Banana Cream Pie Strain: Sugar and Spice

Banana Cream Pie Strain

After a stressful week and some downs that need some highs, to balance everything out, you might want to get a slice or two of Banana Cream Pie. By Banana Cream Pie we mean the cannabis strain and all the light and easy, tasty and uplifting effects of this bud. Already interested? Continue reading to get your fill of what this flower has to offer.

What is the Banana Cream Pie Strain?

From California, home of NorStar Genetics, Banana Cream Pie was made from a cross between the sensational Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Banana OG. Both roots carry their weight in any stoner’s book and Banana Cream pie takes the cake for getting the best out of both. With a THC dominant number averaging 9-11.5%, Banana Cream Pie is not at the highest range but the levels can still bring you to an eventful euphoria. But Banana Cream is not the sativa-leaning strain you might mistake it for; it is an indica-dominant strain bringing some sedative effects to the mix. Its looks just add to the slumber party of aesthetics.

How Does the Banana Cream Pie Strain Look?


Banana Cream Pie StrainThe Banana Cream Pie strain looks just as jarring and regal as a pine tree, long olive green leaves spiking out from its body. Its flowers are a pale green, frosted all over. This translates well to its equally light green nugs, compact and ready for breaking. It can look a little deceiving in its jar because it is packed with luscious aromas and flavors.

How Does Banana Cream Pie Smell?

The best thing about a strain with the word “banana” in it is you know what to expect. Fruity lovers will enjoy the refreshing scent of banana accented with lemon and a pinch of vanilla. The terpene Pulegone brings out this tropic smell and some sweetness with it. What you might be surprised by are the chemical notes that stem from this terpene too. Another terpene that serves as a wow factor is Phellandrene which gives off a spicy and sweet combination. Lastly, the Carene terpene makes the saccharine quality of Banana Cream triple in its sugary fragrance.

How Does the Banana Cream Pie Strain Taste?

Matching the alluring but cozy smells that come with Banana Cream after each break of the bud, its flavors are just as luscious. Echoing its scent are the flavors of vanilla and chemical-like touch on your tastebuds. Bananas and everything dessert come up through your throat for an enjoyable toke.

How Does the Banana Cream Pie Strain Make You Feel?

Banana Cream Pie can make you feel like floating in the comfort of a raft in the middle of a calm blue sea, far enough from civilization to be at ease, but near enough to know that you are safe. But also— hungry. You are going to feel very hungry.

Let’s back up a little bit. To fully paint you a picture the first thing you will feel is light and relaxed all over your body. There’s pure joy in the early parts, an energy boost that can make you concentrate on every mundane task you tell yourself you need to do; ideal for scrubbing those floors clean. Then, Banana Cream Pie reminds you of its indica dominance as it wishes you “Sweet dreams”. You will then drift off, in bliss.

Banana Cream Pie is best before bed and best if you have some food in the fridge or better yet — right next to you. On the downside, people who take too much Banana Cream Pie strain could have a dry mouth and eyes, anxiety attacks, and a pang of extremely severe hunger. Some even get dizzy or talk a little funny.

What are the Medicinal Effects of the Banana Cream Pie Strain?

The mood-lifting properties of the Banana Cream Pie strain can be of great use to those with bipolar disorder, depression, and chronic stress. Additionally, it can make sure to be very focused— the reason for some patients with ADD or ADHD. It can also be a remedy for those wanting to up their intake of food, you might want to try this one out. Those with eating disorders can be prompted by themselves just from smoking this strain.

Usually, this pot strain helps with chronic pain, stress, depression, insomnia, arthritis. Banana Cream Pie is also a prescription for patients with serious medical conditions such as cancer, ADD / ADHD, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, etc. The use of this pot is not a good idea for novice smokers and people with low tolerance.

How Can You Grow the Banana Cream Pie Strain?


Banana Cream Pie StrainThere are mixed reviews on the difficulty level of growing this strain in your background. Flowers will start to blossom in 58-63 days. You can start by buying seeds online; however, feminized ones are not yet on the market.

Where to Get the Banana Cream Pie Strain

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