Is Takoma Wellness the Best Dispensary in DC?

Takoma Wellness

It’s been eight years since Washington DC passed Initiative 71. This allows for the possession, growth, and consumption of marijuana of two ounces or less.

Although it is decriminalized to sell weed recreationally, medical marijuana is accessible for patients who qualify. Because of this, DC has a lot of options for medical weed dispensaries.

One of the dispensaries in the DC area is Takoma Wellness. It’s a family-owned and operated business in the Takoma park neighborhood.

Takoma Wellness has great reviews and a passion for helping people through cannabis. Find out more about why people love Takoma Wellness center.

Getting to Know Takoma Wellness

Takoma Wellness opened in 2013, in memory of Libby and Jules Reifkinds. Jules had multiple sclerosis and had trouble finding relief. This is a common story for Americans, having a medical condition and trying everything out but having little luck.

In the ’70s a doctor recommended he try cannabis. Jules was reluctant because the stigma surrounding weed was different back then.

Still, Jules needed medical relief and decided to give it a go.

He found that cannabis was the answer to his troubles. It improved his quality of life and he continued to use it until he passed in 2005.

Libby was diagnosed with cancer shortly after Jules passing and a doctor recommended cannabis for her as well to help with her appetite. However, she couldn’t get it because it was illegal.

Libby and Jules’s daughter, Stephanie Kahn, were wondering what she could do to honor her parents memory. Since a law passed legalizing medical dispensaries a few months after Libby’s death, Stephanie had an idea.

This idea blossomed into Takoma Wellness, which is the first and longest open dispensary in Washington DC.

One of the most notable aspects of this dispensary is that it does not abide by a corporate mindset. Stephanie’s personal connection to medical marijuana allows her to focus on giving patients the best care.

What Are The People Saying?

Takoma Wellness consistently gets high ratings across the board because of their great customer service and quality products. It doesn’t take much scrolling until you get the idea, this place knows what it’s doing. The reviews range from commending the friendly staff to the quality of their products.

When you search ‘dispensary near me’ in Washington DC, Takoma is the first one to show up. Usually with the most reviews and plenty of positive things to say.

Here is just one review that embodies the overall impression:

Takoma Wellness is the best dispensary in DC. The staff is super friendly and helpful and they always are fully stocked with the best products. I don’t go anywhere else.

There are countless reviews just like it. Even when the occasional customer leaves a negative review, the folks at Takoma Wellness will respond. They truly do seem to care about making their customers happy.

If that’s not enough to convince you, Takoma Wellness was voted Best In DC six years in a row by the Washington City Paper.

What exactly makes it the best?

Takoma Wellness offers a variety of products that cater to medical marijuana needs across the spectrum. Everything from edibles to flowers and even accessories!

When you arrive, there’s a cannabis questionnaire you’ll fill out. Afterward, you meet with a patient consultant to figure out what route is best for your needs. The center also provides plenty of information about the different strands and boy, is there a lot of them.

Takoma Wellness has thought of everything for their customers. Many of their patients are in less than ideal medical condition so they’re too frail to get up and go to the dispensary in person. When that’s the case, Takoma Wellness will appoint a registered caregiver to act on their behalf.

The evidence is clear, Takoma Wellness has put the customers first and that’s reflected in their glowing reviews.

Other Dispensaries in the DC Area

Before you jump in your car and race over to Takoma Wellness, let’s explore alternative weed dispensary options and see how they compare. After all, there are times Takoma Wellness will be closed or a little too far for certain customers.

The good news is that there isn’t a shortage of weed dispensaries in Washington DC. One of the quickest ways to see all your options is to search ‘dispensary near me’. This will usually redirect you to several websites that list your options.

Due to the variety of algorithms on these review sites, ‘the best’ dispensary might vary. It’s in your best interest to notice which dispensaries consistently get high reviews, those are the ones you want to bookmark.

Takoma Wellness is high on every review list and also keeps at least 4/5 stars. Although there are a handful of other dispensaries that come close to that, Takoma Wellness has the most consistent track record.

The best dispensary will also depend on your own individual need and preferences. Some places don’t have a brick-and-mortar store, they have an online presence and solely deliver. Some dispensaries focus more on the flower and others specialize in edibles.

Outside of traditional dispensaries, you can also find cannabis goodies in smoke shops as well as weed events. If that wasn’t enough, there’s dedicated meet up groups for fellow cannabis enthusiasts. The locals are sure to have the best information.

Whatever your needs may be, medical marijuana dispensaries are here to stay and they’re becoming more accessible.

The Best Dispensary in DC

When it comes to medicine, you don’t want to go with anything that’s low quality. The same applies to less conventional methods of medicine, like medical marijuana.

Doing the research is important, every state is different and so are their laws.

For residents of Washington DC with a medical marijuana card, Takoma Wellness is one of the best dispensaries in DC.

If for some reason Takoma Wellness isn’t your cup of tea, then fear not, there are plenty of other options.

There’s more cannabis goodness where that came from. If you’re still itching for more, check out our blog!

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