Before You Smoke Guava Cake Read This!

Before You Smoke Guava Cake Read This!

Another incredible strain making waves in the DC weed scene is the extremely potent Guava Cake strain. Guava Cake offers some seriously tropical fruit flavors as well as some heavy-handed, indica-dominant relief. It’s an extremely-rare strain created as a back cross of the Gold Leaf strain, which is a phenotype of Wedding Cake and makes the perfect choice for anyone seeking flavorful flower with hard-hitting physical relief and a bright, giggly mental effect. As one of the newest strains on our radar, we’re covering the ins and outs of the Guava Cake strain. In this review, you’ll find everything you need to know about the Guava Cake strain, including its lineage, phenotypes, smell, taste, effects, medical uses, and cultivation best practices.

Guava Cake: Background

Guava Cake was made through a painstaking process of phenohunting and backcrossing. It was born through taking a cut of Gold Leaf, which is a phenotype of Wedding Cake, and crossing it with itself to promote more balanced effects and stronger flavors. This 70/30 Indica-dominant hybrid promotes a very relaxed and mentally-elevating high that can leave you with a case of the giggles before sending you off into a deep and peaceful sleep. It boasts some mouth-wateringly sweet tropical fruit flavors with earthy undertones and contains a whopping 28-30% THC on average. With potency levels like this, Guava Cake should be reserved for seasoned smokers, as people with a lack of tolerance may experience anxiety or paranoia while enjoying it.

Guava Cake Cultivation 

Cultivating the Guava Cake strain isn’t unheard of, but it is a very rare strain and can be a bit difficult to find. The plants grow much like their Wedding Cake predecessor, producing dark green to purple water leaves and lots and lots of trichomes. Guava Cake is a high yielder, so it will require some type of trellis to support the large swollen colas towards the end of their life cycle. Take care to top and train early on to keep her growth manageable. As with many other uber-sticky strains, you’ll also want to watch out for mold and powdery mildew by keeping your air circulating and monitoring your humidity levels.

Guava Cake Appearance 

Guava Cake is truly a feast for the eyes. During her veg cycle, she grows broad, wide water leaves that change from light shades of green to dark green and purple as the season changes. These monstrous plants become very large and bushy and produce massive THC-laden colas. Her frostiness is near unmatched, coating the colas and sugar leaves in a thick blanket of a crystalline sheen. The nugs broken away from the main colas are spade-shaped and range in shades of dark to forest green. In cooler climates, the flowers become notably purple-tinged. Each one is completely blanketed in a thick layer of white trichomes and amber-colored pistils.

Smoke Guava Cake StrainGuava Cake Scent, Flavor, and Effects

Nothing we’ve seen so far comes close to the scents, flavors, and effects coming off Guava Cake flowers. These tasty flowers start of very herbal and sweet while growing, and take on a very tropical aroma as they dry. When the flowers are ground up or chopped to bits, they release extremely juicy aromas redolent of sweet fruits and tropical berries. The flowers alone pre-grind are incredibly aromatic, enveloping whatever room, jar, or container they find themselves stashed inside with a dank herbaceousness paired with tropical berries and sweet summer fruits. Overall, the aroma is incredibly pleasant and doesn’t get degraded in the slightest when the flowers are burned.

Speaking of which, burning those flowers really just amplifies the aromas. Lots of strains that are overpowering in the aroma department tend to lack in flavor as the majority of terpenes get toasted and destroyed. That isn’t really the case with Guava Cake. In fact, the first impression of the flavor is that of an extremely juicy fruit coupled with a tropical berry smoothie. The smoke is warm and smooth as well as incredibly sweet, similar to its Wedding Cake and Gold Leaf heritage. The exhale brings forth an herbal earthiness along with a sweet and sour tinge of tropical fruit. The lasting impression is that of a tropical smoothie mixed with some dank earthiness.

Those beautiful flavors and aromas mingle with unmatched potency levels between 28-30% to make for a great mix of effects. Guava Cake is indica-leaning, though it starts out with a generous uplifting sensation that quickly turns into pure giddiness, joy, and laughter in both the mind and body. It promotes a sense of peaceful creativity and energy at the onset, though the uplifting sensations mellow into a peaceful euphoria that allows you to drift off into a long and peaceful sleep. As your mind relaxes, so does your body. Deep sensations of physical relief wash over the body, making way for the strain to take you for a soothing sedative turn to rest and relaxation.

Medical Uses of Guava Cake 

The relaxing effects and super high potency levels of the strain make Guava Cake the perfect choice for managing a variety of ills and ailments that can be helped with THC. The cheerful and laughter-inducing mental effects make it possible to manage symptoms of depression, stress, and insomnia, though it may cause anxiety in people with low tolerances for THC. The soothing body buzz also makes potent cannabis medicine for patients suffering from nausea, appetite loss, chronic pain, and headaches.

Guava Cake Strain Review 

All in all, Guava Cake offers a very therapeutic experience for experience medical patients and recreation users who prefer a nice, relaxing indica-dominant strain. It’s exciting tropical berry flavors in unison with its higher than average THC potency levels make this strain one of the best available for managing physical ailments and chasing away the blues. If we had to give Guava Cake a star rating, we’d have to go with a 4.9. It scores perfect marks in the scent, flavor, and effects department. However, it loses a couple of points as a super rare strain that can be difficult to find and grow. If you do come across it anywhere, make sure to grab as much of it as you can. The next time you see Guava Cake strain at your local dispensary in DC, be sure to sample some. You don’t want to miss out on this one! Also if you want to get your hands on some high quality Guava Cake seeds here is a great place to try.

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