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Apple Mints Strain

A great number of stoners love their Mint family strains for the fresh, smooth, and cool exhales and the distinctly mellow aroma it presents. In particular, the Apple Mintz strain has caused a commotion within the cannabis mainstream due to all the other strains you might confuse it with. Read on to clarify what the Apple Mints strain is all about and for some more Mint family strains you should add to your hit-list.

Apple Mints Strain

First off, the classic Apple Mintz strain can also be commonly spelled or referred to as the Apple Mints strain by some websites and dispensaries. The fine line between this hyped-up strain is that it has a different origin from the rest. A cross between Sour Diesel and Pure Kush, this bud is a deep green with purple hints complemented by scents and flavors you might find in a cabin in the woods. Its pine and mint combination is the reason it’s so popular. That and the creativity boost it can give you alongside its indica-leaning, sedative effects for a potent couch-lock.

The second variation is an Apple Fritter and Kush Mints combination, giving off a powerful cerebral effect since it is similarly an indica-dominant hybrid. Its high levels of THC, reaching around 24%, is also one for the books. Diesel, pine, and fruity smells are what you can expect from this one.

Lastly, the Raw Genetics version of Apple Mints is from a parentage of Melon Mints crossed with Sour Apple Killer. Not much is known about this strain save for the fact that it takes 56-65 days for flowers to start popping out.

Now that we have gotten all these Apple Mints or Apple Mints strains covered, you might want to check out what other refreshing strains are out there. Here are a few highly recommended ones!


Animal Mints Strains

The GSC family has got its work cut out for it. It is beloved for a reason. Animal Mints does not fail, its origins lying in the blending of Fire OG and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. It has high THC levels ranging from 15-32%. It is rumored that its original cultivators added some Blue Power to the mix, making it a little bit like SinMint Cookies.

Whatever is in its genetics, Animal Mints is the chamomile tea that will get you to bed. With its soothing sedation and calming cerebral effects coupled with homey scents of mint and cookie dough, it is just the comforting blanket you need. If you are stressed out this strain has got your back.

Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

Since you are already on your way to get some Animal Cookies, you might as well have a taste of its predecessor, if you haven’t already. Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies was a finisher at the 2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup and an offspring of the legendary GSC. Do not confuse it with the Thin Mint strain though this one is a nearly even balance of sativa and indica.

Just like other strains with Cookies as its origin, it reveals nutty flavors mixed in with some mint and spice to add some bite. Its 24% THC levels might not compare to Animal Cookies but medical marijuana patients prefer its creativity elevating effects combined with its equally drowsy culmination. It’s a hit on the West Coast!

Mint Chocolate Chip

Mint chocolate chip is a popular and tasty ice cream flavor. Luckily, its cannabis equivalent is just as delectable. With its ability to increase focus and creativity, this one is a must-try for anyone looking to paint a new masterpiece or finish a chapter of their next hit novel. While that might seem very specific, you can also just enjoy its minty, herbal taste, and sour notes.


Mango Mint

Mango Mint is a novelty for its fruity combination paired with the fresh mint touch on the tongue. It’s just as zany as many banana-like strains but its origins are drawn from Haze, Northern Lights #5, and Shiva Skunk. Furthermore, this combination is a phenotype of Jack Herer, the namesake of one of the most famous cannabis activists. Boomers and millennials will find this one to be a classic; it’s been around for its medicinal aid tracing back to the 1990s. Holding its huge flowers in your hand with its rich green shades can remind you of the tropics, much like its scent does.

Another version of this strain comes from a collab between Oni Seed Co. and Umami. This Papaya Punch and MacMints combo is another invigorating play on your tastebuds with its harmonious mango and mint celebration.

Where to Get Your Next Minty Strain

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