What Is the Dosilato Strain? [Weed Information And Review]

Dosilato Strain

Whether you’re looking to try something new or need something to help you relax, the Dosilato strain is here to help. This strain is perfect for those who need to wind down and calm their bodies and minds.

The Dosilato strain comes from the famous cookie family of marijuana, the sweetness and high THC content providing a relaxing high. The potent strain is Indica-dominant and is commonly used to relieve chronic pain and as a sleep aid for people who have insomnia.

Dosilato has a fruity, earthy scent that combines perfectly with a sweet lilac taste, which comes from one of its dominant terpenes, terpineol. This strain is popular with those who enjoy a relaxed, calming, body-numbing high, unlike the energetic high that Sativa-dominant hybrids provide. If you’re eager to learn more about this exceptional strain, keep reading as we cover all the details.

How Potent Is Dosilato?

Dosilato’s genetics give this strain its incredible potency. The Dosilato strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid, consisting of 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. Due to its Indica dominance, this is a relaxation strain that’ll be sure to put you on the couch with a high you can feel through your whole body.

The name “Dosilato” is a combination of the two heavy-hitter strains that created this hybrid. Do-Si-Dos and Gelato #41 are the parents of Dosilato, bred and created by Cookie Fam, a West Coast-based marijuana breeding company specializing in “cookie” strains. Cookie strain names come from famous cookies because they often share the sweet aroma and flavor. Other notable cookie strains include Oreoz and Glookies.

Both parents of the Dosilato strain are powerful, Indica-dominant hybrids, which came together to create this potent strain containing between 20% to 29% THC. This strain is not for the faint of heart, as it will give even an experienced smoker an unbelievable high. Here are some of the quick stats on the Dosilato.

  • Hybrid: Indica-dominant
  • Lineage: Derived from Do-Si-Dos and Gelato #41
  • Sativa/Indica: 70% Indica, 30% Sativa
  • THC content: 20% to 29%
  • CBD level: 0%

Flavor, Aroma, and Appearance

Dosilato is most well-known for its strong, sweet lemon and floral aroma. The citrusy-sweet smell matches well with the earthiness and floral that hide underneath. While the aroma is primarily sweet citrus mixed with some floral undertones, the taste is strongly floral, similar to the flavor of lavender and lilac.

Dosilato’s sweet, citrus aroma makes it a bit unique, as lemony strains are typically Sativa-dominant hybrids. With Dosilato, those who prefer Indica strains can still enjoy that sweet, lemony aroma that can brighten up a room.

The flavor and aroma of Dosilato come primarily from its four dominant terpenes: limonene, caryophyllene, linalool, and terpineol.

Limonene is a common terpene found in sweet-smelling strains and contributes to the lemony, citrus smell these strains have. People use this terpene for stress reduction and relief from anxiety.

Caryophyllene is often better known for the effects it provides than its subtle, spicy scent and flavor. People use Caryophyllene to relieve pain, stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression. The terpene is also an anti-inflammatory agent. Outside of marijuana, this terpene is also found in black pepper, cloves, and cinnamon.

Linalool is often known as the floral terpene, as it is the primary terpene that provides a floral flavor and taste. The floral taste in Dosilato is quite strong thanks to the presence of both linalool and terpineol. Linalool is often compared to the scent and taste of lavender, a plant that also naturally contains linalool. The terpene is often associated with relaxation, a sense of calmness, and sleepiness.

Terpineol is the lesser-known terpene that provides a floral aroma and flavor. This terpene is similar to linalool, as both are commonly found in plants such as lavender and lilac. The floral scent in terpineol is subtler than in linalool, as it also has an earthy scent similar to that of pine trees.

Dosilato buds are deep green with patches of soft, subtle purple, bright orange pistils, and a sticky, frosty coating.

  • Flavors: Floral, sweet, lavender/lilac
  • Aroma: Citrus, sweet, lavender/lilac
  • Appearance: Deep green with patches of soft, subtle purple, bright orange pistils, sticky texture
  • Taste: Lavender/lilac, earthy

Medical Benefits, Effects, and Usage

Dosilato is an Indica-dominant hybrid. The effects of these hybrids are typically relaxing, calming, and sedating. The Indica dominance and high THC content will knock you off your feet and allow your body to relax completely.

