Everything You Need To Know About The Pink Berry Strain

Pink Berry Strain

Cannabis lovers seeking the best of both worlds, a cannabis strain that is not only potent but deliciously flavorful and sweet, the Pink Berry strain is the jackpot. This indica-dominant hybrid is enhanced with sweet, fruity undertones and a hard-hitting high. Pink Berry is a unique and wonderful addition to the cannabis industry, drawing its lineage from some of the best and most popular strains in the game.

Individuals seeking to grow the Pink Berry strain or try it out for themselves, stay tuned. This article dives in and explores everything there is to know about the Pink Berry strain including its background, growing tips, and a review overall experience of the high.

Pink Berry Strain Background

The Pink Berry Strain was cultivated by Apothecary Genetics by crossing Blackberry with Pink Champagne. Blackberry is an indica-dominant hybrid that produces relaxing and buzzy sensations with enhanced pungent fruit and fuel-tinged aroma. Pink Champagne is also a hybrid cannabis strain that produces lulling and relaxing high, but with strong notes of grape and berry.

Pink Berry is a unique blend of the two strains and inherits not only their potency but the unique flavor and aromatic profiles. This strain typically tests between 14-21% THC and offers benefits for both medicinal and recreational use.

Pink Berry Strain Appearance and Aroma

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If grown properly, the Pink Berry strain is a marvel to behold and can boast some of the most attractive buds and flower structures in the game. This strain produces large flowers with densely packed mossy-green buds with occasional hints of blue and purple if introduced to colder temperatures at the proper time during the growing process. Woven throughout the buds are bright orange pistils and the surface of the buds are saturated in crystal-like trichomes.

One of the major appeals attributed to this strain is its complex and enticing aroma. Upon initial investigation, cannabis lovers will note pleasant notes of grape and berry while undertones of dank scents similar to vegetable matter persist in the background. As the buds are split apart, the pungency intensifies and becomes more noticeable.

The Pink Berry strain has a smooth, gentle smoke that is not harsh on the users’ lungs. Upon exhale, subtle notes of berry and grape can linger on the tastebuds for a short time which makes every hit something to savor.

How To Grow The Pink Berry Strain


For those interested in growing cannabis, there are a few factors to keep in mind before getting started. The cannabis industry is in a state where it is constantly evolving and shifting while it navigates the complex political environment, so as the years go by, more and more restrictions are lifted and more states are seeking to either decriminalize or legalize cannabis. While there is hope for federal legalization, at this time there is no true unity within the industry, which forces individuals to stay on their toes and remain educated.

After that step, the next important variable to consider is where to grow the cannabis. Cannabis is a naturally occurring plant, so it can be grown outdoors and indoors; however, if grown outdoors, certain temperature and climate requirements must be met for the plant(s) to thrive.

Regardless of the location, ample space must be provided for the plants to flourish and gain access to all the important nutrients. This also requires the use of vital tools and equipment for the growing process which including seeds, pots, nutrients, supportive structures, lighting, smell-proofing equipment, and so much more. Head to YouTube to check out various guides and tutorials that break down the growing process, step-by-step, and even provide advice and product reviews.

Luckily for first-time growers and those interested in this strain, Apothecary Genetics has made the Pink Berry strain seeds available for purchase. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors; however, it requires a semi-humid Mediterranean climate to be grown outdoors successfully.

Regular trimmings are required as this strain produces short, bushy plants that produce a significant amount of fan leaves. For the plants to flourish, all parts of the plants must have access to the proper nutrients, sunlight, and water. Pink Berry has a brief flowering time of around 6-7 weeks with a moderate-sized yield of around 32 to 37 grams per square foot.

How Does The Pink Berry Strain Make You Feel?


For those seeking an insightful cerebral uptick mixed with a sedative body high, then the Pink Berry strain is a must-try. The effects from this indica-dominant hybrid set in quickly but start as a cerebral rush with increased mental stimulation. Users might notice their minds wander and begin to tackle unique and interesting thoughts while helping to incite engaging and insightful conversations. Because of this, Pink Berry is best enjoyed with friends or used to help stimulate creativity.

However, after some time passes, the heavy dose of indica-effects starts to kick in. A slow-creeping body high will begin to take over, weighing down the body in a heavy yet relaxing state. Muscle tension melts away and, in higher doses, can lead to a serious case of couch-lock with a very real possibility of falling asleep. Due to the heavy sedation that sets in towards the end of the high, this strain is best enjoyed during the afternoon or nighttime.

Pink Berry is also known to be effective for various medical applications like helping those struggling with mood disorders, stress, depression, aches and pains, headaches, and more. It should be noted that users who are prone to paranoia or panic should tread lightly with this strain and consume it in small doses.

Where Can You Get Your Hands On The Pink Berry Strain?

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