What You Need To Know About the Heavy-Hitting Fatso Strain

Fatso Strain

There must be a story or a bizarre reason behind the intriguing name of the notorious“Fatso” strain. The title reflects the heavy potency and deep-seated effects of this strain which can knock you out in a short time. With its thick buds and rich flavors, its daring name is just the beginning of what this strain has to offer. Read on for all the facts about the Fatso strain.

What is the Fatso Strain?

In a league of its own, the Fatso strain comes with a different set of nicknames that signal its epic status in the cannabis community. It is also known and referred to as Fatso OG or Fatso Kush, a dynamic cross between GMO Cookies and Legends OG. This specific strain was created by Cannarado Genetics, an American marijuana seed bank found in Colorado. The famous strain was made even more mysterious, valuable, and hyped because the breeders have since discontinued its supply.


Fatso Strain Profile


Like stoners, we usually revel in the visuals of the marijuana plant, but only every so often can we automatically connect the look of the bud to the strain’s name. Fatso is much like most mutant or berry-flavored strains: its name resembles its looks. With chunky yields and pudgy plants that grow huge, Fatso is the king of its kind.

Its nugs are not too far off with equally chubby, fuzzy, and dense bundles. They often look like gigantic light-green Christmas trees with a large portion to grind at the bottom. Light to medium greens dominate the Fatso strain’s foliage, vibrant yellows blending well with its body and orange hairs sprouting out add a dynamic level of contrast. Crystal trichomes form this king’s crown and seal the deal in terms of bag appeal.

Smell & Flavor

Much like what you would expect from a truly larger-than-life strain, this one has the deep, rich aroma that comes with its stature. One whiff and the coffee lover in you will be pleased and immediately enticed by its addictive and intoxicating, coffee-inspired aroma. Herbs and strong smells are mixed in with notes of spiciness and woodsiness. All of this makes up for the beautifully humongous aromatic presence that is Fatso.

Many will tell you that its flavors link up perfectly with its aroma. However, each puff will reveal a new side to the Fatso strain that will draw you in even further. The first inhale will surprise you with diesel, one of the reasons it’s earned its nickname, Fatso Kush. Meanwhile, the prominent lemony goodness will entice you to take another toke. It is the earthiness already familiar to you in its more woody, herbal fragrance that rounds out the entire mouthful with every hit.


Here it is. The biggest reason why Fatso got its name. This couch-locking, heavy-hitting, potent strain is not for the new stoner. Even longtime users will have to prepare themselves for this one.

There is no slow creeping with Fatso. It does not wait for you. The body high is intense but comes with the uplifting, calming experience you come to your bud for. Fatso does not disappoint in the mood-boosting and relaxation department. It will make you feel zen to the core to the tips of your fingers. Do not play innocent though because while the euphoria is a sweet one, you will find yourself sinking deeper into the couch and falling asleep faster than you thought you would.

It is advised by many users to take it slow with Fatso, after all, it is a long-lasting and powerful cannabis strain. Taking it in the morning will almost surely have you taking naps throughout the day.

As for its downside, the Fatso strain, when taken in large doses, might cause paranoia and insomnia, ironic since it is usually used by insomniacs to go to sleep. Many stoners report trying this one out in small doses before fully using it for its medicinal purposes.


What are the Medicinal Effects of the Fatso Strain?

Due to its huge impact, medical marijuana patients who get the chance to use Fatso do so for its potency and effectiveness. It can aid you in relieving chronic pain, muscle spasms, and cramps. Meanwhile, the way it uplifts and relaxes is also useful for people who want respite from depression and chronic stress.

Tips On Growing the Fatso Strain

While it might grow to be roughly medium-sized as a mature plant, its yields are worth a grower’s try. You can cultivate the Fatso strain inside or outside but it prefers warmer climates. You will soon see it blossom in approximately 56-70 days. Harvesting it also comes around with over 1-2 ounces per square foot indoors and 2-3 ounces per square foot outdoors.

Final Thoughts

You most likely only want top-shelf material and the Fatso strain deserves that title. The problem is its rarity; it is a coveted strain and this status has worsened since it was discontinued. However, if you do get your hands on this knockout, you will get a whiff and throatful of its sweet coffee and spicy diesel flavors.

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