Apple Mintz Strain Review

Apple Mintz Strain

Apple enthusiasts will want to get their hands on Apple Mintz— not only for its fruity flavors but also because it’s a great mood elevator and creativity booster. Whether it’s for daytime use or those long artsy nights, this fix is a consistent pick-me-up. Some even enjoy Apple Mintz at the end of the day for its sedative effects. Find out more about this tasty cannabis strain below.

Apple Mintz Strain Background

An indica-dominant hybrid, Apple Mintz has many possible origins. It could be one of three crosses: Sour Diesel and Pure Kush, Blue Sherbet and Zkittlez, or Apple Fritter and Sherbet.

Sherbet being a common possible parent could be the reason why Apple Mintz has such a sweet and creamy taste as well as affecting its indica-leaning profile. There’s no wonder it is one of the strains on the tip of any rapper or Oregonian’s tongue— a favorite by both groups of people. With THC levels averaging 20-23%, this strain which is sometimes referred to as “Big Apple” can relieve pain and uplift your mood.

What Does Apple Mintz Look Like?

Apple Mintz Strain

Apple Mintz produces deep, dark forest green foliage with fresh, brightly colored amber hairs strewn across it. The buds are compact and not too easy to grind if you’re planning to simply use your fingers. Its body contains purple and green shades on the darker side of the color wheel, covered in trichomes and a touch of green frost. The strain can be very sticky to the touch with a waxy texture covering it. Among all these deep shades, its orange pistils gladly stand out making for vibrant pops of color.

How Does Apple Mintz Smell?

Just holding Apple Mintz in your hands will be enough to get a whiff of its mint and pine aroma. The stimulating smell complements its energizing nature. Vanilla notes are peppered throughout each sniff, giving it that dessert-like fragrance you expect from its moniker. With the sugary-sweet smell comes a flame-like spicy scent— all while going down your nose smoothly. This is all probably a premonition for how this cannabis supply will taste.

What Does the Apple Mintz Strain Taste?

Your first mouthful will be a doozy; Apple Mintz is a strong punch right on the first inhale. The taste of diesel and spice mixes well with its vanilla scent and before you know it each puff will be smooth and mild-mannered. Its heritage spells kush mints with its cool undertone, rounding out all the mishmash of flavors into one big mint-flavored dessert.

How Does the Apple Mintz Strain Make You Feel?

Apple Mintz is the strain to reach for at night when you’re having trouble sleeping or need an uplifting yet calming high. It is not for the faint of heart and can knock you right out if you are a newbie stoner.

This strain might be better for those who have been on the cannabis scene for some time. Even Mary Jane veterans can go slow with the Big Apple because of its high THC levels and potent punch. Its heavy, sedative hand will leave you in a couch-lock ready to drift into a peaceful slumber.

What Are The Medicinal Effects of Apple Mintz?

Because it is a great pick-me-up, Apple Mintz is a great option for those with mood swings. It can give you a tranquil yet clear headspace if you struggle with depression or anxiety. It not only eases the mind but the body as well. This indica-leaning strain is anti-inflammatory and good for pain relief. Lastly, it can aid in treating cancer making it a go-to for those seeking comfort during unpleasant treatments.

What Activities You Can Do With Apple Mintz?

Apple Mintz StrainWhile Apple Mintz is more popular for its pain-relieving effects and mood-lifting buzz, it is also a strain that can bring out your creative side. It’s ideal for when you just need one last paragraph on that short story or if you’re putting the finishing touches on a masterpiece. You might even consider it for a relaxing night with a small group of friends. Whatever it is, Apple Mintz can be that small burst of energy for a lively night. Just be prepared for that drowsiness to kick in after just a few puffs.

Where To Get the Apple Mintz Strain

While growers might have a challenging time looking for seeds or clones of this unique and scarce cannabis strain, it is one worth a try for a sweet high.

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