Vacation with the Bahama Mama Strain

Bahama Mama Strain

No, we are not talking about the classic alcoholic drink here but the taste will remind you of the drink and all the tropical goodness that comes with it. The Bahama Mama strain is the relief companion you want to hold onto when your schedule seems like a long list of tasks and chores. That does not sound like the vacation you imagine with something called Bahama Mama; however, this daydream will have you thinking otherwise. Below is the low-down on this bud.

Bahama Mama Strain Background

Solfire Gardens are the geniuses behind the cultivation of the infamous Bahama Mama strain. The Pacific Northwest-based craft seed company was founded by a biology student, ensuring quality and passionate breeding of the most inventive strains you can think of. With THC levels averaging around 22%, mark Bahama Mama is one of their sweetest scenic strains.

The heavenly pairing of Black Bananas and Tropicana Cookies resulted in a sativa-leaning hybrid weed with sweet tendencies and funky undertones ready to pick you up and take your afternoon of laundry up a notch.

How Does Bahama Mama Look?

Bahama Mama plants are understated with deep purple leaves and forest green buds. Its foliage sprinkled with orange hairs is also swathed with trichomes, fuzzy and comfy. It looks nothing like what it smells and tastes like but its nugs bring on the fire with the more dominant color being bright green and amber-orange hues.

What Does the Bahama Mama Strain Smell Like?  

Taking a cue from its popular drink with the same name, Bahama Mama will reach your nose like a night at the cabana. The aroma of ripe bananas will energize you just like the high afterward. The loud punch of passion fruit mixes well with the tropical undertones that threaten to overtake the entire scent profile.

The most prominent terpene for this strain is Limonene, a sweet citrusy kind of touch on the nose. Alpha Pinene also comes in with an herbal smell. Lastly, Beta-Caryophyllene adds a subtlety in its small dash of spiciness.

How Does Bahama Mama Taste?

You will be pleased with the thick smoke that each nug of Bahama Mama comes with. It is one you will want to savor with its equally mouthwatering aroma. Do not be too shocked by the funky taste that comes with the entire experience, this does not overpower the candy-like aftertaste and overarching citrus flavor. Many cannabis lovers also like a toke of Bahama Mama to eat a tart berry, enjoying the sugary air from each inhale. This part of strain stems from its cookie family influence, a dessert-like effect on the flavors seeping through.

How Does Bahama Mama Make You Feel?

As with anything from Solfire Gardens, you should be expecting a dramatic high. Luckily, Bahama Mama is also one with a relaxing start and a creative spark midway. Your concentration and overall cheery attitude are ideal for any task you put your mind to. Euphoria will then swoop in to fly you to an intense high and a deeply satisfying one at that. Those who are fans of indica strains might get a little bit disappointed by its lack of sedative qualities so best steer clear of Bahama Mama if you want to get straight-up couch-locked and in bed by the end of the smoke.

Taking too much of anything can spell a bad endgame so make sure to use Bahama Mama in moderation to limit side effects such as dry eyes, fatigue, and rapid heartbeat.

What Are the Medicinal Effects of Bahama Mama?

The uplifting buzz from Bahamaa Mama is a piece of sweet reprieve among daily stresses, a combatant against chronic stress and anxiety. This little vacation can help stoners with fatigue and depression. In addition to this, the terpene Alpha Pinene can be incredible for its anti-inflammatory effects for medical marijuana patients. Bahama Mama is often used as well for pain management with a sativa twist.

Activities that Go Well With the Bahama Mama Strain

While it might not be a holiday, chores and to-do lists are great activities to pair with Bahama Mama. It can be used at any time of the day, an all-arounder. If you think you need a pick-me-up or some much-needed focus, Bahama Mama is the strain you will want by your side. Many recreational users become growers just to accommodate their love for this strain.

How Can You Grow Bahama Mama?

Acquiring cuts to clone Bahama Mama might not be easy but after doing so you will expect medium to heavy yields at harvest. You can choose anywhere from the greenhouse to your great outdoors to plant your weed, waiting 56-63 days for flowers to come up. You will be able to happily enjoy the sweet bud in October or around the 62-day mark.

Final Thoughts

Bahama Mama is your everyday stress reliever. Its sweet, unique aroma and flavor is one you will miss when it’s far for too long. If you’re a tourist not only to the strain but to DC you might want to read this guide for how to get your hands on some weed. Maybe that marijuana will be a Bahama Mama.

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