What Is Weed Shake?

Weed shake

The term “weed shake” refers to the loose bits of plant matter that sometimes end up at the bottom of a bag of cannabis. Naturally, gorgeous buds don’t stay flawless for long, and eventually, pieces fall off and debris accumulates at the bottom of the container. We don’t know anything about the word’s etymology, but it’s reasonable to assume that it came about to describe the tiny particles that would be shaken off the whole buds during processing.

When it comes to quality, Shake is often regarded as a lesser-quality cannabis, and it’s easy to see why. When compared to the chilly nugs from which they are extracted, Ice typically appears to be lower in quality. Shake may be a highly potent and useful addition to your cannabis cabinet, although the remaining bits of bud and kief aren’t particularly beautiful.

Quantity of Weed Shake

Shake is not widely available on dispensary shelves, but most cannabis shops keep the undesirable trimmings in order to increase their earnings. Some dispensaries discard all of their shake into a huge, grab-bag container and use it to roll their in-house joints, depending on the rules in their state. When it comes to cannabis, the possibilities are endless. You may be surprised with a fun, unexpected smoking experience, but proceed with caution since you don’t know what strain you’re puffing on a shake-filled joint. If you’re unsure, ask your budtender for further information.

Dispensaries frequently sell much less of the product than they do on their shelves. Some businesses in legalized states may offer an ounce of shake for as little as $40. In a bind, shake is far cheaper, looks just like pre-ground bud, and is equally smokeable.

Use of Weed Shake

Shake is a wonderful alternative for full, fluffy buds once you get past the lack of glitz. Shaking is essentially a pre-ground flower that’s ready to be packed in a bowl or filled out the empty space in a big joint or blunt. You don’t have to worry about the appearance of your cannabis buds when making edible products; they’re all going to be blended in. Only a beautiful flower will do as a garnish.

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Tinctures may also be made from cannabis residue leftover from a shake. The alcohol in the tincture recipe will effectively remove all of the THC goodness from your trim as long as you have enough shake by weight for your recipe.

Cannabis extractors occasionally use shake to produce concentrates, but many in the sector prefer to employ flowers, resulting in a better quality end product.

Effects of Weed Shake

Whether shake is bad or not really depends on individual preference. 

There are some cons to smoking shake. Sometimes shake is rife with unsmokable cannabis trimmings such as stems and seeds, which can be a pain to remove. Dispensary-bought shake also defies detection, since most bags are a combination of cannabis strains and won’t every provide a consistent psychoactive effect. The pros of low-cost and readily available shake sometimes outweigh the downsides. It’s ultimately a question of personal choice, budget, and the intended use for the product.

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