What Is the GMO Cookies Strain? [Ultimate Strain Review]

GMO Cookie Strain

GMO Cookies is a super common cannabis strain you’ve likely seen at your dispensary or on your weed delivery app. But this funky strain often divides stoners; some love it, and some can’t stand it!

The GMO Cookies strain is an Indica-dominant strain with high THC levels that offers a long-lasting and happy high. The strain’s flavor profile is eccentric and offbeat, with strong notes of garlic and a strange fruity chemical taste.

Keep reading for a detailed review of this bizarre strain so you can decide if it’s worth trying!

What is the GMO Cookies strain?

GMO Cookies strain is an Indica-dominant strain that leans heavily toward Indica. It’s also commonly referred to as Garlic Cookies. Most batches of GMO Cookies is 80% to 90% Indica, with hints of Sativa. Both parent strains are hybrids that lean slightly toward Indica, so this classification is not surprising.

The combination of these two parent strains results in a potent Indica-dominant strain that has impressive THC levels. While GMO Cookies THC content can be as low as 20%, like its parents, it can also reach up to 28%. So smokers with a high THC tolerance gravitate toward this strong strain.

The CBD and CBG levels hover around 1%, which helps boost the sleepy and calming effects of the strain. It has quite a complex flavor and scent profile, which people are often divided on. The chaotic flavors are due to the many terpenes present in the cannabis strain.

GMO Cookies feature terpenes like caryophyllene, eucalyptol, bisabolol, humulene, and carene. Many of these terpenes have contrasting scents, creating a cannabis strain with an odd yet alluring aroma.

What are the characteristics of the GMO Cookies strain?

The GMO Cookies strain flavor profile and characteristics is quite distinct, and unpleasant for some. It has a range of strange scents that blend for a weird but memorable smell. The top-reported flavor is pungent garlic, which is where the alternative name Garlic Cookies came from. While garlic is perfect for Italian food, it’s not as suitable for cannabis.

Along with the biting and potent garlicky smell, people also pick up nutty scents and earthy flavors that bring a hint of spice to the combination. Garlic has a bitter, slightly spicy profile, but it also offers a warm nuttiness. Many people pick up peanut or almond smells from this strain.

Opening a bag of GMO Cookies will hit you in the face with these peculiar smells, but the flavor is much more pleasant. When smoking GMO Cookies, people often notice a fruity and herbal flavor on the tongue. The fruit flavor is punctuated with a strong peppery taste, bringing the dankness of the strain to your palette. Some people also detect sweet but bitter hints of coffee in the smoke.

Those who do not note the garlic aroma usually say it smells like a diesel strain, releasing a sharp chemical smell that hits your nose hard. Whatever aroma you notice with this strain, it’s undeniable that it is pungent and robust.

The buds have an unassuming appearance. They are fluffy and airy, so they’re easy to grind up and an ounce of GMO Cookies frequently looks bigger than an ounce of denser strains. The leaves are pale green with a white dusting of trichomes, so it looks very light. Some GMO Cookies will have dark orange or red strands, adding more color and depth to the appearance.

What Is the GMO Cookies Strain Experience?

The effects of this strain are equally as chaotic and complex as the flavor notes. Users generally report a supremely relaxing high that brings a euphoric and happy feeling. It can make you feel uplifted and content. Usually, people with a high THC tolerance report these enjoyable effects.

People with a lower THC tolerance experience a more sleepy high. It can easily couch-lock a newbie stoner or result in an unplanned afternoon nap. For many, it’s not possible to use GMO Cookies and have a productive day, as it can be an energy killer.

One of the best and worst effects of GMO Cookies is how long the high lasts. While some strains fade in 30 minutes, the high from GMO Cookies can last hours. For dedicated stoners, this is a blessing. But for hesitant tokers, it can be a curse.

The strain can help with insomnia, loss of appetite, anxiety, stress, depression, and bodily pain. But because of the unpredictable effects, it isn’t a substantially popular strain in the medicinal cannabis community.

With the high THC levels and long-lasting high, there are a few undesirable side effects. GMO Cookies can cause dry eyes and mouth, which is standard for many strains. But it can also cause dizziness, anxiety, and paranoia. Although some people use it to soothe anxiety, it can boost negative feelings in others.

