How to Make a Bag of Weed Costume & Other Cannabis Costume Ideas

How to Make a Bag of Weed Costume & Other Cannabis Costume Ideas

It’s either Halloween is around the corner or you’ve signed yourself up for a cannabis-themed costume party. You need a weed costume and you need it quick. The one we’ve got here for you today is a cheeky and fun take on a constant in your marijuana arsenal. Read on for a step-by-step guide to making your very own bag-of-weed costume.


Weed CostumeWhat You’ll Need

  • vacuum storage bag or transparent quilt bag for storage
  • painter’s tape or masking tape (white or blue or pink)
  • clear spray glue
  • green foam paper
  • red felt cloth
  • old newspaper
  • moss
  • green shirt or dress
  • printouts of the logos
  • you would like to use
  • (Ziploc, stickers from your
  • favorite dispensaries, etc.)

How To Make It

Take out your vacuum storage bag or transparent quilt bag for storage. The longer this is, the longer it will fit on your body, so you can buy a smaller size if you want parts of your body to be shown. Make sure to buy a sturdy material so that your costume won’t get destroyed during your night out or fancy brunch costume party.

You’re going to have to cut a circle out for your head. Cut out a circle near the top of the vacuum storage bag or transparent quilt bag for storage. There has to be at least 4-5 inches of space between the hole and the top of the bag to make sure it doesn’t tear when you wear the costume.

Take the painter’s tape in the color you would like your bag to look like. If you want that Ziploc bag look, this would be in pink or blue color. Slowly place some of the painter’s tape below the hole for your head. Place 2 to 3 lines of painter’s tape depending on the size of your bag. The bigger the bag, the more lines you can put, but most plastic bags have 3 lines at most.

Print and stick on the logos or insignia that are memorable for you or that you think are easily recognizable to your friends at the event you are going to.

For the marijuana inside the bag, you can grab some moss to fill up the plastic storage. You could also get old newspapers and crumple them into balls to make little buds. Paint them green with some orange or purple highlights for that authentic weed look.

What else do you wear? You could wear a green shirt or dress to complete your outfit. Make sure it is of a slightly lighter color to make the “weed” in the bag really pop out. If you’re in a tube top or dress, you can create a seamless visual between the nugs in the bag and your top.

If DIY Really Isn’t for You

You’re really not up to making a DIY costume. You clicked on this, but are a bit unsure that you’ll actually get around to the cutting and the pasting. Your best option is to buy a ready-made costume online. Here’s a link to one of the few options available online.


Weed CostumeExtra Cannabis Costume Ideas

What if you’re not really intent on wearing a plastic bag the whole night? Here are some other choices for you to have a weed-loving reference.

Gigantic Bong

If you’ve got some extra time and you’re still up for the DIY, try making a bong out of pieces of cardboard. Paint it or just keep it as is. Cut out a hole for the head in the middle of the stem for your face to really pop out.

Marijuana Fairy

Want to look angelic and beautiful, but still bring that cannabis touch? Tulle and paper or plastic marijuana leaves are your best friends for this project. If you already have a green dress, you can make or buy a green tulle skirt for that nymph vibe and attach the leaves to your skirt and hair.

Weed Baker

This one is a crowd-pleaser, especially if you have some real weed brownies on hand and free-flowing for your fellow party-goers. Put on a white baker vest, pants, and a baker’s hat. Bring around some weed brownies on a platter everywhere you go. If you’re really generous, you can give some away and really start the party.

Key Takeaways

Cannabis lovers with a good sense of humor and an eye for simple DIYs will enjoy creating this bag of weed costume. You’ll be sure to get some appreciative nods at your party and enjoy yourself with this comfortable apparel.

Want some weed to model for your cannabis bag OOTD? Check out our listings for your favorite strain. You’re into the costume, but scared about the legal aspect? Read what the law says about cannabis in DC.

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