Black Cherry Gelato Strain – Rare Berry Goodness [Pros & Cons]

Black Cherry Gelato strain

Black cherry gelato sounds like a heavenly dessert, but how is it as a weed strain? This article will tell you everything you need to know about this fruity, sweet strain!

The Black Cherry Gelato strain is a mysterious strain that can be tough to find. It offers a body high and complete relaxation with a woody, sweet taste, and funky, fruity smell! The THC content varies widely, so the strength of the high can be a bit of a surprise!


Black Cherry Gelato Strain Profile

The Black Cherry Gelato strain is a mix of Acai with Black Cherry Funk, delivering a super berry strain with a complex flavor. Black Cherry Gelato is a 50/50 hybrid that leans toward Indica, as it has relaxing and euphoric effects.

It can have very high THC levels, making newbie smokers uncomfortable if they have too much. If you don’t have a high THC tolerance, limit yourself to one bowl or the equivalent of that every two hours. Otherwise, you can become too high too quickly, resulting in anxiety and paranoia.

The THC levels can be between 14% and 26%, usually around 24 or 25%. So while it can be relatively low, it typically has a high THC content that will get you high fast and keep you feeling cozy for hours. But you can search dispensaries and weed delivery apps to find a batch rated with low THC if you’re still a beginner.

Despite the calming and sedating effects, this hybrid has low levels of CBD, usually less than 1%. CBD is often associated with pain and anxiety relief, but this strain seems to do that without the CBD and CBG levels.

This strain’s profile is a potent Indica-leaning hybrid with low CBD but high THC with powerful parents. Acai is full of flavor, giving this strain its rich fruity taste, but you can thank Black Cherry Funk for the powerful punch of THC. Acai is great for beginners, while Black Cherry Funk can be too much. And the crossing of these two can result in a high THC Black Cherry Gelato or a low THC flower.


Black Cherry Gelato Characteristics

With a name like Black Cherry Gelato, how could this strain not taste and smell incredible? Many stoners label Black Cherry Gelato as the tastiest strain they’ve ever smoked, combining flavors of cherry with hints of mint and rich earth flavors. This weed is pungent, so the aroma will smack you when you pop open the bag!

Most people characterize Black Cherry Gelato as a sweet but skunky strain with prominent berry and woody flavors. The smell hits your nose with a berry scent that diffuses into a slight cheesy smell akin to blue cheese. The aroma is a captivating and rich combination of a pungent diesel smell with the freshness of mint and berries.


  • Berry
  • Mint
  • Woody
  • Sweet
  • Skunky

Seriously, it’s hard to imagine a more delicious strain than this one. The flavors meld together in a stellar combination that is tasty and distinct. Many people rave about the flavors and aroma of this sweet strain. But be careful.

While people tend to use the word “dank” loosely, this is one of the dankest strains you can find at recreational shops. The smell is powerful, so good luck masking the scent with a Ziploc bag.

The funky, skunky smell and sweet berries affect your tongue and mouth, leaving behind the distinct flavors even after smoking. And unfortunately, it tends to have a slightly harsh smoke, so don’t be surprised if you cough a bit after taking a rip.

But overall, it’s an enveloping experience, as you surround yourself with cherry-scented smoke and inhale a pungent flavor you won’t soon forget. This weed will have all your friends asking you where you got it!


The Black Cherry Gelato Experience

The Black Cherry Gelato strain seems to be the perfect catch-all for many problems, ranging from chronic bodily pain to insomnia to anxiety and depression. Along with a body and mind high, the strain also delivers a long high, so no need to pack a bowl every twenty minutes.


  • Tingly
  • Giggly
  • Hungry
  • Relaxed
  • Sleepy

This strain offers several effects, ranging from sedation to tingles to munchies. And rather than give you one effect, it hits you with everything right off the bat. You can thank the high THC levels for that.