Many people who suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia have used Dosilato successfully. The body-numbing effects can be especially helpful for those who suffer from joint pain.

The high THC content of this strain makes it a great choice for experienced smokers, but newcomers should avoid Dosilato. Many people may experience anxiety or paranoia from the potency of this strain if they do not have a built-up tolerance. In addition, people should be aware of the body effects common with Indica-dominant hybrids.

Unlike Sativa-dominant hybrids where the high is typically concentrated in the mind, Indica-dominant hybrids are well-known to affect the whole body. If you are not prepared for the sedative-like effects, it can be very disorienting. If you have plans for the day, this is not the strain to choose. If these are deterrents for you, maybe consider a Sativa-dominant hybrid that works well for the daytime, such as Fruit Punch.

Dosilato is an afternoon/nighttime strain, especially as many people use this strain as a sleep aid. You can smoke up, enjoy your high, and then fall into some amazing sleep.

  • Positive effects: Calming, Relaxing, Sleepy
  • Adverse effects: Dry eyes, dry mouth, dizziness
  • Medical benefits: Stress relief, anxiety relief, chronic pain relief, sleep aid, relief from symptoms of depression
  • Usage: Afternoon/Nighttime

Growing and Selling

Dosilato is a relatively easy strain to grow. Seeds and clones of this strain are available online and locally. This plant is hardy and able to grow in most environments, but it grows best in warm and humid climates.

If grown indoors, plants will flower within eight to nine weeks. If grown outdoors, the harvest time is mid-October. Grown indoors, these plants yield about fourteen ounces per square meter. Grown outdoors, Dosilato plants yield sixteen+ ounces of flower per plant.

Regular pruning is the secret to success with Dosilato plants. This practice helps bump up the max yield and helps these plants to grow at maximum efficiency. These plants are fairly strong and resistant to mold, bugs, and other pests, so pruning will be the only manual upkeep needed.

The sturdiness of these plants makes them ideal for any climate and helps resist pests, but it does mean harvesting is a bit trickier. The branches and plants are hard, so sharp, automatic-grip shears will be necessary to harvest flowers without damaging them.

To understand the legality of selling your buds in the DC area, you can read this article.

Reviews and Prices

Those who try the Dosilato strain report the relaxation it provides and the strength of the THC content. It is often praised as a perfect “couch strain” because its body-numbing, sedative effects are ideal for those trying to relax, sink into the couch, and rest.

If you prefer Indica-dominant hybrids, this strain is right up your alley. Due to the 70/30 split, the Indica effects are strong, but the Sativa content still provides a focused mind high. Unlike some other Indica strains, many spout that it doesn’t leave you feeling sluggish or sedated even while you experience incredible relaxation.

On average, Dosilato buds are around $10 to $15 for a gram, around $35 to $45 for an eighth, $130 to $140 for half an ounce, and $280 to $290 for an ounce.

If you want to find the Dosilato strain in the DC area, you can visit our explore page. Not only can you find a dispensary near you, but you can find some other popular strains you might be interested in trying.

Dosilato Strain Wrap-Up

Fans of this strain praise it for the strength which can help ease chronic pain and provide relief from anxiety, stress, and symptoms of depression. Whether you struggle with insomnia or are simply looking for a powerful, sleepy strain, Dosilato has been a successful sleep aid for many.

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Dosilato strain.

What is another name for Dosilato?

There are a few other names for Dosilato. It is sometimes referred to as Dolato or Dosi-lato. Both variations refer to the same strain as Dosilato. The name is a compound of Do-si-dos and Gelato, the parent strains of the Dosilato.

Where did the Gelato strain originate?

Gelato #41 is one of the parents of the Dosilato strain and just one of the variations of the famous “Gelato” strain. Other well-known Gelato variations are Gelato #3, Gelato #33, Gelato #42, and Gelato #45. All Gelato strains use Thin Mint Cookies and Sunset Sherbert as parent strains.

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