Area 41 Strain: Anytime and Anywhere

Area 41 Strain

Area 41 is one of those strains that are so versatile you can grab a puff whenever and wherever. With epic origins and sweet flavors, Area 41 invites a hyped-up experience that honestly lives up to all the buzz. Here you will find all the intricate details on this bud so you can decide whether to get some or grow some.

Area 41 Background

AlienLabs is one of the masters in cultivating quality medical marijuana, putting together two legendary strains Lemon Fuel OG and Chemdawg to create this fantastic new strain. Both being award-winning classics, it is no wonder that Area 41 falls right into step behind them. Lemon Fuel OG passes down its effective medical effects while Chemdawg gives it that noteworthy combination of a cerebral and full-body experience. All in all Area 41 has a solid background with a slightly indica-leaning profile and high THC levels averaging around 24% while its visuals just add a chef’s kiss to the whole package.

How Does the Area 41 Strain Look?

Area 41 Strain

Reminiscent of tiny Christmas trees, Area 41 is a lot less seasonal than these wintery giants. It is an all-around bud while its compact nugs throw vivid greens and frosty whites. It points at its top, sweet and recognizable. Lime green is its main color while vibrant amber-orange hairs top it off. The sight of these little flowers during maturation will make you instantly want to cure and grab some for yourself.

What Does the Area 41 Strain Smell Like?

Right as you rip this one open you will be hit by a strong lemon scent. Its earthy undertones then come into almost neutralize the atmosphere. It will tingle your nose with all the citrus terpenes throughout your stoner session with some woodsy hints popping in from time to time. Given its diesel background, Area 41 is surprisingly muted on the gasoline pungency but it certainly still factors into the entirety of the fragrance. Its flavors, once you have some in your mouth, can have a little bit of a difference.

How Does Area 41 Taste?

Once you get to smoking you will feel the pungent side of these nugs, some diesel mixed in with the sweet lemon. Pine and tree fruit also come through to take over your senses. Each puff is just a calm and easy one with the flavors perfectly complementing the smell and relaxing ambiance set by Area 41’s effects. Lots of OG right in there, benefiting from its roots.

How Does Area 41 Make You Feel?

This one is a creeper. First, you’re just relaxing with a few tokes, concentrating on your creative task or household chore, or simply sitting on your couch. Each toke is a calming one, getting you near to that high. It is a combination of head and body relaxation. Just remember to bring some snacks to the table; it can also give you the munchies. All of these balanced effects allow you to do a wide range of activities you might not be able to do while on a heavily indica-leaning strain. Still, after some time, Area 41 will not let you forget that it is indeed an indica-dominant hybrid. Its sedative effects will leave you falling asleep after its spark of inspiration and focus.

What Are the Medicinal Effects of the Area 41 Strain?

Area 41 Strain

Many users report that Area 41’s strong suit is its relaxing effect. As such, medical marijuana patients with nausea, depression, and chronic stress will often come to this strain for that sweet high, and deep-rooted calm. Additionally, its hunger-inducing effects are best for those who experience appetite loss while its pain-relieving qualities can help people with chronic pain. Whatever it is, the advantage you get with Area 41 is that you can take it almost anywhere and turn out fine. It is not one to take you to an instant sleep or an incredibly out-of-body high.

Activities that Pair Well With Area 41 

Due to its flexibility, you can use Area 41 for lots of different activities. The first reason people grab some buds is for their pain relief. That’s no surprise since AlienLabs is an expert in cultivating strains for this exact purpose. Secondly, some introspection or individual relaxation is also preferred to be done while using Area 41. Other than that creative endeavors and arduous tasks can be made easier through the strain as well.

Final Thoughts On the Area 41 Strain

Area 41 is a rare breed, a true all-arounder. Anyone can find something they love about this strain so grabbing your own for your stash will leave you with no regrets. Still, it is a rare bud. Its growing information is shrouded in mystery and its supply flies off the shelves pretty fast. Want some of this limited weed? Look no further than 420DC for your next stash addition. Select from the finest through browsing our explore page.

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