Best Dispensaries in Maryland: Peake Releaf Dispensary

Best Dispensaries in Maryland

It’s no secret to us in the DC area that dispensaries aren’t hard to come by. There’s almost 100 of them in Maryland alone, and it’s not like there will be less and less as the months go by.

So how are you to sort through all of them and figure out which one is the best for you? Well, that’s why you’ve come to us! We’re reviewing dispensaries in Maryland so you don’t have to try each and everyone to figure out which one you can trust to get you the medication you need.

Peake Releaf may be the one you’re looking for! Most dispensaries offer a variety of products for the smoker. But Peak Releaf creates and sells unique THC and CBD blends like teas, gummies, edibles, pills, tinctures, extracts, and more.

That’s not to say Peake doesn’t have some of the highest-quality flower and flower products out there! Their convenient methods of both ordering and delivery make them one of the best Maryland dispensaries.


But their variety of products are great for those looking for something new, or whose conditions make smoking difficult. If joints aren’t your thing, maybe Peake is!
Come with us and evaluate the things that make Peake Releaf one of the most innovative cannabis dispensaries in Maryland!

Products for Every Lifestyle

We could write entire articles on how freakin’ great it is that there are so many ways to ingest cannabis in 2020. Many governments are taking the medical effects of marijuana seriously. Some have even started the conversation in places where marijuana has traditionally only been spoken of in church or jail.

With so many legalizing all over the country, more and more shops are finding better ways for medical patients to receive their life-changing doses of THC and CBD.

Let’s say you’re an anxiety sufferer and you try to smoke marijuana. When the smoke contacts your bronchial tubes and cavities, the natural effect is to make them constrict. Those who have had a panic attack will tell you that hyperventilation is just a moment away, and that constriction makes things way worse.

Anxiety sufferers may benefit from a tea, a gummy, a pill, or even a vaporizer whose constrictive effects are much reduced. Those with stomach ailments may experience the opposite, as potent THC or CBD doses can complicate digestion.

So you see, it’s important to carry a variety of products for the equal variety of people that will be ingesting them. Peake Releaf knows this. They’ve made an effort to create an impressive selection of flower with more unique and inclusive cannabis products.

The Most Innovative Maryland Dispensary?

While we can’t say with certainty that Peake Releaf is the most innovative dispensary in Maryland – after all, we haven’t tried all of them yet – we can at least say it tops our list. Some of our favorite Peake products are topical sprays and lotions and half & half for teas and coffee!

It may seem “extra” to some. I mean, why have all of these different ways to ingest marijuana? Well, why have so many types of car, or housing, or coffee? Because everyone is different, and everyone gets something unique from their marijuana experience.

We can assure you no matter where you go, you won’t find a company whose selection rivals that of Peake Releaf. They have flower, they have shatter, they have crumble, topicals, pre-rolls, tinctures, sub-dermals, fruit chews, vapes, live resins, and everything else!

Peake Releaf has cultivated an impressive collection of THC and CBD products for users with every condition. If you can’t smoke, can’t eat it, or can’t anything in between, Peake Releaf has what you need.


A Team with a Dream

The Peake Releaf vision was founded over a campfire and a gathering of good friends. The founders realized what was happening in Colorado, and understood thousands of families were finally receiving the life-saving medical care they needed through these new laws. When they saw that Maryland – their home – was paving the way as well, they decided they wanted to do something about it.

They decided to act, and they built the ideas for Peake Releaf together from that one meeting. They split, some going to Colorado to better understand what was happening there, and some stayed in Maryland to decide how to apply it there. And when they came together years later, magic happened.

Peake’s dream is to provide a Colorado experience with Maryland roots. The staff at Peake wanted to provide the communities that had raised them with the opportunity to seize this new frontier. In doing so they provided a safe place for people with varying ideas to work, heal, and grow together.

If you’re looking for a professional atmosphere with a variety of options for any condition, Peake Releaf has worked tirelessly to provide that for its patients. Peake even has resources for people curious about medical marijuana but uncomfortable initiating a conversation, and for people who don’t have their medical credentials or need help finding a means of getting one.

Peake Releaf is One of the Best Dispensaries in Maryland

Yep! We said it! And we mean it!

Rarely do you find an organization with such a passion for the service they provide. Even more rarely will you find one who spares no expense to ensure their patients have access to every medical option they may require.

Let the budtenders at Peake Releaf connect you with the ideal method of ingesting your life-improving medication. Take a moment to browse their menu and decide whether you’d like to pick it up curbside, have it delivered, or head inside to speak with a knowledgeable budtender. Let them show you why they’re among the best dispensaries in Maryland.

With the sheer number of dispensaries in the DC and Maryland area, it can feel impossible to find just the right one for you. But we’ve spent a long time cultivating the knowledge of the local scene that you can rely on when picking the dispensary you’d like to try next.

Who knows? Maybe your next discovery will be the dispensary you stay with forever, the one you tell your friends and family about and recommend anytime anyone asks. Take a look and find a “dispensary near me” to try today!

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