How to Grow the GMO Cookies Strain?

GMO Cookies is a super easy strain to find, as most dispensaries or weed delivery services carry it. But if you want to try growing it on your own anyway, it won’t be too difficult. It has a moderate level of growing difficulty, so newbies will likely struggle to cultivate it. But if you’re an experienced cannabis grower, you should be able to handle it and get a decent yield.

This strain can be grown indoors or outdoors and offers generous yields either way. You can expect 14 to 20 ounces of bud per plant if you care for them successfully. Most strains won’t yield more than 15 ounces, so this yield is enticing to growers.

They grow to a standard height, between three and six feet, depending on how much space you give them to stretch their stems. The flowering period occurs around day 55 and ends on day 70. The buds are ready for harvesting and curing around day 75, so it has an average timeline.

One of the best reasons to try growing GMO Cookies is the abundance of seeds available on the internet. You can very easily order feminized GMO Cookies seeds at an affordable price. The strain is common, so you won’t have to hunt for seeds. The strain comes from Mamiko Seeds, so you can order seeds directly from them or purchase from other seed dealers.

The buds on this plant grow thick and heavy, so consistent and attentive pruning is essential. Otherwise, lower buds may not receive enough sunlight and air to flourish. Because it grows thickly, it also emits a potent smell that can envelop a space. Many growers choose to cultivate GMO Cookies outdoors, as the scent can be unpleasant and overwhelming in enclosed spaces.

Also, if you want to get your hands on some high-quality GMO Cookies strain seeds, here is a great place to try.

Where to Buy, Reviews, and Prices of GMO Cookies Strain

The reviews for GMO Cookies are mixed. Usually, a strain is welcomed with open arms by stoners or dismissed as subpar. But many smokers disagree on the quality and likeability of GMO Cookies.

For some, the strange pungent smell is overpowering and nauseating, making the smoking experience unpleasant and even difficult. People who appreciate sweeter profiles, like that of Girl Scout Cookies, often lean away from strains like GMO Cookies.

Stoners who enjoy more chemically or dank scents can appreciate GMO Cookies and its unusually harsh aroma. But the mixed reviews don’t only focus on the flavor profile.

The effects of the strain are also received differently by many. People who tend to get mild anxiety or paranoid feelings when consuming weed do not enjoy the high this strain offers. It seems to worsen their anxious feelings, making the overall experience unpleasant and stressful. And it doesn’t help that the high can linger for hours, keeping them in an uncomfortable state.

But those who stay cool and collected no matter what strain they smoke love the high THC content and all-encompassing high. Some dislike the long-lasting high, but veteran stoners love that they can stay lifted and happy even hours after taking their last hit.

One thing everyone can agree on is the affordable price! GMO Cookies is so common and easy to find that most dispensaries sell it at a low price or offer ounce deals on it. You can buy an eighth for $20 to $25, and an ounce typically goes for $110 to $120. But many dispensaries will offer an ounce of GMO Cookies for as little as $90.

While GMO Cookies flower is easy to find, other forms can be trickier. Finding GMO Cookies shatter, wax, cartridges, edibles, or even prerolls can prove more challenging.

Wrap Up on the GMO Cookies Strain

GMO Cookies is not ideal for newbies, as it can deliver an unpleasant high and boasts a strange scent. But for cannabis connoisseurs, it can be an exciting and peculiar strain to try. As mentioned, you may want to avoid GMO Cookies if you prefer sweeter strains. But curious stoners should pick up a few grams and see what they think!

Related Questions on the GMO Cookies Strain

Below are common questions related to the GMO Cookies strain.

What does GMO stand for?

Unlike GSC, GMO does not stand for something particularly pleasant or appetizing. GMO stands for genetically modified organism. But the strain is not a genetically modified organism, so the name can be confusing. The cultivator named the strain GMO because it took so much work and effort to develop. Many dispensaries find this name unappealing, so most dispensaries label this strain as “Garlic Cookies”.

What strains are similar to GMO Cookies?

A few similar strains to GMO Cookies are Pure Michigan, Platinum Garlic, Apple Fritter, and Magic Melon.

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