The Mystery of the Area 51 Strain, Explained

Area 51 Strain

Much like the mystery its name brings, Area 51 is a novelty for its unknown origins. This vessel filled with lemon and floral scents can be the most powerful way to transport you to an exhilarating peak and an adventure filled with the unknown. Continue reading to know more about this mystifying cannabis strain.

Area 51 Background

Area 51 is a sativa-leaning hybrid which sometimes comes up as a rare, even mix at times too. While no one fully knows how it was made, the prevailing conspiracy theory is that Area 51 is a cross between Cannatonic and Alien Abduction. Others might chime in mentioning the variation by North Genetics which crosses Smurfberry as the male and 2 other outrageous strains as the female: Snowdawg and Romulan.

This strain usually pumps up an average of 20% with its THC levels, making it a familiar bud for medical marijuana patients for pain relief while also inviting recreational users to its relaxing experience. Furthermore, its CBD levels are somewhere less than 1%, further adding to its medicinal value.

All of these positives might be the reason Area 51 is particularly of interest in California while also popping up in Arizona, Colorado, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, and Washington from time to time. Not only is it mysterious but rare, which makes it a sought-after strain in these areas.

Area 51 Strain’s Profile


Area 51 looks similar to its location counterpart, with bright yellows and greens all around. Its nugs are cone-shaped with olive green as its base and some vivid orange for its hairs. Crystal white trichomes top it off to add that glistening effect that heightens Area 51’s bag appeal.


When you break this bud you will instantly be hit with pungent citrus and floral aroma. It can have some twinges of chemical and ammonia in it, made a little softer by its woodsy and nutty notes. The dominant terpene here is Caryophyllene which is the reason it will remind you of pepper and cinnamon. This is also the reason it has a smell reminiscent of diesel. Its other prominent terpenes include Myrcene and Limonene which provide the herblike and citrusy aroma aspect that’s detected. All of this combined makes the whole ride in Area 51 territory relaxing and a little bit sedative.


Matching its many smells, Area 51’s flavors are earthy with a dash of citrus. It can have sweet overtones at times probably from its hints of lemon and herb combination. Each toke will feel incredibly comforting as its herbal taste fills your lungs.


Area 51 can, in most cases, be sativa-dominant and with its high THC levels, it can be ideal for a strong euphoria. This part will give you lots of energy and motivation. Your creativity levels will skyrocket, giving you the ability to finish household chores or masterpieces of your choice. All of these become smooth sailing with this bud around. Tingly sensations and lots of giggles marking your sweet high make this a truly enjoyable strain. It might not put you right to sleep but will make you comfortable enough to doze if you want to.

On the other hand, it can have pitfalls when you take in large quantities. These include paranoia, anxiousness, a dry mouth, and dizziness. Be careful not to take too much of this strain to avoid these effects.

What Are the Medicinal Effects of the Area 51 Strain?

Its happiness factor makes Area 51 the strain for medical marijuana patients with chronic stress, depression, and anxiety. Its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects are equally used by those with chronic pain, inflammation of any kind, and cramps.

These full-bodied effects make Area 51 an out-of-this-world choice in treating cramps or pain, inflammation, and chronic stress or anxiety.

Activities You Can Enjoy with Area 51

While cannabis lovers who are in it for the medicinal benefits might enjoy a toke to relieve the pain you can also pair this strain with some other activities like eating due to its hunger-inducing effects. On the recreational side, you might enjoy reading or watching shows or movies due to the energetic buzz. Lastly, Area 51’s comforting feel makes for a nice tuck-in bed for warm slumber.

Growing Your Own Area 51 Strain

Cultivators report this strain to be a challenging one to deal with. Advanced growers might have more luck with this lengthy plant. Experienced growers can care for Area 51 through an indoor garden using hydroponic or ScrOG methods. Seeds are available on the market for purchase.

Once you have a healthy cannabis plant, it can flower at 8 to 10 weeks and be harvested from 10 to 12. You can expect 16 ounces of yield from each plant in the best of conditions.

Where to Get Area 51

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