All About the Cookie Dough Strain [Ultimate Strain Review]

All About the Cookie Dough Strain [Ultimate Strain Review]

There are many marijuana strains named after foods like cake and cheese, but how good does a Cookie Dough strain sound? If you love sneaking a scoop of cookie dough while baking cookies, this may be the perfect strain for you!

The Cookie Dough strain is a hybrid descendant of Girl Scout Cookies with a yeasty, sweet, and skunky profile with a high THC content and very low CBD content.

For a comprehensive review of the Cookie Dough strain, keep reading. Learn about flavors, growing techniques, highs, and more associated with this delectable strain.


Cookie Dough Strain The Cookie Dough Strain Profile

First, let’s discuss the logistics and birth of this strain. These days, most strains come from more familiar parent strains, which can give people an idea of the potency, flavor, and overall profile of the Cookie Dough strain.

Its lineage is Girl Scout Cookies, one of the most popular strains and families in the marijuana industry. So it has that sweet, sugary flavor that Girl Scout Cookies has, but it is a phenotype of the strain, so it differs in a few ways.

Cookie Dough is a 50% hybrid, meaning it’s half Indica and half Sativa, so you get the best of both worlds.

Depending on how much THC the user typically uses, the strain has a THC content considered normal to high. It averages 25% THC content but can go as high as 28% or as low as 20%.

What bums some people out is the complete lack of CBD. This strain rarely has more than 1% CBD content, and in most cases, it’s considered 0% CBD because the levels are so incredibly low. In some instances, the strain can have as much as 10% CBD, but this is incredibly rare, so do not expect to find any Cookie Dough with a ton of CBD.

But even without the substantial CBD levels, it still has a relaxing feeling, and some use it to help with anxiety or stress.

Despite being a descendant of the sweet and light Girl Scout Cookies strain, Cookie Dough has a more robust and complex profile that is best for marijuana users that like a hard hit of THC with a rich and unusual flavor.

Girl Scout Cookies is known for its mild intensity and is a great starter weed for people just getting into marijuana. But Cookie Dough is not a good beginner strain, as it’s potent and distinct. This fact is important to note, as many of Cookie Dough’s cousins from Girl Scout Cookies, such as Thin Mints and Animal Cookies, offer that expected mild high. Cookie Dough is like the black sheep of the family in this sense.


Cookie Dough Strain Cookie Dough Characteristics

Let’s discuss this weed’s flavor, scent, and appearance, so you know what to expect when you buy it and open up the container to take a whiff.


  • Cheesy
  • Sugary
  • Skunky
  • Orange
  • Minty

The Cookie Dough strain has a funky but sweet flavor and aroma. Many people say it has the flavor of blue cheese, and others describe a minty and sugary taste and smell.

The blue cheese flavor can also offer a rather skunky smell, common in potent strains. But it veers away from a diesel taste and flavor that many skunky strains have and instead has some sweet notes at the end along with a citrusy orange taste.

Some users mention a yeasty, doughy flavor, in which case the strain would perfectly live up to its name.

The nugs are loose rather than dense and have a soft shade of green that is very enticing. The strain always has thin strands of orange that run throughout the nugs and sometimes has slight hints of purple.

Even though it has slight citrus and orange flavor, it’s subtle. This flavor may not be your favorite if you typically opt for lemony and fruity strains. But if you enjoy strains like Sour Diesel, Sour Grapes, or Super Skunk, this strain may be up your flavor alley.

The Cookie Dough Experience

So, what kind of high does the Cookie Dough strain deliver? Some strains make you giggly, others make you sleepy, but let’s dive into the high Cookie Dough offers.


  • Paranoid
  • Relaxed
  • Social
  • Hungry
  • Dry Eyes and Mouth

The number one effect users mention about the Cookie Dough strain is that it gives you a severe case of the munchies, so make sure you have snacks on hand! Generally, it offers people a relaxed feeling and sometimes arouses people.

However, it can make you a bit paranoid or lightheaded and almost always dries out your eyes. So along with your Doritos, you should keep some Visine around. It can also cause dry mouth, so it generally causes dryness, a common side effect of strains high in THC.

The sedating effects of the strain make it ideal for insomnia and mild chronic pain or inflammation. And despite the infrequent and mild paranoia it gives some users, many people use it as a remedy for depression, anxiety, and stress because it offers a calming cerebral high.

Because of the high THC content, Cookie Dough is a potent strain not recommended for novice smokers or those used to lower levels of THC. It has a very immediate effect, which can cause anxiety in people with a low THC tolerance.

The strain is considered ideal for a fun afternoon high or a hard, calming high at the end of a long day. People often smoke this strain in bed to calm their bodies and minds and get them to sleep.

But the social and hungry effects also make it excellent for a weekend afternoon when you want to hang out with some friends and maybe eat some awesome food, rather than just chowing down on a bag of Doritos or a package of Twinkies.

The paranoid effects typically only occur in novice smokers with low THC tolerance, as most users report it makes them eager to interact with others, both platonically and romantically. cookie dough strain in a jar 768x480 1

Growing Cookie Dough

If you’re already a fan of Cookie Dough and want to grow some, there are aspects of this strain that potential growers should be aware of. Different challenges come with every strain, so the chances of a successful harvest will increase if you do a bit of research. But we researched for you, so here it is!

Sadly, there are no Cookie Dough seeds for commercial sale. But there is still hope. If you find someone with clippings of a mature Cookie Dough plant, you can start your own.

Cookie Dough plants can be grown indoors or outside and make for a successful harvest. The plant typically takes nine to ten weeks to flower.

There is limited information on cultivating the strain, as it seems to be an industry secret. However, people have successfully grown it using the same techniques as Girl Scout Cookies.

Both strains are resilient to various temperatures but are pickier about light. Follow a strict routine of 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness for the best results. Ensure at least 70-80% of the pistons flower before attempting to harvest any. Avoid using any chemical nutrients.

Once you have enough flowering buds, you can harvest. You must cure the weed for at least a week and ensure you keep it away from even small amounts of humidity. Dry it out as much as possible for ideal results.

Sadly, the yield is only moderate, with 8-10 ounces per square meter when grown indoors or outdoors. If you love the purple color Cookie Dough can sometimes show, expose the plant to cold temperatures every so often.

Reviews and Prices

The reviews of Cookie Dough are generally positive, reporting immediate and intense highs. Only inexperienced smokers seem to have problems with paranoid affect.

What’s interesting about user reviews is how many different aromas and tastes people experience with this one strain, showing how layered and rich the flavors are.

The Cookie Dough strain is moderately easy to find. If you live in DC or another location where marijuana is legal, one or more dispensaries near you are bound to have the strain on hand.

However, it’s expensive because it can be tough to find and grow and its high THC content. Many dispensaries charge a minimum of $40 per eighth of flower; it’s also available in concentrates.

Also, if you want to get your hands on some high-quality Cookie Dough seeds, here is a great place to try.


Cookie Dough Strain

Wrap Up

For the experienced smoker that likes a complex strain with potent effects, the Cookie Dough strain is excellent. Next time you visit your favorite dispensary, ask about it and see if you can get your hands on this doughy goodness.

Related Questions

Below are questions related to the Cookie Dough strain.

Is Cookie Dough the same as Emperor Cookie Dough?

No, they are not the same. The Emperor Cookie Dough strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid from Emperor OG and Girl Scout Cookies. The Cookie strain Dough is just a phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies.

Is Cookie Dough sticky?

Yes, Cookie Dough is a super sticky weed, so good luck getting the bits off your fingers!

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