Candy Jack Strain Review: Is It Worth All The Hype?

Candy Jack Strain

Cannabis lovers looking for a boost to their mood or a little added pep in their step should consider trying out the Candy Jack strain. As the one-time winner of the Cannabis Cup, the Candy Jack strain shot up in popularity and became an instant hit within the cannabis industry. As a sativa-leaning hybrid, this cannabis strain offers users an energizing and productive high that inspires creativity and open-minded thought exploration. 

For individuals interested in learning more about this enticing strain, stay tuned. This article covers everything there is to know about the Candy Jack strain including some brief background information, growing tips, and a review of its sativa-dominant high. 

Candy Jack Strain Background

This engaging sativa-leaning hybrid was cultivated by crossing two of the most popular and well-known strains in the game: Skunk #1 and Jack Herer. The Candy Jack strain inherited perks from both parents strains with a more prominent, pungent aroma from Skunk #1 while receiving a more clear-focused and creative sativa high from Jack Herer. Both parent strains have been used on multiple occasions to foster other new cannabis strains and have remained a consistent staple in the game as they are equally potent and aromatic. 

Candy Jack is a strain not only won the Cannabis Cup due to its impressive bud structure and aroma but also due to its high THC content which can test as high as 27% with an average 1% CBD content. Because of this, the Candy Jack strain has become notorious when it comes to medicinal use as a means to aid in relieving various symptoms associated with more common medical conditions, however, this strain has also aroused popularity among recreational users which makes Candy Jack a very versatile and multi-faceted cannabis strain. 

Candy Jack Strain Appearance and Aroma

It’s hard to beat the aesthetic and aromatic appeal of the Candy Jack strain as this strain presents an attractive bud structure with a complex yet addictive smell. The buds are bright green with fiery orange hairs scattered throughout that stand out in stark contrast from the vibrant green foliage. The surface of the buds is saturated in frosty white trichomes that make the buds appear to sparkle in the light, also hinting at the vivid potency associated with this strain. 

The aromatic profile is a unique and complex blend of various scents that, on the surface, appear to contradict but only emphasize the impressive status of the Candy Jack strain reinforcing why this strain earned itself a Cannabis Cup award. Inheriting the musky, citrus aroma that helped make Skunk #1 so notorious, the Candy Jack strain seems to divide some users when it comes to pinning down the different smells that make up this strain. While the musky, citrus scent is predominantly noted across the board, some users report noting hints of menthol, fruit, and pine while the judge at the Cannabis Cup remarked at how much the strain tasted like candy. 

How To Grow The Candy Jack Strain

For individuals interested in growing the Candy Jack strain, it should be noted that this strain can be difficult to come by, however, seeds are available for purchase online if one looks hard enough. Most growers report that the buds are light, springy, and form a nice shape and structure during the growing process. Cultivars can expect an average flowering time of around 8 to 9 weeks during which time the plants will be ready for harvest. As long as the strain is provided with ample light and regular trimmings, it can be a very easy and efficient strain to grow, especially for beginners. 

How Does The Candy Jack Strain Make You Feel?

Now onto the best and probably the most important aspect of the Candy Jack strain, how does it make you feel? This sativa-leaning hybrid is known for its euphoric, uplifting high that invokes a deeper sense of creativity and free thought. Best enjoyed during the day, users can experience the wide range of benefits associated with the Candy Jack strain’s high. Recreational users seeking a boost to get the day started right, this strain offers the right level of focus and energy to help people accomplish tasks or engage in creative brainstorming or discussions sessions. 

On the medical side, the Candy Jack strain is commonly used to aid in relieving symptoms of various medical conditions like anxiety, depression, and appetite loss as well as individuals suffering from chronic pain and migraines.

Where Can You Get Your Hands On The Candy Jack Strain?

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