Best Dispensaries in Maryland: Star Buds Dispensary Review

Star Buds Dispensary

Star Buds is a dispensary that sells the highest quality strains and marijuana products — but at the end of the day, they’re your neighborhood dispensary.

With locations in the US, Canada, and even Jamaica, Star Buds Dispensary is taking over the world. In addition, their Baltimore location is becoming more popular.

But is Star Buds one of the best dispensaries in Maryland? They stand out for many reasons. They not only have incredible and diverse products, but the dispensary is devoted to educating their customers about cannabis and finding the best products for their unique needs.

Here’s our full Star Buds Dispensary review of their Maryland location and more.

About Star Buds Dispensary

Have you been to a dispensary before? If so, you understand the experience isn’t very personalized. Your selections and the amount you buy is limited. Most dispensaries also come with long waiting times — and when you finally meet with a budtender, you’re rushed to make a decision.

Star Buds Dispensary aims to change that. There’s no waiting room and customers can walk inside and look at the products before making a decision. If you need help, they only hire staff members with the most expertise to help you find the best products.

Star Buds also stands out because of their rewards program. You earn points for every purchase and can trade in your points for savings on different products. You’ll also receive notifications on different events and product discounts.

Their Baltimore Location

With locations throughout the US, Canada, and Jamaica, anyone in these areas can find a Star Buds Dispensary near them. But why does the Baltimore location stand out?

First, the Baltimore location is the very first Star Buds location in the whole state of Maryland. Their staff is not only knowledgeable but is also compassionate.

Keep in mind, the Baltimore location is a medical marijuana dispensary. When you visit this Maryland dispensary, you will need to present your medical marijuana card in order to purchase products.

Other Locations

Are you not located in Baltimore? Star Buds Dispensary has a variety of other locations. Here are the other Star Buds locations and if they’re medical or recreational.


  • Colorado (multiple locations, recreational)
  • Missouri (Festus and University City, medical)
  • Jamaica (Kingston, medical)
  • Oklahoma (multiple locations, medical)


  • Ontario (Bradford, Barrie, and Innisfil)
  • Manitoba (Winnipeg — keep in mind, they’re not open yet)
  • Alberta (Edmonton, Calgary, and Canmore — keep in mind, they’re not open yet)
  • British Columbia (Kelowna — keep in mind, they’re not open yet)

All Star Buds locations in Canada are recreational.

Online Ordering: Yes or No?

You can conveniently order online at the Star Buds Baltimore website as well as at other locations. However, they don’t support delivery. They’re only available for pick-up.

Rewards Program

As stated previously, Star Buds has an excellent rewards program. You earn one point for every dollar you spend. It’s free to sign up and you can earn specials and discounts on different products.

Here are some of the rewards:

  • 100 points — $5 off
  • 200 points — $10 off and $1 joints
  • 500 points — $50 off and $5 premium joint
  • 1,000 points — $100 points + $5 eighth
  • 2,000 points — $250 off + $5 quarter
  • 250k points — brand new Ford Mustang!

Be sure to present your custom reward wallet each time you visit the store.


Star Buds Dispensary is an excellent dispensary for many reasons, but their high-quality and diverse products quickly won over customers. They offer just about all cannabis products and sell a variety of medical marijuana strains.

Here’s their product selection.


Flower is one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis. “Flower” refers to the cannabis bud that you can smoke or make into other products. They sell Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains. They sell strains by the eighth as well as by the gram.

If you want something more potent, a strain like Tangerine Haze is a Sativa with 19.26% THC and is best for those suffering from depression and anxiety. Blueberry Cookies is a popular Indica strain; at 17% THC, it’s powerful enough to decrease pain and relax the body and mind.

Vaporizers and Concentrates

If you prefer vaping cannabis instead of smoking it, you can choose concentrates (also called dabs) as well as pre-filled cartridges. The average cartridge size is 0.5g and they sell hybrid, Sativa, and Indica strains.

Concentrates are sold either by the gram or half a gram. The types of concentrates sold include wax, shatter, budder, live resin, and more.

These aren’t for the first-time user — vaporizes and concentrates have high-THC levels. For example, Pineapple Diesel concentrate has 85% THC. You’ll want to be careful with an Indica; Purple Punch has 77.3% THC and is a highly sedating strain, perfect for those with insomnia.

You can also find concentrates with CBD as well as THC. For example, Beautiful Nightmare is a Sativa that has 82.5% THC and 1% CBD.


Do you prefer smoking joints but don’t want to roll your own? Star Buds also sells pre-rolled joints. They’re available in different sizes and you can even buy a multi-pack of joints. They sell Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains.

An Indica strain such as Super Glu is great for those with anxiety problems and has 20% THC. G-Purps is a hybrid strain with 22.91% THC. It’s also great for anxiety as well as depression.

G6 is a powerful Sativa strain; it has between 17% – 19% THC and its energetic effects are great for patients with fatigue and even helps reduce headache pain.


Don’t like smoking or vaping cannabis? Star Buds also sells edibles. They have diverse edibles to match different dietary needs as well as preferences. Their products include chews, mints, gummies, elixirs, tablets, and more.

Visit One of the Best Dispensaries in Maryland

Star Buds Dispensary has been named one of the best dispensaries in Maryland for a reason. They have excellent customer service, an amazing rewards program, and a diverse catalog of cannabis products. They also have locations throughout the US and Canada. If you’re looking for a Maryland cannabis dispensary, you should definitely consider Star Buds!

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