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Apple Pie Strain: A Morning Delight

Apple Pie Strain

The Apple Pie strain is different from the plethora of indica-leaning nighttime cannabis strains that provide sedative, couch-locking effects. For those looking for a more daytime kick, the Apple Pie strain is a dessert you might want to pair with your breakfast. Its spicy flavor accented with fruity notes could be the pick-me-up you need to ignite your creativity and kick-start a stimulating day. This article will uncover the look, fragrance, taste, and growth profile of this mysteriously invigorating strain.

What Is the Apple Pie Strain?

There are two different variations of the cannabis strain referred to as Apple Pie. Both variations are potent and sativa-leaning but come from different origins and parents.

One version of the Apple Pie strain comes from Alien Genetics. This version is a THC dominant variety, however, no feminized seeds are made available on the market. Alien Genetics’ Apple Pie is a cross between Slymer and Sour Apple IBL. It was aimed at achieving the maximum potential of THC concentration and is said to give off a vibrant taste and flavor. It has a rich dark forest-like color with patches of amber orange.

Another variation of Apple Pie was cultivated by Reefermans Genetics. Reefermans Genetics has several Cannabis Cup wins under their belt while coveting a rich portfolio of highly prized, top-grade strains. Their version of Apple Pie is a sativa-dominant strain parented by the Acapulco Gold Landrace Cannabis Strain and  Highland Nepalese Landrace originating from Nepal and Mexico. This hybrid strain has a high average THC content of 25-27% with a 70% Sativa and 30% Indica ratio.

Not much is known about the equally mysterious Alien Genetics variation, so moving forward we will primarily focus on the strain developed by Reefermans Genetics.

Apple Pie strain


The Apple Pie strain produces plants that reveal beautiful dark forest green buds that shift to a vivid medium-green color when the light hits it just right. The buds have a powdery yet soft texture with a long frame that ends in spade-like tips. Vibrant orange hairs are sprinkled ever so lightly and complement its ice-capped trichomes. The nugs are moist and yet compact but are easy to break down when it comes time to roll.


There’s a reason the apple pie is part of the image of the American Dream. Arguably so, although Apple Pie is a foreign strain, it lives up to that sugary yet decadent dream. Just like an apple pie left to cool by the window sill on a sunny afternoon, its aroma reveals notes of sour apples and earthy pine to wake you to embrace a good day. The hints of nuttiness and spiciness that encapsulate the smell enrich the literal Apple Pie fragrance, even more, when combusted.


The Apple Pie flavor makes you imagine yourself eating an actual apple pie due to the contrasting sugary and spicy notes reminiscent of both parent strains. Don’t be fooled by the sense of relaxation you are lulled into through its saccharin taste; the potent and alluring effects emphasize the “good” in good morning.

How Does The Apple Pie Strain Make You Feel?

It all starts with giggles and tingles. The stimulation will creep into your head, rising and focusing on your brain. Your mind will ascend into a euphoric high, giving you the much-needed energy and calmness to start your day. If you need to get a little creative, this strain can knock some inspiration into you. Sprinkled with some motivation and this strain might be perfect for an active, goal-oriented day. It does make you hungry, staying true to its delectable name, so be sure to have some snacks nearby. The Apple Pie strain could also leave you with a dry mouth so some water nearby would be handy.

Be careful not to smoke too much, it could go over to the opposite side and make you feel cloudy and nervous.

Apple pie strain

Medicinal Effects

Apple Pie is often the favorite sweet for people who have mood swings and depression due to its invigorating and uplifting effects. Additionally, it is recommended for relieving pain such as in those who suffer from constant migraines, chronic fatigue, chronic pain from PMS, arthritis, and the like.

How To Grow the Apple Pie Strain

Only the savviest of growers would try their hand at growing the Apple Pie strain since it is not a particularly easy strain to cultivate. It can be grown indoors as well as outdoors and takes roughly 43 to 54 days to flower, yielding around 400 grams or 1-2 ounces per plant. You can look forward to the delightful dessert and harvest after about 59 days.

Where Can I Find the Apple Pie Strain?

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