can expect to find a quad of weed for anywhere between $30-70. The price shifts, more often than not, based on the quality and growing conditions the cannabis was subject to. 

There is a higher standard that most, if not all, cannabis strains are subject to when they are tested and getting ready to be placed on the shelf of any dispensary. The price of the quad can be ascertained by understanding its quality regarding the Weed Grade:

  • AA Grade: $20-30
  • AAA Grade: $30-50
  • AAAA Grade: $50-70

This type of evaluation of a quad of weed can also be translated to the various other cannabis amounts like the gram, half-ounce, or ounce. The idea is, however, that the more someone pays for, for example, a quad of weed the higher the quality and potency is. 

What Are Quad Weed Strains?


Quad Weed Strains There is an overwhelming number of cannabis strains out there and individuals can easily become lost or unsure of what strain to turn to. Ultimately, it comes down to preference when choosing a particular strain, however, it is important to choose a higher quality strain (top-shelf) that is priced within an affordable price range. 

The following cannabis strains are some great choices when it comes to purchasing a quad of weed including the price point as well as where to purchase it. All of the options listed below fall under the top-shelf, premium, or exotic category which places them at the top of the weed grade in terms of potency and quality.  

Sunset Sherbet

The Sunset Sherbet strain is an exotic indica-dominant cannabis strain that exhibits powerful, full-body effects that lull users into a deep-seated relaxation. Revealing strong notes of citrus, sweet berry, and candy the Sunset Sherbet strain is a must-try for those cannabis lovers who enjoy kicking back and relaxing while also embracing the fruit-filled flavor. For pricing information, head to King Budz DC and receive a special discount upon placing an order when mentioning 420VL. 

Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake is another indica marijuana strain that offers powerful sedating effects that lull the mind and body into a relaxing and restorative state. Featuring a creamy flavor profile that highlights notes of vanilla and sugary dough, the Ice Cream Cake strain will not disappoint and has become one of the most popular cannabis strains for a reason. Head to District Connect for accurate pricing and don’t forget to mention 420VL to receive a special discount upon placing an order.

Lemon OG 

Lemon OG is a notoriously potent indica cannabis strain that is known for its fast-acting high. Most users experience a quick-acting sleepy cerebral sensation and pick up on the potent skunky aroma that is accented with fresh fruit scents. Head to All The Buzz for more accurate pricing information and don’t forget to mention 420VL to receive a special discount.

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