One of the most reported effects is a full-body high, which can be hard to find. Soon after smoking this strain, you’ll experience full-body tingles and a gentle floating experience, relieving any pain or discomfort. Have a less-than-ideal mattress? Try this strain! Dealing with period cramps? Get Black Cherry Gelato!

The strain is popular among people with pain conditions, such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, and chronic migraines. It offers total relief from these physical discomforts, making it easy to relax. Many consider this an ideal strain for nighttime relaxation, as it often makes people too sleepy when they wake and bake.

The strain typically delivers munchies, so many people also use it to aid in appetite loss. And the relaxing effects make it perfect for people with insomnia.

There are very few ailments that Black Cherry Gelato cannot help, as it seems to relieve all kinds of problems. People with anxiety, depression, and stress love this strain as much as people who suffer from bodily pain.

Some people report this strain also arouses them and increases their sociability, making them more talkative and friendly. It even makes people more lovey-dovey! So if you want to put yourself in a happy, joyful mood, you can count on Black Cherry Gelato to do the trick.

The only downside is the strain can make some people paranoid, anxious, or dizzy. Typically, only those with a low THC tolerance experience these unpleasant side effects.



Growing Black Cherry Gelato

Growing the Black Cherry Gelato strain is easy, so it’s a decent choice for people new to growing their marijuana. The strain has moderate yields and fast flowering periods.

The flowering period of Black Cherry Gelato plants is between 45 and 50 days, and you can typically harvest the nugs and start curing on day 50. Many other strains can take up to 80 days to be harvest-ready, so for the impatient grower, Black Cherry Gelato is a fast-paced choice.

This strain is fairly resilient, as long as it has enough water and a warm environment, you can expect a successful yield. And they only grow to be two or three tall, so they won’t take up too much space.

For both indoor and outdoor yields, you can expect a yield between 15 and 20 grams per plant, which is decent, especially after just six or seven weeks of work.

As far as finding feminized Black Cherry Gelato seeds, it isn’t too difficult. Only a few retailers have them, as this isn’t the most common strain. If you order seeds online, you should be able to get your hands on Black Cherry Gelato easily. But if you’re looking for a cutting, you’ll have far more trouble. However, many derivatives or sibling strains of Black Cherry Gelato are easier to find, like Black Cherry Punch, Black Cherry OG, and Black Cherry Funk (the parent strain).

Black Cherry Gelato Strain Reviews and Prices

Sadly, this strain can be tough to find. If you find a dispensary with it, count yourself lucky. Most of the time, you won’t be able to find large amounts of Black Cherry Gelato flower, especially in metro areas like DC and NYC.

However, it seems to appear in more rural areas in Colorado and California. But even then, people usually only find pre-rolls or small amounts of flower, usually no more than an eighth.

Cartridges of Black Cherry Gelato typically sell for between $35-40, while an eight of flower can range anywhere from $40-60.

Most stoners agree that the euphoric high and tingling effects make this strain worth the cost, especially if you can still find it in stock. As a highly popular hybrid, it tends to sell out fast.

Also if you want to get your hands on some high-quality Black Cherry Gelato Strain seeds, here is a great place to try.



Wrap Up

Black Cherry Gelato is a delicious hybrid strain highly sought after by veteran smokers. Its hybrid profile makes it an excellent choice for alleviating bodily pain and discomfort while still giving a calming, focused effect perfect for getting work done or watching an artsy movie. This sweet, potent hybrid is also a great choice for beginners due to its anti-anxiety effects.

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What strains are similar to Black Cherry Gelato?

Since Black Cherry Gelato flower is tough to find, consider trying a similar strain, such as Cereal Milk, Snozzberry, Grandaddy Purple, and Black Cherry Cheesecake!

Who cultivated Black Cherry Gelato?

The cultivator of this strain is a total mystery! It’s unusual that someone makes such a dank weed strain and doesn’t take credit; much of the cannabis community is perplexed that no one knows who first grew this yummy strain.

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