What is Kushagram


Introducing Kushagram

Interested in learning more about California’s weed delivery service, Kushagram? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Kushagram

Kushagram is an Orange County, CA service that connects dispensaries with medical marijuana patients and recreational cannabis users. They make it easy to find and shop for the products you love and make fast, friendly on-time deliveries to valid mmj cardholders and people with 21+ IDs looking for great deals on weed, edibles, concentrates, pre-rolls, vape carts, and accessories. At its essence, Kushagram is a marketplace where you can choose from 200+ top-quality, exotic products, place an order, and enjoy free delivery on orders over $50.

What does Kushagram do?

Kushagram effectively eliminates the middle-man when it comes to weed delivery in CA. They make it possible to track down products, discounts and deals with the added benefit of offering delivery for a slight upcharge. Customers interested in Kushagram should order directly from Kushagram via their website, text, email, or over the phone to ensure they don’t have to pay any service charges from an external source like Weedmaps or Where’s Weed. There is a $50 minimum on orders, but anything over $50 will be paid for by the company.

However, just be sure to keep in mind that Kushagram is a fully compliant company operating in Orange County, CA. Products cannot be ordered or delivered out of the city, county, or state.

Aside from that, Kushagram is open from 8AM – 10 PM every day of the week and offers a ton of exciting first-time deals on their massive selection of products. Using their website, you can shop for any product you’d like out of their catalog of over 280 products from a variety of california dispensaries. Some products include flower, concentrates, vape cartridges, edibles, pre-rolls, and more.

Most importantly, they offer a ton of first-time specials so that you can see what they have to offer and save on their exciting service. Right now, you can cash in on any of the following deals, extended only to first-timer users of the service.

  • 7g/$50 Elyon Private Reserve
  • 1g/$30 CAPTAIN KENNY’s Sauce
  • 1g/$35 Raw Garden Sauce
  • 1/$40 Buddies Brand Cartridges
  • 1g/$45 STIIIZY Pods
  • 1g/$50 SELECT OIL
  • $10 off PlugPlay
  • $15 Off CRU Flower
  • 3/$30 NFuzed Gummy’s
  • 2/$20 Punch Edibles
  • LITTLES 6 Pack Pre-Rolls $25

Will Kushagram come to DC?

Maybe someday. In the meantime, DC’s unique cannabis market already offers a variety of delivery services with extensive menus full of dank, exotic california products. 420VL connects cannabis users with cannabis delivery services and in-store smoke shops. You can find any product you like with a quick search and filter through hundreds of listings based on product, preferences, and delivery. You can even cash in on a ton of first-time deals, specials, and private events through our deals tab. While Kushagram is an exciting new part of California’s culture, we’ve been running the same operation since 2015. Best of all, our site is free to use and doesn’t require registration before you can access our site. Check it out and start exploring today.

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