What Is the Bubba Fett Strain: In-depth Review And Information

Bubba Fett Strain

Whether you’re into Star Wars or not, the Bubba Fett strain entices all stoners. Along with a clever name and an impressive lineage, this strain has a lot to offer experienced smokers.

What is the Bubba Fett strain? It’s an Indica-heavy hybrid strain with a super high THC content that offers a peppery, fruity flavor and an intense and immediate high that will make you one with the couch.

If you have a decent THC tolerance and want to know more about this relatively new strain on the scene, you can learn everything you need to know here. Keep reading to understand the difficulty of growing Bubba Fett, what kind of high it gives you, the flavor profile, and much more helpful information.

Bubba Fett Strain Profile

Before you enjoy a new strain, it’s helpful to know the lineage and classification and what type of high to expect. Below is a breakdown of Bubba Fett’s parents and how the strain classifies.

The Bubba Fett strain is an Indica-heavy strain with very high levels of THC and very low levels of CBD. It’s a hybrid between the beloved Bubba Kush strain and the Stardawg strain. Specifically, Bubba Fett descends from pre-1988 Bubba Kush, which is the most common Bubba Kush on the market.

While Bubba Fett is technically a hybrid, like most strains these days, it leans heavily toward the Indica side at about 70%. So if you wanted an energetic high where you can still bop around and run errands or get stuff done, that’s not going to happen with Bubba Fett.

Bubba Kush and Stardawg are both Indica-heavy strains, so you can expect to be sleepy and couch-locked with all three weed strains. And, yes, you’ll have some intense munchies too.

Most Bubba Fett nugs have between 20% to 29% THC content, usually leaning toward the higher end of the spectrum. So you can expect it to knock you over if you have a low tolerance. You can thank Stardawg for this high THC content.

As far as CBD, this strain can be a bit disappointing. It has 0% CBD, which is interesting, as many stoners use it to help with anxiety. For some, the massive amount of THC makes up for the lack of CBD. But if you want a high CBD strain for pain relief or calming effects, Bubba Fett may be too much for you to handle as it delivers an intense high.

Bubba Fett Characteristics

Stoners often love to discuss the different smells and flavors of weed. This section gives you an idea of the smell when you open a container of Bubba Fett and the taste when you smoke it.

The Bubba Fett strain has a fascinating combination of flavors and aromas. Like Starwdawg, it has an earthy, diesel smell that offers a smooth smoke on the palette at the end. But when you first take a hit and inhale, you get a sweet but pungent flavor that many compare to pepper.


  • Pepper
  • Lemon
  • Berry
  • Diesel
  • Earthy

While Stardawg can be more chemical-tasting in flavor, Bubba Fett has a skunkier scent and taste that many associate with potent strains. The flavor profile mostly includes a peppery taste and diesel scent along with citrus and berry notes.

The top terpenes in this strain are limonene and caryophyllene, which correlate with lemons and black pepper.

No one seems to debate that this strain is super smelly and strong, so if you were trying to bring weed somewhere you shouldn’t, choose a more subtle strain.

Concerning appearance, Bubba Fett looks like Starwdawg. The buds are tight with a light green color and strands of orange throughout. It has darker hues that come close to purple but typically take on a deep green color.

Bubba Fett can thank Bubba Kush for the dark hues, but Stardawg is why the nugs are packed tightly rather than open and leafy. Bubba Fett’s characteristics would summarize as peppery with fruity notes densely packed into tight nugs with strands of orange.

The Bubba Fett Experience

Not every weed strain offers the same high, so read on about what to expect from your first hit of Bubba Fett.

First off, Bubba Fett is not for low-tolerance smokers. As discussed, this strain has a boatload of THC.

In addition, the lack of CBD means it won’t be the most chill high if you aren’t used to large doses of THC. And because of its Indica-leaning lineage, this is not a strain you should smoke before a day full of activities. You will likely be couch-locked.


  • Dizzy
  • Relaxed
  • Hungry
  • Tired
  • Calming

The first hit of Bubba Fett will hit you instantly, giving you a dizzy and euphoric feeling that will make you flop back onto the couch. It offers full-body relaxation and immediately wipes your mind of any worrying thoughts. Even though it doesn’t have much CBD, this immediate high can help to relieve anxiety and insomnia.

Another guaranteed effect is the munchies. This weed is one of those strains where you start eating weird food combinations that you swear to your friends are good, like Cheetos dipped in cream cheese or a potato chip gummy bear sandwich.

There’s also a high chance you’ll take an unplanned nap after smoking enough Bubba Fett strain. But people also use it to help with chronic pain, specifically cramps and headaches.

Growing Bubba Fett

You can grow Bubba Fett weed indoors and outdoors and get the same yield. You can expect half an ounce per square foot or around 150 grams per plant. However, the strain tends to be a little finicky, so people recommend growing it indoors so you have more control over the conditions.

It takes Bubba Fett plants about six to seven weeks to flower. While the flowering time is short, it’s not surprising because the yield is rather small.

Growing Bubba Fett is not for a newbie or casual grower. It is a very needy strain. It requires tons of water and ideal conditions, or the entire yield may not make it, wasting your seeds and time.

Those familiar with growing sensitive strains like Purple Hulk and Aurora may have what it takes to grow Bubba Fett. But, the plants will need constant attention.

Finding Bubba Fett seeds can be challenging outside of Colorado, but it’s not an impossible mission. You can typically find them online rather easily.

Bubba Fett Strain Reviews and Prices

Bubba Fett is a rather rare strain, and currently, it can be tough to find outside of Colorado. But it’s not impossible. Other stoner-packed places like DC and spots in California have acquired the THC-heavy strain in their dispensaries. But it all came from Colorado!

However, most dispensaries outside of Colorado will not have it, so you may have to do a little digging to get your hands on it. Use an app to find it near you, or call your local dispensaries to ask if they have it or know where you can get it.

Bubba Fett averages about $30 per eighth of flower in both Denver and the DC area. You can also buy the strain in shatter, wax, or resin, and there’s almost no difference from the flower because the flower also has no CBD.

There also seem to be many dispensaries that sell Bubba Fett shake. So if you’re okay with not having the dense nugs, you can get a whole ounce of Bubba Fett shake for as little as $60! Despite how rare it is and how high in THC it is, it doesn’t seem too expensive for most smokers.

Wrap Up

If you’re looking for a knock-you-down kind of strain, Bubba Fett is your new best friend. Smoke it when you don’t want to leave your couch and have nothing better to do than relax. It’s the perfect strain for a Star Wars marathon!

Related Questions

What is the Bubba Fett strain? Below are a couple of questions to offer more information on this unique strain.

When was Bubba Fett first grown?

Bubba Fett is estimated to be about five years old. Since its cultivation, it’s been a popular weed strain among Coloradans.

Is the Boba Fett strain the same thing?

No, it is not. There is an even rarer but less impressive weed strain named directly after the Star Wars bounty hunter. But it is not the same as Bubba Fett. Boba Fett is a cross between Snake Eyes and Lemon Haze Bubblegum, so it’s not at all the same strain as Bubba Fett.

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