Fix Yourself Up With The Allen Wrench Strain

The Allen Wrench Strain

Sativa fans gravitate towards this bright and bubbly pick-me-up for a reason. The Allen Wrench strain intertwines a fruity flavor with a more woodsy vibe in this highly potent marijuana experience. Read on to find out all about this strong weed strain.

Allen Wrench Strain Background

With THC levels that run from 16-24%, Allen Wrench is a cross between Trainwreck and NYC Diesel, with both parents handing down their most famed traits to this new popular strain. Many stoners enjoy the combination of Trainwreck’s creative bursts and NYC Diesel’s mood-boosting abilities. It makes sense that the strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid.

This makes it ideal for recreational uses but also medical uses as it does give stoners an uplifting feeling. Although its cultivators are unknown, it is a fixture in marijuana circles much like its namesake in the world of tools.

How Does the Allen Wrench Strain Look?

Allen Wrench StrainThe Allen Wrench plant looks like it is about to burst with flowers due to its high yield rate and amazing heights. The prominent color is green with different hues decorating the tower up and down, accented by orange pistils. Frosty trichomes come in during harvest time, topping off this classic strain and increasing the bag appeal. You will admire each bud with its vibrant greens and hints of orange, all wrapped up in compact nugs.

How Does the Allen Wrench Strain Smell?

Once you break your nug, Allen Wrench will fill your nostrils with a variety of smells that all meld together in one masterfully crafted olfactory celebration. The dominant notes are fruity and flowery as well as hints of sour and skunk. These scents are combined with hints of citrus and grapefruit bringing some freshness to the table. The undertone of sweetness brings it all together for a near-perfect strain.

How Does Allen Wrench Taste?

Much like its aroma, Allen Wrench tastes like a basket of citrus fruits freshly picked off a tree. The earthiness that comes with each inhale is complemented by lemony spikes and floral flavors. The woodsy aftertaste will be a memorable one that will make you choose it again and again.

How Does the Allen Wrench Strain Make You Feel?

The Allen Wrench strain is famous for its lengthy cerebral high. Its intense euphoric effects will keep you energetic while it uplifts your soul. This sweet, heavenly joyride can bring out the creative side in you, making you more alert and focused. The munchies are sort of inevitable with this strain, so keep your fridge stocked to save yourself some heartache. Side effects might include cottonmouth and dry eyes as well as paranoia if you bite off more than you can chew.

What Are the Medicinal Effects of the Allen Wrench Strain?


Allen Wrench will fix you up well with its help in the concentration and appetite department, ideal for folks with ADD/ADHD and loss of appetite. Its uplifting nature can aid those with mood swings, chronic stress, depression, and anxiety. To add to all of this, it can also aid with pain management and relaxation, regularly used by people who need marijuana for chronic fatigue, stress, migraines, and even chronic pain.

How Can You Grow the Allen Wrench Strain?

Unfortunately, it can be challenging to get a supply of Allen Wrench seeds because these are not on the market. You will need to find clippings of someone else’s Allen Wrench plant and cultivate the clones from there. The Screen of Green (SCROG) method is the best way to get the optimum amount of yield if you can get your hands on this strain.

Grow it indoors or outdoors, you decide as Allen Wrench can be grown in both kinds of environments. If you do choose to take it to your garden outside, it is much more accustomed to Mediterranean climate conditions. It has a flowering time of roughly 10-11 weeks. You can then expect to start harvesting at the end of October, when grown outdoors, with 24 ounces per plant on average; truly a bountiful strain. This particular strain’s plants might reach 20 ounces if you take it indoors.

Growers still starting out on the marijuana scene might want to try an easier plant to start with. This one’s prone to bud rot, mold, and overfeeding. Make sure to check your plants for any mold and dehumidify if grown indoors, when needed. Veterans will need to keep a journal to document the nutrients specifically being given to this strain because it can be fussy. Additionally, Allen Wrench is just as tall as you would expect since the strain is named after the lanky tool. Trimming is key to keeping its height at bay.

Where To Get Your Hands On the Allen Wrench Strain

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